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How to stay cozy this Autumn!

10 October 2016

I thought I would put together a little post about the things I think are amazing for your house to keep warm and cozy throughout the autumn and winter season. There's nothing better than stepping into your house after being in the freezing cold and stepping into a warm, cozy house and I'm going to share the ways help achieve this.

Door curtains
These are something that I've only just found out about but are amazing for this time of year. They are designed simply to go in front of the door to keep out any draughts that come under your door, amazing right? This is also perfect for anyone who has a front door in their living room and want to cover it up and you would just look like it is a window behind. I just think these are amazing to keep in the heat in all your rooms and keep your electricity bills down in the colder months. In my house these would be perfect for the conservatory as the conservatory is one place that gets really cold so having something that will cut off the cold from getting in the rest of the house is perfect. You can find door curtains in Yorkshire Linen range here. These one are available for as little as £19.99 which seems to be very affordable and a investment for in the long run. Also Harry Corry do a lovely range of door curtains in alternative colours which can be found here.

For me blankets and throws are an essential for this time of year, I take them all round the house with me not only do they look pretty at the end of your bed but they keep you supper cozy. There's nothing better on a cold night than sitting with your blanket over you all cozy and warm and theres some super cute blankets out there. You can find this one here. 

Bedding is an important part of staying cozy, not only is it amazing to have a nice thick duvet to keep you all warm the duvet cover is very important. Picking greys, oranges and browns are very autumnal and having a duvet cover in these colours is amazing to keep it seasonal. Not only do they keep it seasonal they help to create a cozy atmosphere, add a few candles and you've got your perfect cozy room.  You can find this one here. 

How do you stay cozy in Autumn? 
3 comments on "How to stay cozy this Autumn!"
  1. I love some of the things you have put up here!! Has given me loads of ideas. Thank you x

  2. I love some of the things you have put up here!! Has given me loads of ideas. Thank you x

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