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Soap and Glory Face Wash Review

22 June 2016
Face soap and clarity vitamin c facial wash soap and glory

Before i start ill tell you a little bit about what this product is; this is the 3 in 1 vitamin c facial wash that contains jojoba scrub beads and natural super fruit Yuzu. It claims to clean and purify the skin, remove makeup and exfoliate the skin. 
I  have been using this product for around a month now and I literally cant rave more about this product, i love it so so much. I now use this everyday and will 100% be repurchasing this, this is actually the first time that i have ever said i would repurchase a facial wash as i tend to just buy different ones all the time.I use this by applying the product on to wet skin and then massaging it into the skin before washing it off, its so so simple yet it literally is os effective. 
By just doing these simple steps it gets rid of all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling so so soft, although it does remove my makeup i use my miclear water before hand because i like this to act more like a facial wash but it still picks up bits that the miclear water doesn't. I just feel like this product really gives my skin a really good clean and its never felt as soft as it does from using this product. Even my mums gone out and bought this after how much I've raved about it and she absolutely loves it too! 
This is priced at £8 for a 350 ml product how reasonable priced is that!!

You can get it here from boots!

Born Pretty Store- Stationary

17 June 2016
Born Pretty Store
I recently was given the opportunity to review some products from Born Pretty Store, for those of you who haven't heard of born pretty, it is a online store selling just about everything from makeup to home and stationary. 

notebook, sticky notes, pens, stationary, born pretty store

notebook, sticky notes, pens, stationary

Born pretty store comes from China i believe but you get no import fees or anything like that and they dispatch within 24 hours which is pretty good and means your parcel doesn't take too long to arrive concerning its from China. 
Anyway i picked three things, firstly is the Sticky Notes Notebook, how cute is it? It looks like a cute little notebook from the outside and contains 5 index sticky notes and two big sticky note sections. This is priced at £1.68 how cheap!!! 

Next is the pink notebook,  on the website this comes under cartoon notebook because there are a few different designs as it randomly picked which notebook you should receive. This is priced at 70p again how cheap is this and is great for blogging! 

Lastly is the fruit shaped lollipop pen, again there are four designs and its randomly selected which one you will receive. These are super cute i think these all make a perfect back to school gift. This is also priced at 70p! 

All in all i would recommend this website to anyone its very reasonable priced, offers a great service and the delivery is also great. 

I have a 10% discount code for you all too: HYYT10 

You can find them on:
Website:  Born Pretty Store

New in- Makeup Brushes

1 June 2016

I recently received these brushes from Makeup Brushes UK  a online makeup brush distributer, giving 1st class free delivery with every order. I received two makeup brushes and one set of makeup brushes.

So Eco Powder Brush 
This is a brand that i had never heard of before i received this brush so i was interested to try this out as the prices are quite comparable with Real Techniques with this brush being priced at £8.50. On first glance i loved this brush, it was so so soft i didn't think it looked that soft in the packaging so was so surprised. This brush is a powder brush so is perfect for setting makeup and i find quite good for bronzer too. I would definitley recommend this and i would love to try out some more brushes from this brand.

Real Techniques Arched Powder Brush
I have wanted to try a Real Techniques brush from the bold metals collection for quite some time now so i was literally so so excited to try this. The first thing i did was brushing this across my face because it was so so soft. This was priced at £22.50 with free delivery. I love love love this brush like i said it is so soft and the product applies so nicely with this brush, recently I've been using this to apply my highlighter and its been working amazingly!

So Echo Eye Brush Kit 
If I'm being honest i don't really use eye product its just something i don't do so I've gave this set to my mum as she loves to try out eye makeup. This costs £12.50 which is quite cheap considering you get five brushes making them £2.50 each.

If youd like to visit there site you can find them at the following:

Facebook: Makeup Brushes 
Twitter: Makeup Brushes

Degusta Box May!!


So here is another Degusta Box, i say this every time i write one of these posts; Degusta box are a monthly subscription service that send out a box of food of different varieties every month.

So lets get into what i got this month, firstly was this chocolate. This chocolate is personalised and said "Thank you from db" i literally thought this was the cutest thing ever, the people at Degusta had included this to say thank you for working with them, they literally are the nicest people i have ever worked with and i thought this was so thoughtful.

Pechkeks Fortune cookies £1.00
These are such an unusual product, not because they are fortune cookies but the fact they are actually black? i don't know about you but these are the only black fortune cookies I've ever seen i think its so bizarre but yet so cool! Also these cookies give you a fortune that is quite direct and more truthful.

Pomegreat drink £1.49
This juice is very sweet in taste just like pomegreats so it was what i was expecting, this drink is lovely in the sunny weather as its very refreshing and fruity.

The wonderful company 0.90p
This month featured brand the wonderful company, the products from this brand were almond and pistachios, theres not much to be said about these really they were both very nice and tasty according to my mum because i actually don't each nuts!

Beloved Dates £3.50
This date nectar is gluten, dairy and wheat free which is amazing! This makes great toppings for things like porridge and wheatabix and alls things like waffles and pancakes. This has a very sweet taste to it as you would expect.

Get Fruity £1.00
This is a fruit and oats bar, that are 100% natural. I received the strawberry flavour. These were very tasty and the flavour was quite strong, not too strong it was nice because it was very flavory.

Cranes £1.00
This is a 4% alcoholic that is made from crushed cranberries, as you can imagine this is very sweet but its so nice for the sunny weather as theres nothing better than a fruity drinks and bonus its very low in calories.

Jack Daniels £1.99
This is a honey barbecue glaze infused with the flavours of Jack Daniels. This is great for putting over ribs as it creates a sticky sweet sauce, this can also be used on burgers, wings, wedges etc.. This is available at Tesco!

If you would like to get your hands on a Degusta box you can get £6.00 off this box using the code: BLDEG15

You can find them at the following: