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Boxing Day Sales with Daniel Wellington

27 December 2017

I hope you all had an AMAZING christmas and a even better new year! I had a lovely day spent with family and am going away on a  break for new year, very excited!

Ever since i was about 13 all I do on boxing day is shop the sales wether it be online or in store you can guarantee i spend a fortune! So I'm here today with a bargain this boxing day to share with you all!

As you may have seen I posted earlier this month about the amazing gift sets Daniel Wellington are offering with a watch and either another strap for your watch or a bangle to match your watch, they are such amazing sets and make perfect gifts(even the to me from me kinda gifts).

Well right now they have a great deal if you want to get your hands on one, they currently have 10% off their sets on their website which you can use along side my 15% off code: 'MULHEARN' to get a total of 25% off your gift set, hard to resist right?!

You can shop them here.

Christmas Gift Guide!

13 December 2017
Todays post is a little christmas gift guide a bit last minute I know but you can still get your hands on all these in time for christmas! 

If you're looking for a gift for your loved on then hopefully this gift guide will help, with a range of gifts at a range of prices for any of the women in your life!

Also if you are making a order from Daniel Wellington then I have a 15% off code: MULHEARN

Happy shopping!!

Christmas Sorted with Daniel Wellington!

30 November 2017
Hello, its me again... So todays post is all around the theme of CHRISTMAS (can you tell I'm excited). I have collaborated with Daniel Wellington to bring you some amazing gifts for your loved ones this Christmas! 

First of all can we just talk about the packaging, I'm a sucker for packaging any day of the week but even more so at Christmas time; if something is packaged well it automatically looks so much better! I would love to wake up on christmas to one of these little boxes! 

 Classic Petite Ashfield 28mm

So the first watch I got sent was this Classic Petite Ashfield watch, I already have the bigger silver version of this watch and had actually already wished they had a black version of this because lets face it I wear black a hell of a lot of the time! So yeah I love this watch, the all black detail paired with the rose gold looks amazing, the face is also small and dainty! There is a larger size face available (32mm) if you'd prefer but this costs an extra £30.  This watch costs £109 (stay tuned for a discount code), I think it makes a perfect luxury gift for someone this Christmas!

Christmas Gift Set

This year Daniel Wellington has created some amazing gift sets for the Christmas period, you are now able to create your own gift set. You get to choose your watch face, strap, size and then whether you would like another strap in the gift set or if you would like a cuff. Personally I love the idea of this and think it would make a perfect gift that you can tailor to your recipient.

Classic Petite Sheffield 28mm

For my gift set I chose the Classic Petite Sheffield watch, I constantly wear silver jewellery so I knew that it had to have silver on it to match all my rings! I don't own a leather watch and as I knew I was getting one mesh strap I thought I would go for something different, so I went for the black leather strap! Like with the other watch the black strap will look perfect with most outfits considering I live in black clothes! Again like the other watch this is the 28mm face which is the smallest of the two and again this looks so dainty! 

Classic Cuff

I was so excited when I seen that Daniel Wellington has brought out a cuff, like I said I always wear silver and I think that this looks amazing with the watch especially with the contrasting silver details. This is priced at £39 on it own or you can get it in the gift set, again would make a perfect gift. I have the size small and I have really small wrists and this fits perfectly, I'm always sacred cuff will be too big but this isn't!

Overall im so happy with the watches and I would highly recommend them too anyone! From the packaging to the quality of the watch, everything is amazing!

If you want to get your hands on one then I have a discount code, so for 15% off enter code: MULHEARN

Have you got your Christmas presents in yet? 

New In Beauty: Too Faced, Kiko, Laura Geller!!!

5 November 2017
Today I have all things new from Kiko, Too Faced and Laura Geller I have all the latest to share with you all as I've been testing out all the products for the last month or so. 

Laura Geller Mattifying Primer 
This primer is made for those with oil prone skin although thats not to say that other skin types cant use this because I actually have dry skin. This product contains shea butter which I love as this keeps my skin feeling hydrated and moisturised even whilst my makeup is on. At £25 I do think think this is at the higher end of the scale for a primer but I suppose you get what you pay for, I have only tried high street primers but in comparison this works a lot better and helps my foundation stay on a lot longer.

