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Degusta Box October

30 October 2016

levi roots, maggi fusian, yushoi snappen rice sticks, robinsons squash, heinz pasta, hersheys cookies n creme, beloved dates, jim jams chocolate spread, pitch choice bar, iim souper
 Its the time of the month where I review another Degusta Box, those of you who don't know Degusta Box are a food subscription box where you receive one box per month containing a range of products, a lot of ones I've never heard of before so its a great way to try out new products! I also have a promotion code for anyone who wants to try a box which I will leave at the bottom of the post. 

levi roots, maggi fusian, yushoi snappen rice sticks, robinsons squash, heinz pasta, hersheys cookies n creme, beloved dates, jim jams chocolate spread, pitch choice bar, iim souper

levi roots, maggi fusian, yushoi snappen rice sticks, robinsons squash, heinz pasta, hersheys cookies n creme, beloved dates, jim jams chocolate spread, pitch choice bar, iim souper

levi roots, maggi fusian, yushoi snappen rice sticks, robinsons squash, heinz pasta, hersheys cookies n creme, beloved dates, jim jams chocolate spread, pitch choice bar, iim souper

levi roots, maggi fusian, yushoi snappen rice sticks, robinsons squash, heinz pasta, hersheys cookies n creme, beloved dates, jim jams chocolate spread, pitch choice bar, iim souper

levi roots, maggi fusian, yushoi snappen rice sticks, robinsons squash, heinz pasta, hersheys cookies n creme, beloved dates, jim jams chocolate spread, pitch choice bar, iim souper

Levi Roots Smokey BBQ Coat'n Cook £1.00
This sauce is amazing for coating your chicken, it comes from a range of different sauces including: Smokey BBQ and Jerk Ginger Beer. There so easy to use all you have to do it pour it over your chicken and cook how simple.

Maggi Fusian Noodles- Curry & Sweet Chilli £1.39
I have tried Maggi noodles before and really liked them so I was excited to see some flavours I had never tried in this months box. These are the perfect snack, they take four minutes to make so are perfect for if your in a rush for a tasty snack.

Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks £1.99
These are pea based snacks that come in a variety of flavours, i have tried them all and the Lightly Salted are one of the best they are a soft, backed snack that tastes of pea with the flavour of snack lightly, which in this case is lightly salted.

Robinsons Squash'd Orange £2.49
This is a orange concentrate squash that can be added to water to give your water a taste of your chosen flavour. They come in handy to take on the go or on holiday they are perfect.

Heinz Kid's Dry Pasta Shapes £1.19 
This is so cute, little pasta shaped like minions what could be cuter? I actually had these for my tea tonight and they are lovely even though they are meant to be kids i still throughly enjoyed it.

Heinz Kids Pasta Sauce £1.55
This is perfect for the pasta, a rich tomato sauce that is the perfect dressing. Also its minion themed packaging is great for encouraging children to eat it as we all no the minions would encourage them.

Hershey's Cookie 'n' Creme £1.00
Hersheys is a American brand of chocolate that is amazing but harder to find in the UK. This is a combination of cookie pieces and smooth creme which taste amazing its like oreos but in a bar!

Beloved Date Fruit Hearts 75p
These bars are made from 100% fruit that all have a different flavours to them, they are made with whole fruit and are gluten free which is also great and they are one of your 5 a day which is always a bonus.

Jim Jams Milk Chocolate Spread £2.59
This is a chocolate spread which has 83% less sugar and is gluten free so is much better for you than the standard chocolate spread. I have made a cake using this stay tuned for a recipe below.

Pitch Choco Bar £1.40
These are brioche that are filled with chocolate that come individually wrapped which is prefect for on the go for a snack or for lunch. There so sweet but so nice and remind me of France!

Im interested to try out these soups, they are high in protein and low in fat so make the perfect healthy lunch or tea. How cute and vibrant is the packaging on these soups too?

You can get £7 off your box making it only £5.99 for a box which is amazing, use code: 9A32F

You can find Degusta Box at the following:
Website: Degusta Box

Halloween Baking with Co-op Food!

 I was recently challenged by the Co-op to make some delicious halloween recipes, they sent over box full of everything I needed to make some spooky treats, so lets see how I got on. 

Spooky Toothy S'mores 
200g Pack of Chocolate Cookies
5tbsp Strawberry/ Raspberry Jam
70g Mini Marshmallows
5 Pieces Liquorice 

This one is my favourite of all the treats, I just think they look great and they literally are so easy to make and take a few minutes. 

