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Popcorn Shed Popcorn Reviewed!

2 April 2019
 Ive been on a blogging break AGAIN! I just cant seem to get the hang of the blogging and working full time and working another job! But i am back and hopefully for good this time.

I am starting off my return with a review from The Popcorn Shed i apologise because i did get sent this back in December or maybe even November last year.

I recieved a few small packs so i could try all the different varieties available and then i received two larger sizes packs to enjoy. If you love popcorn then i know you will love this brand, these have such a wide variety of different flavours, so many that i hadn't even tried before.

The flavours: Pop n Choc, Salted Caramel, Pecan Pie, Butterfly Nuts, Berrylicous, Say Cheese and Sweet Chestnuts.

I was most excited to try Say Cheese as I'm a big cheese lover, if your a cheese lover like me then you would love these because they literally don't get any cheesier! Another favourite of mine was the salted caramel, this is the perfect mixture of sweet and savoury! I would definitely repurchase these two again! If you like the mix of sweet and savoury you would also love the Sweet Cheeses flavour as this is the perfect combination, it takes the edge of the cheesiness by adding some sweet caramel. The Pop n Choc was also lovely, but a bit similar to something that i have tried before so nice but nothing new i would recommend try any of the above flavour instead as they are unique flavours.

Now i don't like nuts so i got my mum to try out the Butterly Nuts and she loved it, she definitely recommends this and would buy it again.

You can find The Popcorn Shed here:

*Post contains gifted items 
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