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Top Tips For Getting Through a Mot

1 November 2017
MOT Tests are obviously very important, it is essential you go to the right test centre for you MOT, test centres are regulated by the Department and Transport and DVSA. Ensuring you know what to look for when booking your MOT is crucial. 

Always go to a reliable test centre
Often test centres will offer a cheap price for there test but they aren't always what they're cracked up to be, they will seem great at first and think you've got yourself a bargain but they will often say you need un-necessary repairs that will cost you a small fortune. So before you book your MOT make sure you are booking with proper MOT test centre, to do this you need to ensure you are booking with someone who has a transparency policy so they can't misguide you as the customer. There are a number of MOT testers like this which you can book through from, for example  DAT Tyres website provides MOT London. 

Check your car before your test
Do a simple check of your car to see if you can find anything that you can fix yourself before going to the MOT test, you don't want something silly to stop you passing your test. Things such as: Lights, Brakes, Tyres and windscreens can all be simply tested yourself.

Tyres: Ensure your tyres have at least 1.6mm thread across them and aren't damaged otherwise your mot will be failed

Lights: You're lights must be in full working condition.

Windscreen: If there is any significant chips across the windscreen in front of the driver then you will fail your test.

Number Plates: Your number plate must be clean and easy to read from a distance.

I hope this post helped!
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