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Degusta Box...

24 February 2016
I very kindly received a Degusta Box again woo! So as usual I will talk about the products I got in this months box.

Firstly I received Finn Crisp Original, these are £1.20 and i love these! I think there such a lightweight versatile snack as you can have so many different things with them. Also these are really low in fat and contain lots of fibre and vitamins!

Next is the Coldpress apple juice £1.40, this is cold pressed which gives this a much fresher and fruity taste! It is very sweet but i love anything sweet and is also very tasty!

Conscious chocolate is another thing that was it in the box, this is a raw and vegan chocolate. They come in three flavours: plain, intense and chilli. I received the intense bar in my box,  this is perfect for any dark chocolate lovers!

The next thing i received in my box is the Jordans Country Crisp Fruit and Nut. These taste exactly how you think they would, they are little cluster with crunchy nuts and fruit in them. This makes for a nice healthy start to the day!

Amoy, Thia green curry and Malaysian laksa, these cooking sauces make it so easy to create Asian dishes from at home, i haven't actually tried these yet as these are a bit adventurous for me but i am actually excited to try them.

Next is Tsingtao, this is a brand id never heard of but in fact is China's best selling beer! Supposedly this drink is more drinkable as it mellows the bitterness normally found in beer. This is priced at £2.00 a bottle.

Next are the Yushoi rice sticks, i received the lightly salted flavour, these are made using green peas and the actual product when you bite into them is green which i found mad but they are very tasty. These are priced at £2.00 per pack.

Next is Clarks fruit syrup, this can be used to sweeten and give flavour to drinks or in baking so is quite versatile, I'm yet to try this product but i think i may use this in baking!

Next is the slim noodles, i made a meal using these last week and if I'm being honest i found them so strange. Flavour wise i really liked them but i really hated the texture of them its so hard to describe but they had almost a boney texture to them.

Lastly is the Crobar, this is a energy bar, this is £2.25 for one bar which i have to say i find quite expensive for that little bar, i received the peanut crunch flavour which is tasty but like i said quite expensive for such a small bar.

If you would like to get your hands on a Degusta box you can get £6.00 off this box using the code: BLDEG15

You can find them at the following:

Degusta Box Time....

13 February 2016
So here is another Degusta Box, as you probably know by now i have been getting these every month and i have been loving them! So here goes..

Firstly in this months box i recived two packets of Hip Pops one in cheese and onion flavour and one in sweet chilli. These were by far my favourite product this month snacks like these are my favourite, these taste very light and very flavory. The sweet chilli were my favourite and actually think there nicer than snack a jacks. The one big bonus about these are that they contain 50% less fat than other potato crisp and you honestly would never be able to tell they are just as scrumptious. These are priced at £1.00 each.

Next is the Betavivo cereal, these are £1 each and come in little pouches perfect for traveling with or even taking to work with you. This cereal is proven to lower cloresterol and blood glucose so is very good for you and a perfect way to start the day and are in fact very tasty.

Next is the thing but healthy dried fruit, personally i don't like dried fruit but ill talk about this anyway. I received strawberry& banana and grapefruit& pineapple flavoured fruit. These are under 80 calories and are priced at £1.69 each.

Famous Baker, mango and pineapple bars is another item that i was sent. These are a very healthy snack, the bars are made from all natural ingredients and have no added sugar or anything like that! There £1.80 which i think is quite good for 4 bars and these are easy on the go snack that is very yummy.

The next two products i will include together as they make one meal, it is the Barilla pasta and Mediterranean Vegetables these are priced at £1.50 and £2.00. These would compliment each other perfectly and would be a easy meal to create, i haven't yet had this but i am excited to try it!

Koko dairy free milk is another product i received in the box, this is priced at £1.79. This is a great alternative to 'normal' cows milk. The thing i love about this milk is that it really doesn't taste much different to cow's milk, which is something you always find tends to happen when you take out the diary so i would definitely recommend this.

Crabbies light beer, this is meant to be adaptation to the original Crabbies beer but its meant to be lighter and last longer. This is priced at £1.49. I actually don't drink but my dad loves me getting these boxes as he always enjoys the beers and he really enjoyed this one.

Red Square Mini in Toffee flavour, like i said i don't drink my boyfriend had this one and he enjoyed although he said it was very sweet so if your not into sweet drinks then this won't be for you. This is priced at £1.99.

