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Jewellery Box

30 July 2015

I was very kindly sent these items by Jewellery Box, for those of you who haven't heard of them Jewellery Box are a relativley new online store based in London. They sell a range of jewellery products at a very affordable price but still providing very good quality oppose to cheap fashionjewellery which not always but a lot of the time can feel very fragile and cheap. 

When i got the opportunity to pick some items to review i was overwhelmed by all of the products available because there is so much choice. But when i seen the Bow earrings i fell in love they are so so cute and i personally love anything with bows on and these are priced at £4.60 which in my opinion is an absolute bargain!

Next i picked the Silver ear cuff, now i have never ever worn one of these before but i thought id give this a try as its something i see on other people and really like so i will definitely be wearing this a lot in the very near future, this is priced at £3.60 once again an absolute bargain. 

Finally i chose the arrow bracelet, this is also sterling silver. I love this bracelet i think it looks so cute and dainty and is perfect for anyone who like me has tiny wrists and this is priced at £5.50, Bargain especially for sterling silver, which is a huge bonus as it means this will not turn a green colour after a  lot of use like most fashion jewellery. 

Overall i would definitely recommend this website they offer great customer service, the packaging is just adorable and it is so so affordable. 

You can find them on: 
Twitter: Jewellery Box
Website: Jewellery Box

P.s Big thanks to my sister who took these photos for me whilst i was away, go check out here blog here.

Sephora Haul

20 July 2015

I have my first sephora haul (yayyy) this is the first time i have ever even owned anything from sephora so it made me very excited and i thought id share it all with you. 
Heres a list of all of the products i have bought, some i haven't tried out yet some i have for those i have i will tell you what i think of them so far but i will be posting a review of all these products very soon, so here goes:

First are the two little body washes, these are really inexpensive and are perfect to take with you when traveling anywhere.

Next is a little Perfume in a Mango sent, which is by far my favourite and this smells amazing. I think this is perfect for putting in your handbag.

Too faced melted lipstick in melted nude, i haven't yet tried this but i have seen so many people rave about this so I'm very excited to try it! 

Daily makeup brush cleaner, this is another i haven't yet tried but i have heard so many good things about this and heard its one of the best out there so I'm excited to try this. 

Sephora softening facial mists, this is amazing i have had one of these before and they are perfect for the hot weather too help cool you down and leave your face feeling all soft and fresh.

Sephora Nail Polish in shade Lazy morning, i have also heard good things about sephoras nail polish and this colour will be perfect for winter so i can't wait to try it. 

Sephora Instant Refresher Toner, I'm always buying toners because i find it hard to find one i like but this is definitely my favourite toner i have tried it leave your skin feeling so refreshed! 

Sephora Express Nail polish remover this is my favourite product so far, all you have to do is insert your finger into the bottle where it has a foamy centre and once you remove your finger your nail polish has gone. Its so handy to have for when your travelling or in a rush! 

Well thats it, i hope you liked the haul!

Whats your favourite sephora product? 

My Trip to Madrid

15 July 2015
On the 6th July me and my boyfriend headed to Madrid for a 4 day city break, i thought i would share a bit about what we did and a few photographs of our holiday, i hope you enjoy!

Day 1
We had only arrived in Madrid at 3 o'clock due to being delayed 2 hours and by this point we were very sleepy after having no sleep and having a 7 hour coach journey from Liverpool to London. So when we arrived we explored the hotel and the local area. Our hotel was situated on the Gran Via, one of Madrid's largest shopping streets and to be honest it really reminded me of Oxford Street so its safe to say i spent alot of time here!

The View of the Gran Via, Madrid from our hotel room
The roof top bar in our hotel.
The view from the top of our hotel 

Day 2
This day we went to one of Madrid shopping centres in the morning, the had all the usual shops but we went at such a good time of the year because all the sales were on so i picked up a few bits from Zara, Pull and Bear and Starvidansds. I may do a haul let me know if youd like that. 
Later that day we decided to visit Retiro Park Madrid's most well known park, its known for its beautiful gardens and big lake were you can hire out boats which we most definitely did and it was lots of fun, heres some photos of the park!

Day 3
This was our last full day in Madrid before heading off tomorrow afternoon and we got lost, this whole trip we had used the metros and today we did the same we researched before we left how to get to the largest shopping centre in Madrid that had indoor skiing and mini golf only to be told when we got there that we were miles away so we decided to go and look at the Santiago Bernabeau stadium, which is where Real Madrid play. 
Then later we stopped of for a drink, were i got a strawberry slush (my favoruite thing in the entire world) and it was just as good as it looks! 

Finally here is two photos of me and my boyfriend whilst we were in Madrid, i don't think I've ever put up a photo of us two on my blog, so for those of you who don't follow me on my social media, this will be the first! 

 Have you been away recently or have any holiday planned?