Laura Geller Baked Swirl Gelato Swirl Illuminator- Ballerina 
First of all how gorgeous is this highlighter, its literally so gorgeous I didn't want to use it... but I did. This shade is a gorgeous golden colour that makes a fabulous highlighter, if you like a really glowy look then you would need to build this up as its not very pigmented with just one swipe, but I've been loving using this to illuminate the corner of my eyes and the top of my lip! This product is £21 which I do think it is worth but I feel like they should do this in a bigger size as its quite a small product.

Asian Touch Collection:

Asian Touch Matte Liquid Lipstick
I find this lipstick so interesting at first I thought it was a nail polish because of the packaging but I do like the unusual packaging, I received this in a a gorgeous shade called 01 Plushy Red a bright red colour. The pigmentation of this lipstick is amazing, it literally comes out as bright red as it looks on the packaging which is amazing!! Also the applicator is great for apply, it makes for precise application which we all know is very important when it comes to red lips.

To go with this is the Asian Touch Lip Liner again in 01 Plushy Red to match the lipstick, this is obviously a perfect match which is amazing as theres nothing worse than trying to find a perfect match. I love the packaging of this products as the pointy end as something different than the usual lip liner. Again this product is long lasting with the lipstick so I would definitely recommend.

Both of these are very affordable with the whole combination costing under £14!

Now onto the amazing goodies I got sent from Too Faced, I literally love the brand Too Faced so I was very excited to receive all this and try it all out!

Too Faced Born This Way Setting Powder
Firstly how amazing is this packaging, I always love Too Faced packaging and this is no different, you can instantly tell that this is a high quality product with the gold engraving on the packaging. This powder is one universal shade for everyone, the shade definitely work for me! This loose powder is amazing for setting your makeup, it makes your makeup last a lot longer and not only that but it just makes your makeup look overall a lot more airbrushed and makes the appearance of my pores seem a lot smaller.

Too Faced Blush: I Will Always Love You 
I know I've said this about near enough all of the packaging but how amazing is this?! The heart shape and the engraving on the actual product itself, its so pretty that I didn't want to use it and ruin the engraving, its one of them products you just want out somewhere in your room on display! The colour of this (sorry forgot to swatch) if a pink colour with a orange tone to it as you would expect from the packaging, the colour pay off of this product is great as its very pigmented but be careful not too put too much on your brush if your fair toned like me!

Too Faced Melted Latex Lipsticks
I recived two of these lipsticks, in shade Love You Long Time & Bite Me I was expecting good things having previously tried their very first matte range which I loved!! Im not usually one to wear glossy lips but these have changed my mind, they are gorgeous! The glide on your lips so easily with the easy applicator, the pigment of these is also incredible. The only downside to this product is that it can feel slightly sticky on your lips but once dried you don't notice this at all. These are priced at £19 pretty standard for a lipstick of the higher end.

Hope you enjoyed this post, what makeup have you bought recently?

Armani Beauty Liverpool!

3 November 2017
Todays post is about all things Armani Beauty, specifically Amani at Liverpool! Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive all these goodies from Armani, and when I say lucky I mean extremely lucky I mean who do I think I am with a Armani haul? (hahaha)

Ecstacy Shine Lip Cream

Firstly I must say I am obsessed with the packaging of these how gorgeous and sleek if the the shiny red design, I straight away thought about how I could put these put on display in my room! Also the packaging is magnetic so the lid is magnetic and I cant stop playing with it! I received two colours first is the brilliant red colour in 401 Hot which on first look does bright red but is almost a dark pink colour, I also received another colour 101 Smile which is a gorgeous nude colour. Overall I love the texture of these lipsticks they feel so moisturising and creamy on the lips. The finish of these lipsticks are also gorgeous, they make your lips look so healthy with there shiny fun lipsticks.

Luminous Silk Foundation

I had literally wanted to try this foundation out for so so long, don't know about you but doesn't almost every youtube rave about it? Firstly Ill start off by saying I don't think the shade is 100% right for me it seems to be slightly too orange so I'm going to get some lightening drops but for now I've been mixing it with a lighter foundation. But I must say I love how this foundation looks, it gives a nice glowy look to my skin which I struggle with because I have extremely dry skin but it manages to not cling to any of the dry patches and not look cakey. Overall I'm loving using this foundation!

Eccentrio Mascara 

So far my favourite product of them all, this mascara is amazing! It aims to provide a long wearing, volumizing mascara and boy it does just that, I am honestly in love with the mascara its not clumpy what so ever and it makes my eyelashes look so so long and have so much volume. Also this is very easy to build up so if your want a bold look then you definitely can do that with this mascara, highly highly recommend!!!

