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Degusta Box- September

16 October 2016

Hey everyone, its that time of the month again where I have received another Degusta Box so as always I'm going to review the food and drinks that were in this months box, I hope you enjoy!

Metcalfe's Popcorn Thins £1.00
These are a layer of popcorn topped with chocolate, this one in particular is topped with dark chocolate. These are so light and tasty its just like popcorn with chocolate its a great taste and perfect for a snack.

Get Fruity Bars £1.00
There are six flavours in this range so I received the pineapple coconut and lime flavour, this bar is very fruity in flavour so has a great taste to it, this is also great because its all natural and is gluten free.

Cape Drinks 2 for £1.59
I received two flavours peach & lychee and pineapple & passionfruit. This is a blend of Rooibos Tea and fruit juices and they contain loads of vitamins. These are great because they have no sugar and contain all natural ingredients.

Cirio Borlotti Beans £1.89 pack of 3
I had never heard of these before but after reading about them I know they are fresh shelled beans that are steamed and then canned. Im yet to try these but I'm interested to see what they are like.

Miso Tasty Miso Soup £3.65
This soup at first seems expensive but this also contains a separate packet of spring onions and seaweed which are great as they can be added to the soup and it creates a whole meal and its something different to the normal soup you would buy.

Hartley's Jelly Pots 50p each
I received 4 pots of jelly, one tropical, two raspberry and one orange. I love these there so handy for on the go and so tasty, who doesn't love jelly.

Teisseire Sirop £2.99
This is a raspberry and cranberry flavour that gets added to water, still or sparkling which ever you prefer, this creates a lovely fruity cranberry water flavour which is full of flavour.

Say Yes to No Bread Chips £1.49
These are bread chips, these are my favourite thing in the box! I got the bbq flavour and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Also these contain no artificial flavouring and additives which are a bonus.

Mrs Crimble's Fusilli £1.99
This is gluten free pasta with a mushroom and cream sauce I'm yet to try this but it sounds really yummy its also great that its gluten free!

Chia Bia Whole & Milled Chia Seed Sachets 2 for £1.00
These chia seeds are to be added to food for a boost of nutrition which is good for anyone wanting to get more fibres and vitamins and minerals in them.

If you would like to get your hands on a Degusta box you can get £6.00 off this box using the code: BLDEG15

You can find them at the following:
2 comments on "Degusta Box- September "
  1. We used to have this subscription box, we stopped due to realising we didn't use everything each month but we loved the concept! Would have loved the chai seeds and miso soup! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James