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Uunique Phone Case!

23 May 2019
Again I've not blogged in a little white I just struggle to find the time recently, but recently i was sent this phone case below so I thought it was about time I wrote you a little more... 

So Uunique London are sell a range of phone cases and accessories, I have been having a little look online and honestly they do have such a lovely range of phone cases that are so unique and have a stylish edge to them!

This one i recieved is called 'Passion Pink' and isnt it just the cutest i love blossom trees and the little bird is just adorable adds a touch of spring and summer to my phone. This is only quite thin which it like as my phone is bulky enough so its just like a second skin on the phone.

You can find this phone case here.

6 comments on "Uunique Phone Case!"
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