  1. Heat grill and lay out 5 cookies on the baking tray. 
  2. Spread jam and top with marshmallows, slotting in liquorice in any gaps. 
  3. Place under the grill for 20 seconds till marshmallows are golden.
  4. Get other 5 cookies and spread with jam, place on top of other cookies. 

Spooky Jelly Bowls

2 packs of jelly
Squirty Cream
Plastic cups


  1. Make two different coloured jelly
  2. Fill cup 1/3 of the way
  3. When set, add another layer of another colour
  4. Once set add the final layer of the first colour used
  5. Add squirty cream if you like (i don't thats why i didn't) 

Zombie Eggheads

6 eggs
Red food colouring 


  1. Draw scary faces on 6 eggs in permeant marker
  2. Soft boil all eggs
  3. Add red food colouring into the yolk 
  4. Make dagger shapes with brown bread.

Benjamin Bones

Pumpkin or Skeleton lollypop 
Brownie Mix
Co-op Mallow Bones marshmallows 
Chocolate Spread

  1. Bake brownies
  2. Place lollypop at the end of brownie to create the head
  3. Using chocolate spread place down the mallow bones to create a Skelton figure 
I really hope you enjoyed these creations as I really enjoyed making them and it put me in the Halloween mood! To find any of the ingredients I used visit the Co-Op website here. 

Nano B Toothbrushes

25 October 2016

nanob, toothbrush, teeth

nanob, toothbrush, teeth

nanob, toothbrush, teeth

nanob, toothbrush, teeth

I recently received two Nano B toothbrushes to review, for those of you who haven't heard of Nano B before they are online company selling toothbrushes. All of the toothbrushes are coach with either silver, gold, bamboo charcoal particles that helps to kill bacteria and prevent any bacteria growth on your toothbrushes. The last fact I love about these toothbrushes is that they are resistant to air borne bacteria which is a huge bonus as the bacteria that can get on your toothbrushes is truly disgusting as there are 10 million bacteria living on your toothbrush (how vile)!!

I for one think that these toothbrushes are super cute, I love the design of them it adds a nicer touch to our normally boring toothbrushes and at £7.99 they aren't too expensive either. They also come in a handy case which makes it easy to travel with, I've already taken this on my travels and its so much easier having this case to put it in. 

You can find them here: 
Website- Nano-b

The Konjac Sponge- Angel Face Facial Cloth

23 October 2016
The Konjac Sponge- Angel Face Facial Cloth

The Konjac Sponge Co, bamboo mask, charcoal

Ive heard about The Konjac Sponge Co for a while now so I was excited to try out one of their new sponges; The Bamboo Charcoal Angle Cloth. (Konjac is a medical plant from Asia)
The Konjac Sponge Company have a range of different sponges/cloths ones for men for after shaving, a nourishing heart puff sponge, baby sponges and also have travel kits.

What do they do?

  • Cleanse and exfoliates skin
  • Refines pores
  • Works without cleanser
  • Removes makeup
  • Leaves skin super soft

The Bamboo Charcoal Angle Cloth is perfect for anyone with oily skin, with the combination of Konjac plant fibre and charcoal powder this cloth provides a soft exfoliation and cleanse. You can use this product with or without cleanser as it works equally as well without, the charcoal draws out bacteria and dirt from you're pores. The cloth itself seems very hard and rough on first appearance but before apply to the skin you have to run the cloth under the water and the cloth becomes a soft almost jelly like texture that feels super soft on the skin.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone they are so gentle on the skin and are the perfect alternative to any other cloth as these cloths do much more than the ordinary cloth with no need to add any products to the sponge.

You can find Konjac sponges at the following:

Gemporia- My Top 5 Picks

21 October 2016
gemporia, gemstones, white topaz, amethyst bridge stacking ring, dimond bangle, stacker rings,

Today I will be doing a post on Gemporia I will be featuring my top 5 favourite picks from  Gemporia If you've never heard of them before they are a online jewellery company that uses genuine gemstones to create beautiful jewellery thats in limited quantities. One amazing thing about this company is the fact they give back to charity's in-particular The Colourful Life Charity which is always a nice thing to see from a company your buying from.

gemporia, gemstones, white topaz, amethyst bridge stacking ring, dimond bangle, stacker rings,