Treevitalise water is another product from the box, i received the original water and i tried it without reading about it at all and was surprised by the taste it in fact doesn't taste like normal water. It isn't diluted or mixed so it is all natural. This is quite expensive for a small water at £2.79 but i suppose thats what the price is for it being all natural.

Next is the Compete Energy these are priced at £1.99 these are chocolate bites that are infused with caffeine to give you a boost so this would be perfect for anyone going the gym for a boost before working out they also state that they are good to take 5 minutes before studying.

My Wishlist...

1 February 2016

These are my top 6 things I'm currently wanting right now.

Firstly is this puma jumper, although i don't like to be stereo typical i am a blogger and yes i do love rose gold so this jumper just jumps out at me, I'm loving it right now and it look like it would be super comfy. This is avaliable here from asos for £32 which i don't think is too bad. 

Next is this Marc Jacobs watch, i already have a Marc Jacobs watch but when i was getting it i was debating between this and another and now I'm really wanting this one too. The best deal i found for this watch is here from Living Social deals.

Next is this pandora ring, i love pandora rings there probably one of my favourites and I'm in love with this one, its probably one of there more expensive rings at £60 but would be perfect for a extra special gift. You can find this here.

Next is these sunglasses, these are available here from asos. I don't quite know what it is about these sunglasses that grabs my attention but i love them they would be perfect for the summer time. 

Oh, these shoes. I am desperate for these there available here from asos. I think these would just look lovely with a pair of jeans. Theres something different about these that i just love, love, love.

Lastly is this jacket, this is just something anyone could pick for me. Im obsessed with little jackets as spring and autumn are my favourite times of the year i love just being able to wear little jackets all the time and this suede jacket would just be perfect. This available here from misguided. 

What are you wanting right now?

Haul Time (Again)....

27 January 2016
Zoeva blush palette: Beauty Bay

Mac highlighter lightscpade: Mac
Boots: La Moda

Tealight holders: Primark

New balance trainers: Schuch

Trainers: Zara

Spotty notepad: Tiger, Geometric notepad: Oh Deer, Tissues: Tiger

Bath Fizzers: Boots

I recently bought a few new things which i really shouldn't have done and has resulted in me putting myself on a spending ban (although i bought two new things today oops..). I have bought a few new clothing items recently but i find them hard to photograph I'm never too sure how to.

Anyway i hope you enjoy the couple of bits i picked up recently, the majority of this i purchased in the sales, thats me justifying buying so much!

Anyway let me know what you like and if you have any questions!


23 January 2016

Hi everyone!
Its an exciting post today, i don't know how many of you have followed me from the begining but my blog is now two years old, yes two years!! I can't quite believe I've been blogging for two years its gone so fast and I'm so glad to be still blogging away and i have no intention to stop. I have really really enjoyed it over the past two years and i hope to continue to do so.

So, i thought id put together a little giveaway to celebrate my blogs 2nd birthday.
The two products are a limited edition collection by Ciate with Olivia Palmero, these products are so beautiful i wish i could keep them myself! Anyway here are the rules:

  • This is a UK and Ireland giveaway only
  • The winner will be emailed or tweeted the day this ends 
  • make sure you are over 18 or have permission from parents
Most importantly Good Luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Degusta Box

Ive been receiving Degusta boxes each month for quite a while now, so heres this months box!

Firstly i recieved Geeta's curry paste and chutney, this is priced at £3.10. I think this would be perfect for a Indian night for two! The curry paste is suitable for two people, this contains coconut and exotic spices. The chutney would be perfect to go with popadoms for a starter.
I also received a pack of 9Bar these are active bars full of nutrition and are perfective for anyone who lives an active life to add a boost of energy. 
Another product i received was the naked marshmallows, these are salted caramel marshmallows I'm yet to try these but these look so cute i think these would be cute as a little gift to someone too!
Also i received two Circo products, La Classica is a sauce ready to use for pasta as well as chopped tomatoes which are perfect to use in many different dishes. 
Next is my favourite product from the box, The Snack Organisation sweet chilli rice crackers. I love rice crackers anyway but these were so so good there priced at £1.00 and i will definitely be buying them again!Another product from The Snack Organisation was the dried apricots which were also very yummy and priced at £1.00 so these both make very cheap little snacks. 
Another product was the chip strips these were also very tasty they were a bit powdery but still tasty, these are priced at £2.00 each.
Next is the Kabuto chicken noodle pot, i love chicken flavoured noodles so its safe to say i was going to like these and i certainly did they were very flavoury and are a good little snack.
Lastly, is the Lorina french lemonade I'm still yet to try these but it sounds and looks lovely, its full of 100% natural ingredients which is a bonus!

