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House Of Watches- Sekonda Watch Review

30 November 2016

I recently received this gorgeous watch from House of Watches, I was so excite to get this because I've wanted a new watch for a while now. Im sure a lot of you will have heard of House of Watches before, they are a online retailer of all amazing brands of watches. 

The watch I received was the Sekonda Two Toned Stone Bezel Watch, I fell in love with this watch because of the two different colours, the contrast between the the silver and the gold looks amazing. Also I love the face of this watch, the sparkling stone detailing looks amazing around and inside the face as I adds a bit of bling and would dress up ay outfit. This watch is priced at £44.99 which I think is very reasonable for a beautiful watch like this, I literally cant wait to wear it I've been gutted that I haven't had a chance to yet as I have the smallest wrists in the world and need some links taking off. The good thing is if your watch needs some links taking off they offer a service were you are able to send your watch off with the measurements and they send it back to you, which is great so you don't have to go out your way to get the links changed. 

Overall I would definitely recommend ordering from House of Watches because they are offering free 1st class delivery on all orders and 24 hour delivery on orders over £100. The delivery was so quick so its perfect from ordering for last minute Christmas presents. They also have hassle free returns, not that I can imagine you wanting to return one of these gorgeous watches. 

You can find House of Watches at the following: here.

Womens Gift Guide

29 November 2016

I thought I would put together a womens gift guide with a range of budgets in mind and I think theres something for everyone in their, hope you enjoy!

Isn't this the cutest thing ever, such an unusual colour too! I've got this on my Christmas list and ill buy it myself if I don't receive it because its the cutest thing ever! 

This is an amazing gift for any makeup lover out there, its super adorable and how pretty is it the nicest looking makeup brushes I've ever seen. 

How gorgeous are these, they look so much more expensive than they actually are and these would be perfect for anyone any age. 

Im in LOVE with these how cute, for Christmas and New Years Eve parties these would be perfect even with a pair of jeans these would spruce up an outfit. 

You cant go wrong with a purse, its a perfect present for anyone and Ted Baker ones are the perfect luxury purse they are amazing quality.

6. Marc Jacobs Watch £120 
A watch is a perfect gift for someone you want to spend more money on, also there are alternative such as Olivia Burton Watches which are about half the price which are equally as nice. 

These are so cheap and are amazing for any Disney lover out there as we all have that one person who is completely and utterly obsessed with Disney.

I love this ring, its so affordable and quite a statement ring they also have this in silver which is amazing too!

Again these are the perfect present for a makeup love, the bold metal collection are a little bit of a step up from the ordinary brushes and make the perfect gift. 

This makes the perfect present for most people if your wanting to spend a little bit more than average.   Again this is from Ted Baker so is amazing quality.

This is the perfect gift for a stationary lover, or just a lover of Ted Baker like me if you couldn't tell already, the pattern on this notebook is so cute!

We all know a candle lover too and this is one of the most luxury candles you can find so it would make the perfect gift for someone that loves candles. 

This set is amazing, you get so much in one set and for the price it looks so much more expensive and the products individually would be much more expensive. 

This is one of my favourites for my gift guide, Charlotte Tilbury is one of the most talked about beauty brands at the minute so this is an amazing set.

Lastly is the ambient lighting powder kit, this is another talked about product that everyone seems to love that has a limited edition marble packaging which looks incredible! 

What is on your wishlist?

KoKo Couture Handbags

alison chain detailed glitter clutch bag, bag, chain, clutch, clutch bag, koko couture, topshop,

alison chain detailed glitter clutch bag, bag, chain, clutch, clutch bag, koko couture, topshop,

alison chain detailed glitter clutch bag, bag, chain, clutch, clutch bag, koko couture, topshop,

I was recently sent over this beautiful bag from KoKo Couture, this is called the Alison Chain Detailed Glitter Clutch Bag. Kiko Couture are a online website selling a range of gorgeous bags, I swear I love every single one. They also have bags in Toyshop which I didn't even realise it was them that I always spot when I'm browsing in Topshop 

This bag is a black glitter material although the glitter is very subtle and not very noticeable which I like, another thing that I love about this bag is that although its called a clutch bag it can be used as a normal bag too as it has a longer strap for this. The strap is a silver chain detail which I love,  chain detail always reminds me of Chanel so of course I'm going to love it. This bag also comes in a Silver, Grey and Champagne colour which are all equally as nice and are perfect to spruce up and outfit and for upcoming Christmas parties. This is priced at £19.99 which I think is very reasonable for a bag of this quality, the quality feels much more luxurious than the price you pay. 

