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Halloween Baking with Co-op Food!

30 October 2016

 I was recently challenged by the Co-op to make some delicious halloween recipes, they sent over box full of everything I needed to make some spooky treats, so lets see how I got on. 

Spooky Toothy S'mores 
200g Pack of Chocolate Cookies
5tbsp Strawberry/ Raspberry Jam
70g Mini Marshmallows
5 Pieces Liquorice 

This one is my favourite of all the treats, I just think they look great and they literally are so easy to make and take a few minutes. 

  1. Heat grill and lay out 5 cookies on the baking tray. 
  2. Spread jam and top with marshmallows, slotting in liquorice in any gaps. 
  3. Place under the grill for 20 seconds till marshmallows are golden.
  4. Get other 5 cookies and spread with jam, place on top of other cookies. 

Spooky Jelly Bowls

2 packs of jelly
Squirty Cream
Plastic cups


  1. Make two different coloured jelly
  2. Fill cup 1/3 of the way
  3. When set, add another layer of another colour
  4. Once set add the final layer of the first colour used
  5. Add squirty cream if you like (i don't thats why i didn't) 

Zombie Eggheads

6 eggs
Red food colouring 


  1. Draw scary faces on 6 eggs in permeant marker
  2. Soft boil all eggs
  3. Add red food colouring into the yolk 
  4. Make dagger shapes with brown bread.

Benjamin Bones

Pumpkin or Skeleton lollypop 
Brownie Mix
Co-op Mallow Bones marshmallows 
Chocolate Spread

  1. Bake brownies
  2. Place lollypop at the end of brownie to create the head
  3. Using chocolate spread place down the mallow bones to create a Skelton figure 
I really hope you enjoyed these creations as I really enjoyed making them and it put me in the Halloween mood! To find any of the ingredients I used visit the Co-Op website here.