 This first ring is one of my favourites from the whole website, this is the White Topaz Sterling Silver Set of 3 Stacker Rings. These are made with 0.25 of white topaz from Brazil, and I think you can really tell how luxurious this ring is as it it looks very expensive and looks like its made very well. This ring is made up of three individual rings so you can wear them on their own if you wish to create a lovely look as this ring would definitely add sparkle to any outfit. It is priced at £36.99 with the recommended retail price being around £100 so this ring is at a bargain price which is always a bonus.
gemporia, gemstones, white topaz, amethyst bridge stacking ring, dimond bangle, stacker rings,

This next piece is a gorgeous pair of earrings, these are called the White Topaz Earrings in Sterling Silver. I think these are just so pretty the shape is so classy and elegant and I think these would be perfect put together with a classy outfit for a nice occasion. These too are made from White Topaz from Brazil and the are priced at £49.99 with a RRP for £84.99 so again a great saving and they look so much more expensive than they actually are. These would also make the perfect gift for a girlfriend, wife, friend and even mum.  

gemporia, gemstones, white topaz, amethyst bridge stacking ring, dimond bangle, stacker rings,
Next is my favourite item of them all and one thats on my list to buy next because its so beautiful, this is called the White Topaz Sterling Silver Set of 3 Stacker Rings. This one is priced at £36 with a RRP of £100 so a saving of £64 which is huge, this ring is made from White Topaz from India. Again this set of rings come individually so can be worn separate but when worn together it makes such a lovely statement piece of jewellery that can be dressed up for fancy occasions or even just look amazing featured in a casual look.

gemporia, gemstones, white topaz, amethyst bridge stacking ring, dimond bangle, stacker rings,
 This is the Dimond Bangle in Sterling Silver 0.25, this is priced at £59.99 making it the most expensive piece out of them all but has a RRP of £299 so again it has a massive saving. This also features 1/4ct of diamonds from South Africa, how impressive. How amazing is this bangle though? I could just imagine wearing this with one if the rings with a lovely dress and the jewellery standing out and looking very classy and stunning. Again this would make the perfect gift especially with Christmas just around the corner this would make such a great idea. 

gemporia, gemstones, white topaz, amethyst bridge stacking ring, dimond bangle, stacker rings,

 Now this ring is a bit different for me but there is just something about it that draws me in, this is called the Amethyst Bridge Mini Stacking ring.  This is from the Bride collection which features a number of different coloured rings with different colour stones in them, these come in two sizes mini and maxi, maxi obviously being the bigger of the two. There are some really beautiful colours in the range including greens and blues. This one is the mini size and is priced at £23 which I think is pretty reasonable, I'm in love with this ring and many others from the collection, I would definitely recommend you check them out. 

Overall  Gemporia  is a great website for finding gorgeous pieces of Jewellery at such a good price so if you're looking for yourself or even for a gift I would definitely recommend you check them out. 

You can find the website here.

Flo Accessories

18 October 2016

flo accessories, atomiser, tweezers, led tweezers,

flo accessories, atomiser, tweezers, led tweezers,

I recently got the opportunity to work with Flo Accessories, if you've never heard of them which I hadn't before working with them they are a travel and beauty accessories, they have some great little things including the light up tweezes, light up mirror and perfume atomiser. I was lucky enough to receive the perfume atomiser and the light up tweezers.

The first one I will talk about will the LED tweezers, I loved the idea of these straight away it means that you can see the hairs that you ordinarily wouldn't have or if your like me and uses your phone touch behind a mirror there is no longer a need for this. I have literally loved using these so far, I don't have anything bad to say but they are battery operated so you will have replace these every once in a while.

The other thing I received was the perfume atomiser, this has come in so handy already. I travel a lot to Ireland and only take a cabin suitcase so i cant bring my big bottle of perfume but in this case it means that I can transfer some of my favourite perfume into a smaller bottle. It comes with instructions on how to do this which is so simple it literally takes a minute. So yeah these are amazing and come in so handy.

You can find Flo Accessories at the following:
Twitter: Flo Accessories
Facebook: Flo Accessories 

Degusta Box- September

16 October 2016

Hey everyone, its that time of the month again where I have received another Degusta Box so as always I'm going to review the food and drinks that were in this months box, I hope you enjoy!

Metcalfe's Popcorn Thins £1.00
These are a layer of popcorn topped with chocolate, this one in particular is topped with dark chocolate. These are so light and tasty its just like popcorn with chocolate its a great taste and perfect for a snack.

Get Fruity Bars £1.00
There are six flavours in this range so I received the pineapple coconut and lime flavour, this bar is very fruity in flavour so has a great taste to it, this is also great because its all natural and is gluten free.