Overall I cant fault Koko Couture the delivery was very fast and the parcel came very well packaged, the bag even came in dust bag. All the little touches help make your experience of ordering a whole lot better. 

You can find Koko Couture here. 

Brand Focus- Essence

27 November 2016

I was sent some goodies by Essence to review, Essence is one of those brands that I always see and hear things about but just one that I never had really tried before so now I get the chance to woo! I was lucky enough to receive four things to review:

Silky Touch Blush-
This blush is in shade 40 natural blush from the silk range as its silky soft on you're skin, this is a cute pink shade that looks really pretty on the skin and does feel supper soft. This has a RRP of £1 so its very affordable this is reflected in the packaging I feel but the product is amazing quality for this price.

Nail Varnish-
This shade is 01 So Lucky and is from the pastel range, they also have a jelly and a metal shades and they have a wide range. This colour is a pretty pastel yellow and the consistency is great it lasts a long time without chipping although it does need more than one coat but thats to be expected with a pastel shade.

Eye Shadow-
This is the shade 17 no cream, no sugar. Again this is the same packaging as the blushers which does reflect the price but the product is very creamy and has a really good colour pay of, it is of a matt consistency but has a little bit of shimmer in it too. This again has a RRP of £1 which is such good value for the product itself.

Eye Pencil
This is the eye pencil in shade black fever which is just a standard black colour, this product has a very fine tip which makes it very easy for application. This has a RRP of 99p which again is such good value for the money and its a really good product to try as it does last a long time sometimes it can slight bleed but all in all is a great product.

You can find Essence products here. 

Welda- Skin Food

22 November 2016
welda, welds skin food, dry skin

welda, welds skin food, dry skin

welda, welds skin food, dry skin

Today I will be reviewing Welda Skin Food; this products has been around for 90 years and is known as a iconic beauty classic which I have never tried but wanted to give a go as I have eczema so I thought this would be great on my dry skin.

The facts
This is Priced at £9.95 for 75ml or £6.95 for 30ml and is suitable for vegetarians and can be recycled (yay environment). It claims to comfort and soothe skin especially those who have rough or dry skin it helps to restore radiance, this is perfect for hands that are rough and dry but can be used anywhere on the body. It contains plant extracts and oils which are know for the richness. It is renowned by many and has won many of awards for its amazing quality product.

The verdict 
Firstly I love the packaging of this product its so vibrant and fresh feeling and really stands out in my skincare draw. I have used this on my face on the dry patches I have which do tend to be around my eyes and I really feel as though this leaves my skin feeling moisturised and really nourished.

I would throughly recommend this for anyone with dry skin it leaves your skin feeling amazing and thats coming from someone with eczema!

You can find them here: Welda skin food available from boots.

Shadow Switch- Make up brush cleaner

20 November 2016
makeup brush remover

makeup brush remover
makeup brush remover

I was recently sent over this brush cleaner to review, this is called the Shadow Stitch Dry Brush Cleaner by Beauty Essentials.  The aim of this product is to clean your makeup brushes by simply rotating your brush in the dry brush cleaner, its meant to save time as it can literally clean your brush in seconds and means you can use the same brush over and over again whilst creating your chosen makeup look. 

Does it live up to what it's meant to do? It certainly does, its so easy to use by simply opening up the tin and moving your brush around the cleaner it takes away the product in seconds. This is especially good for eye shadow as you tend to use more than one colour when creating your look so it makes it so easy to use the same brush and quickly clean. 
This is also very hygienic which is great but it does need washing with soap and then needs to be left to dry. 

This is available here from amazon for £5.99 which I think is very reasonable, actually quite cheap for a product like this, normally brush cleaners are quite expensive. 

Overall I love this product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. 

