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Tropic Skincare

20 October 2014

 I was very kindly sent these products by the lovely people at Tropic Skincare, i was so excited as I've heard so many good things about their products and especially their Sculpting Palette Blush has even won an award so as you can imagine i was super excited to try out these products. For those of you who don't know Tropic Skincare was founded by Susan Ma who appeared on The Apprentice, this made it even more exciting for me as I'm a huge fan of The Apprentice. One thing i love about this brand is the fact that all of their cosmetics are free from harsh chemicals and cruelty free. 

Firstly i was sent the Body Smooth Polish 200ml £20, this product claims to smooth, polish and energise the skin and it definitely doesn't fail to do so! Firstly i love the packaging of this product, it is simple yet sleek. The smell is by far the best smelling Body Polish/ Scrub i have ever smelt, it has a very fruity, lemon scent and it literally smells AMAZING!  This product is to be used on damp skin and massaged into the skin, after doing this it really does leave your skin feeling fabulous, you're skin feels super soft and of course smells fabulous! This is honestly the nicest body scrub i have ever used and i will definitely be re purchasing this item again and 100% recommend it to anyone! 

I was also kindly sent the Sculpting Palette Blush and the Angled Brush. I literally can't say enough about this palette, it really is amazing! This palette has three different products in one, firstly is the Shadow, secondly the Colour and lastly the Highlight. I find that the Shadow is quite dark but then again i am like Caspar The Ghost but i just apply a little product to the brush and its works perfectly. The Colour and the Highlight are my two favourites, they work perfectly together and the colours are just lovely the pink is the perfect rosy pink shade and the highlight leaves your skin looking brighter and more radiant. This is priced at £24 which i think is very reasonable for this high palette and would also defintley repurchase this! Also to go with this Palette i received this Angled Brush that was priced at £14 which is about average for a a good quality brush, i definitely think this brush is worth buying as i find it is just the right size and the angled shape really does help to create the look you want. 

Overall i would defintley recommend anyone to have a try at any of the Tropic Skincare products as from what i have tried out, they are amazing and i will definitely be repurchasing. 

You can find tropic Skincare at the following:
Website: Tropic Skincare
Twitter: Tropic Skincare

Alchemy Oils

18 October 2014

I was very kindly sent this Grapefruit Hair Remedy Oil but Alchemy Oils, i was so excited to try this as i love finding amazing products to help my hair as i am definitely guilty of using too much heat on my hair. 
This products claims to help improve the condition of hair and help to strengthen hair and this product costs £17.99 for 100ml bottle. Firstly, i love the packaging of this product, theres something so simple and minimalist about this product that i really like, also this product has a very fresh and fruity smell to it which was lovely. 
This product is to be used before washing the hair to act as a treatment, i used this on both my scalp and the ends of my hair and i have very mixed results. I found that where i had applied this oil to my scalp it left my hair looking very greasy and was far to heavy for my hair. Whereas when i used this product on the ends of my hair it made the ends feel very conditioned and just felt overall very healthy. I found it weird at first how i had two different results on my hair using the same product but i think its down to the fact that the roots of my hair get oily easily. 
So overall i would recommend this product, especially to those who don't have oily hair but for those who do, just be careful how much you put on you're roots. 

You can find them on:
Website- Alchemy Oils 
Twitter- Alchemy Oils

Zoella Beauty!

1 October 2014

First of all, how exciting is it that Zoella has launched a range of beauty products?! I was very excited when i saw this announcement as Zoella is one of my favourite bloggers so its amazing to see her doing so so well! I love all her products from her range as everything has super cute packaging that definitely is Zoe in packaging form!
I decided to pick up the candle and the bath fizzers from the new range! First of all, I love the candle, its so affordable and has such a nice sent that isn't too overpowering which i find in a lot of candles as this is subtle and sweet! I love the little tin that this candle comes in!
Next is the bath fizzers, firstly the concept of these fizzers are amazing its almost like a chocolate bar so you can snap off as many pieces as you wish meaning this is very very good value for money at £5 as this could last you 8 baths! This also has a lovely subtle scent! After using this product I think that this product feels very soft on your skin and makes your bath smell very fresh! 

What are you going to buy from Zoella's beauty range?