Eye Tint

This is a product I had never heard of before I received this package, I received shade 8 Flannel. I love the idea of this product, this eyeshadow comes on a dofer applicator which is so different to normal eye shadow. This formula is a lot creamier than normal eye shadow so perfect for anyone with dry skin and aims to provide you with 16 hours of lasting power.

Eye and Brow Maestro

This product again is one I had never heard of but one I love the concept of as it can be used as 3 different products, one for your eyebrows, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Personally I think that this will work best for eyebrows rather than eyeshadow, this is really easy to apply as it glides on very easily and stays in place all day.

Armani Liverpool
If any of you guys live in the Liverpool area like I do then you might be interested in the fact that Debenhams have recently launched their Armani counter in store and it looks amazing so please do go take a look!

*Collaboration with Armani

Top Tips For Getting Through a Mot

1 November 2017
MOT Tests are obviously very important, it is essential you go to the right test centre for you MOT, test centres are regulated by the Department and Transport and DVSA. Ensuring you know what to look for when booking your MOT is crucial. 

Always go to a reliable test centre
Often test centres will offer a cheap price for there test but they aren't always what they're cracked up to be, they will seem great at first and think you've got yourself a bargain but they will often say you need un-necessary repairs that will cost you a small fortune. So before you book your MOT make sure you are booking with proper MOT test centre, to do this you need to ensure you are booking with someone who has a transparency policy so they can't misguide you as the customer. There are a number of MOT testers like this which you can book through from, for example  DAT Tyres website provides MOT London. 

Check your car before your test
Do a simple check of your car to see if you can find anything that you can fix yourself before going to the MOT test, you don't want something silly to stop you passing your test. Things such as: Lights, Brakes, Tyres and windscreens can all be simply tested yourself.

Tyres: Ensure your tyres have at least 1.6mm thread across them and aren't damaged otherwise your mot will be failed

Lights: You're lights must be in full working condition.

Windscreen: If there is any significant chips across the windscreen in front of the driver then you will fail your test.

Number Plates: Your number plate must be clean and easy to read from a distance.

I hope this post helped!

Kenra Haircare!

25 October 2017
I was recently sent over some products to try by Kenrda haircare, if I'm being honest I hadn't heard of Kendra before probably because it had only launched in the U.K. in 2016. Anyway I was very excited to try them out as who doesn't love some new hair care products!

Kenra Haircare shampoo, conditioner dry shampoo
Kenra Haircare shampoo, conditioner dry shampoo

Firstly I love the packaging of all these products, the silver colour adds a luxurious feel to the products which I love, also not many haircare brand use the silver colour so it would definitely stand out on the shelves, this is now being used by a number of salons and can be found on Salon Success.

Kenra Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner 
So first up is the shampoo and conditioner, both these products aim to get rid of any build up on your hair as well as thickening your hair by adding body to your hair. The first thing I will say about this product is the smell, it does have a very overpowering smell of vanilla so if you don't like this scent then this won't be up your street. Overall from using this combination I feel like it has left my hair looking like it has a lot more volume than it usually does so I would definitely recommend this product. 

Kenra Haircare shampoo and conditioner

Kenya Blow Dry Spray & Dry Shampoo
Firstly the blow dry spray, this aims to decrease blow dry time by 50% and provides your hair with heat protection from damage and breakage. Overall I think this has been my favourite product to use, its so easy to use when your hair is wet spray it on and it helps detangle your hair and make your blow dry a lot easier because your hair ends up overall smoother than normal. 

Next it the dry shampoo, now I am very fussy when it comes to dry shampoo as I feel like i can never get rid of the white powder that is left in my hair but this one is genuinely the best dry shampoo I have tried, the products works into your hair very well and leaves your hair looking anything but greasy, overall I really love using this product!

Kenra Haircare Dy Shampoo blow-dry spray

Kenra Hairspray
This spray is designed to give you a light hold and does not weigh your hair down at all. I can say I agree with this, if your hair requires a strong hairspray then this isn't for you I would say this hairspray is more of a everyday use as its light hold and doesnt leave your hair crispy and heavy from the hairspray which I find with a lot of hairsprays and it leaves me wanting to wash my hair far too regularly. 
Kenra Haircare Hairspray

What haircare have you been loving lately?!

*This product was sent for consideration as a PR sample