Akar Skincare Review

15 November 2016

Akar Skincare create 100% natural products using only products found in nature in the purest form that are organic from Tibetan Plateau giving your skin the best chance to renew and repair itself. I was really excited to try out these products because they seemed like such natural and luxurious products and the packaging also gave me this feel, it was packaged in a cut little box all wrapped with tissue paper and a branded sticker. The products themselves look very simple my classic and again give off this luxurious feel. I received two products:

Desert Rescue Face Oil 
This face oil is a light weight oil containing Baobab oil and Jojoba Oil which helps to give your skin moisture and help to heal your skin. This is suitable for dry and normal skin and also contains benefits for antiaging.
I use this by dropping 3 drops of the oil into my fingers and gently rub it onto my face, it smells very pleasant but not very strong but thats something I love as I hate it when all face products are fragranced.
The results of this product were amazing, it left my skin feel soft and smooth. Right now I have a few patches of eczema on my skin and it really help to moisturise this and help keep my skin feeling nourished which is something that I always look for with having really dry skin. Overall I am really loving using this product recently and I'm sure I will continue too.

Lip Butter Sample 
I  received a small lip butter sample with my package and I love lip butters, funnily enough the day this package arrived my lips were feeling so dry. The product smells and look very orangey which I personally am a huge fan of and once the product was applied it felt so soft and soothing on my lips. It also had a glossy finish to it which is always nice and it feels like it lasts so long which is great as you don't have to keep re applying.  So far I'm loving this and I definitely want to purchase the full size of this product.

You can find Akar here.

Paul Mitchell- Shampoo Two

13 November 2016
paul mitchell shampoo two

paul mitchell shampoo two

Im sure most of you have heard of Paul Mitchell by now but if you haven't Paul Mitchell is a well known hair stylist. Paul Mitchell the brand is a range of hair styling and care tools.

The Facts

I received the clarifying shampoo, which is named Shampoo Two. It claims to cleanse oily hair and scalp so that your hair is left fresh and shiny. This is priced at £10.50 and there is also a matching conditioner available. 

I really wanted to try this because I feel like I have build up on my hair so I wanted to try anything that would help to remove this build up. Also i tend to have quite oily hair which is something i absolutely cant stand so I thought it would be great to see how this worked on my hair.

The verdict

The smell of this product is very pleasant and much nicer than a lot of other shampoos its almost a lemony scent. Also the end result of this shampoo is amazing, it leaves a fresh smell and leaves your hair looking amazing. It left my hair feeling so light and took away any build up i had which was more prominent at the roots and left my hair looking this way until the next wash. Overall I'm very impressed by this product and will definitely be purchasing again. 

You can find it here:
Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two: Look Fantastic

Berry white Drinks

10 November 2016

I was recently sent over some drinks from Berrywhite, if you haven't heard of them before they are a organic drinks company which contain no added sugar and nothing artificial with the moto of tasting good and being good for you. Each drink contains 50% real fruit juice and the best thing about this company is that some money from each drink goes to charity.

I was sent four drinks to review:

Sparkling Pomegranate & Blueberry 250ml can 
This one was very rich in colour, probably the most colourful of all. The smell from this drink is amazing so fruit and rich in smell, its also one of the most flavory of all the drinks as some do have a watery taste to them but this isn't one of them!

Sparkling Peach & Goji Berry 250ml can
This flavour was very sweet and very refreshing, the peach is very prominent but add some ice to this and it gives a amazing flavour. The only thing is this isn't very strong in flavour it feels almost water based, it is quite weak.

Sparkling Lemon & Ginger 250ml can
This is the most flavory drink of all the flavours, the lemon and ginger add a kick to the drink and give it a vibrant flavour but yet still very refreshing.

Sparkling Cranberry & Guava 250ml can/ 330ml bottle
This one was one of the most refreshing of all the drinks, it did taste watery with the added flavour of cranberry but it was very pleasant and refreshing perfect for the summer weather.

Berry white is available to buy from Ocado here. 

Magic Facial Mitt

8 November 2016

I was so intrigued by this Magic Facial Mitt, the magic part of this product is the fact you can use this mitt to take of your makeup without needing any makeup remover, simply just add hot water to this mitt and it removes makeup in a flash. 

Wondering how on earth it can be used without makeup remover? Well the fibres on this mitt are in a criss crossed pattern this allows for your makeup and any dirt to be trapped within the loops when the mitt is lifted of the face.

The product
The product itself is very cute the packaging is very vibrant and very girly. It currently only available from Amazon for £4.99 so very reasonably priced in my opinion. The delivery is very quick also which is a bonus with anything. 