Cape Drinks 2 for £1.59
I received two flavours peach & lychee and pineapple & passionfruit. This is a blend of Rooibos Tea and fruit juices and they contain loads of vitamins. These are great because they have no sugar and contain all natural ingredients.

Cirio Borlotti Beans £1.89 pack of 3
I had never heard of these before but after reading about them I know they are fresh shelled beans that are steamed and then canned. Im yet to try these but I'm interested to see what they are like.

Miso Tasty Miso Soup £3.65
This soup at first seems expensive but this also contains a separate packet of spring onions and seaweed which are great as they can be added to the soup and it creates a whole meal and its something different to the normal soup you would buy.

Hartley's Jelly Pots 50p each
I received 4 pots of jelly, one tropical, two raspberry and one orange. I love these there so handy for on the go and so tasty, who doesn't love jelly.

Teisseire Sirop £2.99
This is a raspberry and cranberry flavour that gets added to water, still or sparkling which ever you prefer, this creates a lovely fruity cranberry water flavour which is full of flavour.

Say Yes to No Bread Chips £1.49
These are bread chips, these are my favourite thing in the box! I got the bbq flavour and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Also these contain no artificial flavouring and additives which are a bonus.

Mrs Crimble's Fusilli £1.99
This is gluten free pasta with a mushroom and cream sauce I'm yet to try this but it sounds really yummy its also great that its gluten free!

Chia Bia Whole & Milled Chia Seed Sachets 2 for £1.00
These chia seeds are to be added to food for a boost of nutrition which is good for anyone wanting to get more fibres and vitamins and minerals in them.

If you would like to get your hands on a Degusta box you can get £6.00 off this box using the code: BLDEG15

You can find them at the following:

Mandara Spa- Amber Heaven

13 October 2016

If you seen my previous post I reviewed a collection of goodies from Mandara Spa and lucky me got a chance to review another collection by them, this time it was in the Amber Heaven scent.  They contain Sandalwood and Patchouli, which aim to relax you. You can find them online at Time To Spa or in Sainsburys which tend to have a lot of offers on so I would look there first.

Im going to start by talking about the scent otherwise ill mention it when I talk about each of the products, its quite woody smell which personally I love but it is very strong so for those who aren't into the very powerful scents then I would recommend you try out there honey milk collection which I reviewed as this is a much softer soothing scent in comparison.

Firstly is the hand wash, I think this is one of my favourite things that Mandara Spa do they feel so luxurious for a hand wash and look it took and I love that about them, it lathers up very well to be nice and bubbly just what you need and how pretty would this look on your sink?

Next is moisturising bath essence, this is just added to your bath under running water. The smell in itself when added to your bath just gives you the most relaxing feeling ever and it genuinely leaves your skin feeling supper soft and silky which is lovely.

Next is the shower cream, obviously this is to be applied in the shower and rinsed off. This is quite a thick shower cream, not too thick but enough to leave your skin feeling very well moisturised. Another thing I noticed about this product is a little goes a long way which is always good!

Lastly is the body cream, this basically acts like a moisturiser and is similar to the shower cream in many ways. This looks like quite a thick moisturiser which is good for people who have dry skin like me but again a little goes a long way. I suffer from eczema so I am always on the look out for anything extra moisturising and this definitely did the job.

I hope you enjoyed!

*This post contains press samples.

How to stay cozy this Autumn!

10 October 2016

I thought I would put together a little post about the things I think are amazing for your house to keep warm and cozy throughout the autumn and winter season. There's nothing better than stepping into your house after being in the freezing cold and stepping into a warm, cozy house and I'm going to share the ways help achieve this.

Door curtains
These are something that I've only just found out about but are amazing for this time of year. They are designed simply to go in front of the door to keep out any draughts that come under your door, amazing right? This is also perfect for anyone who has a front door in their living room and want to cover it up and you would just look like it is a window behind. I just think these are amazing to keep in the heat in all your rooms and keep your electricity bills down in the colder months. In my house these would be perfect for the conservatory as the conservatory is one place that gets really cold so having something that will cut off the cold from getting in the rest of the house is perfect. You can find door curtains in Yorkshire Linen range here. These one are available for as little as £19.99 which seems to be very affordable and a investment for in the long run. Also Harry Corry do a lovely range of door curtains in alternative colours which can be found here.

For me blankets and throws are an essential for this time of year, I take them all round the house with me not only do they look pretty at the end of your bed but they keep you supper cozy. There's nothing better on a cold night than sitting with your blanket over you all cozy and warm and theres some super cute blankets out there. You can find this one here. 