Also included in this box was a voucher for a free President butter!

You can now get £6.00 off this box using the code: BLDEG15

You can find them at the following:

Love Me Beauty

15 January 2016

This months Love Me Beauty box i received three products: Neal and Wold intensive care shampoo, Percy and Reed foaming treatment mask and Cailyn eyebrow gel. 

I literally have fallen in love with this shampoo its become my new favourite shampoo i find it so hard to find a nice shampoo because finding the balance between one that doesn't make my hair look greasy or only lasts a day without my hair actually being greasey is really hard for me. But this leave my hair feeling so so soft.

The foaming treatment mask is equally as good i feel as though this is a luxury for my hair to treat it and it leaves it feels so healthy and feels as though it adds volume at the same time i would highly recommend this product but at £20 i do see this as a treat for my hair I've been using it once a week so fa and I'm loving it.

The carlin gel eyebrow is the other product i received, this is waterpoof and is of a gel formula. This comes with an angled brush so is very convenient especially for traveling. So far I'm really enjoying using this product, its a lovely consistency in-between powder and gel formula which makes it really build able but at the same time easy to apply.

What beauty boxes do you love?

Ellie Bean Print

10 January 2016

I was given the opportunity to review a print and i jumped at the chance as its always been one of those things that I've wanted in my bedroom and I've recently just got all new furniture and i have gone with the white and black theme in my bedroom so i thought this print would go perfectly.
If I'm honest i am not a batman fan at all, but regardless i loved the quote so i thought why not...

I got this print from a online shop called Ellie Bean Prints, they sell a wide range of prints available in four different sizes ranging from £10-20 which i think is very reasonable as a lot of places charge a lot more. They also will print them in any chosen colour of your choice, as you can see they offer a very flexible an wide range for a very reasonable price and i would highly recommend them, they are a lovely company and there customer service is great.
After re visiting there website i have my eye on there no whining no complaining print, whoops!

The print is available here...
You can also find them on the following:
- Website
- Twitter
- Facebook

Beauty UK Lips Matter

7 January 2016

Hi, i haven't been posting regularly recently because i literally have been swamped in uni work but after January it should dye down a lot more so hopefully ill be able to get back into the swing of things!
To start things off i have a review of these two lovely lip creams called Lips Matter. For those of you who don't know i reviewed lip products from Beauty Uk a few months back and was so impressed and I'm even more impressed with these lip creams.  These lip creams promise a long lasting intense colour and are available in eight different colours and are priced at £3.99 each!
I received No1 Bond, Mrs Bond and No2 Radical Red and i am really impressed as soon as i tried them they were so creamy and soft i would go as far to say i have never ever tried a lip product as soft and creamy as these and for a drug store product priced at £3.99 i was so impressed and i think these are worth every penny. As for the colour pay off these are equally as good, they are so pigmented and so long lasting. These are matt but thats something that i am a huge fan of matt lips are my favourite and these didn't fail to impress i would highly recommend these to anyone.

Helena x

Mr. Nutcase Mug

5 January 2016

I recently got a personalised mug from Mr.Nutcase, for those of you who don't know Mr.Nutcase is a online service that personalises the likes of phone cases, laptop cases and mugs for which the have a range of models as they facilitate a wide range of phone models and brands. Also for each of the brands there are numerous different layouts which you can choose from which is great.

The website is very simple to use so the process of designing a product is quite enjoyable and very simple. You simply select the product in which you would like and then depending on the product for example if its a phone or laptop you have to select the model and brand and for items such as mugs as canvas you select the style and size you would like to purchase. You then  get to choose how your images are layed out for each of the products, for example how many pictures you would like on the mug, for mine i selected six images as i wanted them to be big enough to be able to see each of the images.

The price of this mug was £5.95 which i think is very reasonable for a personalised gift and would be a ideal stocking filler for anyone! Overall I'm very impressed with the service, the fast delivery and the overall quality of the product and i would highly recommend Mr.Nutcase to anyone.

You can find Mr. Nutcase at the following:
Website: Mr. Nutcase 
Twitter:  Mr.Nutcase
Facebook: Mr.Nutcase