The verdict
The mitt itself is very soft, and once put under warm water its even softer. I then used this to take off my makeup, which it did do very well. All my makeup came off reasonable easily and my face did feel nice and clean. The only thing is sometimes I did feel as though I was dragging the mitt across my face so it works best if you keep re wetting the mitt as its quicker to get rid of your makeup. Another thing I want to add is, I don't wear eye makeup so I can comment on what the mitt would be like to get rid of this, sorry! 

You can find them on:

*post contains pr sample

Lipcote & Browcote Review

4 November 2016

lipcote, browcote, lipstick sealer,

lipcote, browcote, lipstick sealer,

lipcote, browcote, lipstick sealer,

lipcote, browcote, lipstick sealer,

I was recently sent both of these lipcote products and I was very excited to try them out, who doesn't want there lipstick to stay all day.

Lipcote is the original lipstick sealer that is meant to provide you will complete confidence in knowing your lipstick will stay firmly in place. It is priced at £3.99 and is meant to give you a satin matte top coat on the lips with a simple application which consists of brushing the lipcote product over your lips and keep your lips apart whilst they set. At first when I applied this to my lips, I did feel a slight tingle but that quickly stopped. I applied this over my usual Mac lipstick as I find that it stays on a while but fades gradually as I always notice lipstick marks around my cups and glasses. After I applied this I did find my lipstick stayed for a lot longer than usual which is a huge bonus.

Lipcote have now brought out a new product; Browcote a brow gel to keep your perfect brows in place all day long. This too like the Lipcote comes in small packaging handy for having in your handbag. Both available from boots; the Lipcote is priced at £3.99 and Browcote for £6.99. After trying the Browcote product  I really liked it, I felt like it set my brows in place and they stayed that way all day which was very impressive.

Both products are very easily applied and come in small packaging perfect for your makeup bag and for traveling. Also both products are very affordable and are available from boots.

You can find them here:

Bath and Body Works Candles!

2 November 2016

Ive wanted to try Bath and Body Works candles for so so long so I was so exited to finally be able to get these to the UK using the shipping service My Mall Box, I got three different candles and two hand sanitisers. 

This is the Autumn Sunshine candle, first of all I love this the look of this candle its basically Autumn in a jar, the lid has a leaf imprint on it too which is adorable! This candle claims to smell like this 'Chilled Orange, California Mandarin, Golden Amber, Green Fir Needle' and it was very similar to this, it smells very orangey and fresh almost like fresh air but its not overly powerful scent which I like. 

Again this is a Autumnal candle called Crisp Morning Air, I love the look of this candle its very cute and its perfect for this season. This claims to smell like the following 'Crisp Fall Breeze, White Oak, Golden Amber Wood, Saffron, Soft Sandalwood'. This smells very fresh as if your walking through a park on a fresh crisp morning so quite a good match to its name really. 

This one isn't on the website anymore probably to make way for the Christmas candles but hopefully it will make a return in the spring/ summer season because this is on of my favourites. The packaging is so cute, it has the cutest design around the whole of the candle unlike most of there other candles. This candle is a very fresh, relaxing candle. It smells like your at the sea so it is more of summery scent. 

This candle is called A Thousand Wishes, this isn't a Autumn candle but it looked and sounded super cute so I thought I would pick it up anyway. This candle claims to smell like 'Warm your heart with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies & almond crème'. I have to admit this candle doesn't smell like I thought it would, although its meant to smell like peonies I didn't think it would be as sweet as it is because I have a other peonie candle and its not sweet. 

The shipping using My Mall Box is so simple, you simply register on the website where you are given your own personal American address where you can send your parcels to, so I just checked out as normal using this address. You then get a email from My Mall Box when they receive your parcel and you are prompted to go online and enter your address and select your shipping option. I didn't have a choice which shipping service I used because my parcel was so heavy as you can imagine for six candles in total, so I had to select DHL express service which cost me $60 which I know does seem expensive but this is purely because it was candles and weighed so heavy, if you were ordering something such as makeup you would be able to pick from a number of different delivery options some which are much cheaper. Once I had done this I simply checked out and that was it, I then recived a email when my parcel got dispatched from My Mall Box and this took around 2 days to be dispatched, once dispatched the parcel came within three days. All in all the whole process took around 10 days to come which I think is very good considering it came from America.

My Mall Box make the whole process simple and I would definitely recommend them to anyone look to ship products over from America.

You can find My Mall Box here. 

P.s if you sign up here you get $5 dollars added to your shipping account!