Bedding is an important part of staying cozy, not only is it amazing to have a nice thick duvet to keep you all warm the duvet cover is very important. Picking greys, oranges and browns are very autumnal and having a duvet cover in these colours is amazing to keep it seasonal. Not only do they keep it seasonal they help to create a cozy atmosphere, add a few candles and you've got your perfect cozy room.  You can find this one here. 

How do you stay cozy in Autumn? 

Whats In My Bag DONE

I thought i would share with you all whats in my bag as they are very popular post and yet one i have never ever done. First of all this bag is from Floriell i got it last year from a outlet, I'm not going to lie ever since the shop has been there i have got one every time I visit, literally every time. 

So heres whats is actually in my bag:

Origins Lip Balm- I always take a lip balm in my bag as they always come in handy and theres nothing worse than walking round with dry lips and having nothing to put on them and this one by Origins is amazing I've been loving trying it out recently, definitely a handbag essential especially in the winter seasons. 

Nyx Matte Lipstick- I always have a lipstick in my bag usually its the one I'm wearing that day incase I have to re apply but if I'm not wearing one I still make sure I always have one with me as you never know when you will need them. This Nyx matte lipstick is a perfect dark pink colour for the winter season 

Powerbank and Phone Charger- I literally don't go anywhere and I mean anywhere without these, this power bank has 200% charge with it and its essential for days out or when I'm in uni as my phone battery literally never lasts me all day.

Zara Perfume-This little perfume is perfect for my handbag, its tiny so fits in any bag and its great to keep you topped up when your out all day and you know sometimes when you feel like you could do with a freshen up.

Body Shop Hand Cream- I love this hand cream it smells amazing and its so soft on your skin, its perfect to keep in your bag especially in winter as sometimes I tend to get rough and dry skin.

Ted Baker Purse- A purse is a pretty obvious essential but I take my Ted Baker purse everywhere with me, I should really get a smaller one because when I only have a small bag this literally takes us all of the room.

Keys- Again another pretty obvious one, keys. You always need your keys in your bag to save yourself getting locked out which has happened to me quite a few times.

Whats your handbag essentials?

Beauty Uk- Contour Chubby Sticks

9 October 2016
beautyuk, contour sticks, chubby sticks, medium contour, dark contour, shimmer highlight, beige highlight

beautyuk, contour sticks, chubby sticks, medium contour, dark contour, shimmer highlight, beige highlight

beautyuk, contour sticks, chubby sticks, medium contour, dark contour, shimmer highlight, beige highlight

beauty uk contour chubby sticks beautyuk, contour sticks, chubby sticks, medium contour, dark contour, shimmer highlight, beige highlight

beautyuk, contour sticks, chubby sticks, medium contour, dark contour, shimmer highlight, beige highlight

I had seen contour chubby sticks all over twitter and blogs for quite come time and I love to contour so I really wanted to try these out so when given the opportunity I jumped and I must say I haven't used any other contour product since I received these, I'm in love.

These are called the Ultimate Contour Chubby Sticks and they are available to buy individually for £4.99 or £16.99 for the whole set of four. They come in four shades; Medium Contour, Dark Contour, Beige Highlight and Shimmer Highlight.

Personally I don't use the dark contour because I'm so pale (aka Casper the ghost), I haven't even applied it on my face because the Medium contour is such a good match. Obviously the Dark Contour would be perfect for anyone with a darker skin tone.

The Medium Contour is a great colour for me even though at first it still looks dark, all contour looks this way. I apply this to my cheeks, jawline and forehead and blend out with a beauty blender. These are a very creamy, smooth consistency once applied but are very easy to blend. The fact that it is on a chubby stick make supplication so easily as you can easily draw the lines of where you want the contour to be. Once blended out it gives a really chiselled, contour look that I love. I literally haven't used another product since, I just love how easy it is to apply and the finished look that it gives.

Both Highlights are amazing but I use them both for different things, the beige highlight I use under my eyes and in the middle of my forehead and blend out with the beauty blender which makes under my eyes look illuminated and a lot brighter. Then to finish it off i use the shimmer highlight on the top of my check bones to give a highlighted finish as this highlight is more shimmery than the other.

Overall I love these products, the consistency and the finished look is amazing and I think for the price they are worth every penny. I literally haven't put these down since.

You can find Beauty Uk here: 
Website: Beauty Uk
Twitter: Beauty Uk
Facebook: Beauty Uk