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Born Pretty Store

29 April 2014

Born Pretty store is a new website that I have discovered they sell a lot of different things but I particularly love the jewellery section they sell lots of rings which are $1 or 60p! Yes 60p, how cheap is that?! My favourite ring is this anchor ring shown above I think this is so cute and is so similar to rings I've saw whilst shopping and is no where near 60p! 

They also have a number of different necklaces which range from £2-4 and are so cheap considering the price you would pay in retail stores! One of my favourite necklaces on the website is the flower necklace shown above I think this would look perfect for spring summer to dress up and outfit and look so cute!

This bracelet is gorgeous in my opinion and i think it looks so much more expensive than it is, I think this would be the perfect statement with a outfit especially any plain outfits.This was around £3 which I think is a complete bargain!

They also offer fee shipping to the UK, so I seriously suggest you check them out as I think it is well worth the price and they are such a good website. 

I also have a 10% off code that you can all use: HYYT10
You can find them on:
Twitter- bornprettystore

Love Pop Cards Review/Giveaway

26 April 2014

Review                                                                        Giveaway
The lovely people at Love Pop Cards sent              So I have these two cards to giveaway, these
me three cards for reviewing cards and two            are both Happy Birthday Cards one birthday 
for a giveaway! I must say I'm very impressed        cake and one birthday and one present. 
with these cards. I think they look amazing, so        Conditions: Must be following on Bloglovin    
much better than a normal card, especially for        Must be following Love Pop Cards on twitter
special birthdays! I got the ship which is very          Must be over 16 to enter or have parents 
impressive and much bigger than any other of        permission.
 the cards so would definitely wow. I also got a       The giveaway will end on the date shown 
 birthday cake which I think are so cute and are      below. 
such a good alternative to the average card, the    Must be from Uk or Ireland 
front is quite plain but I don't think this matters        Good Luck
as I would leave this card open anyway. I also        Helena
 got another one that I didn't photograph as I'm           x
 keeping it a surprise for my sisters birthday. 
Love Pop Cards have a range if different cards
 from birthdays, to wedding , baby and thankyou
 cards for very affordable prices at around £4.
 I would recommend these to anyone as I think 
there so good and I will definitely be buying in 
the future and although there from America I 
received these in 5 days!! 

You can find Love Pop Cards on:
Twitter- LovePopCards

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In The Navy

23 April 2014
                                                                  Bag: Primark
                                                            Shoes: Dorothy Perkins 

Just thought I'd share two of my new favourite things at the minute, as you can probably guess I'm a bit fan of navy! Firstly I got this bag from Primark this is a navy and white zig zag print and I just fell in love with his as soon as I saw this! This can be a clutch bag or this comes with a strap inside that you can also use which I think will be perfect for summer. This is also quite big inside which is always a bonus and I picked this up for £10 I think it's a Bargin! 
I got these shoes from dorothy perkins these say there black but I think it's slightly a navy blue colour when put with ethier colour I think it looks that colour and these have a white base but it isn't very thick which I think is good I think these were around £22 but I managed to get them when they had 30% so I got them for around £16 which I think is such a good price as I think they look quite expensive! 
I'm loving navy at the minute, let me know what your loving. 


The Tuck Shop

21 April 2014


The Tuck Shop is a sweet shop based in Manchester selling American sweets and the good old Traditional sweets. They have recently launched there new website so I thought id talk you through the website.
I would recommend buying from this website (I'm not being payed or sponsored to say this) I  honestly think they have such a good selection of sweets available including my favourite american sweets: M&M's, Cheetos, Skittles and Twizzlers and my favourite Traditional sweets:  Pear Drops, Sour Cherries and Bon Bons.
The Tuck shop has a very simple and easy layout that is easy to navigate around, the menu system enables you to select the type of sweets you are looking for e.g. American or Traditional where you then are shown a number of different options within these categories such as Cereals, Hard sweets, Soft Sweets and Soda.
On the right hand side of the website there is then a simple navigation bar as shown above where you can login or create an account, checkout, view your basket, view your account, search the website and change your currency.  You are also able to pay via PayPal which is always a bonus. 
Overall I would recommend order from The Tuck Shop as there is a wide range of treats for everyone and can browse the website very easily. 

You can find them: 
Twitter- Thetuckshops
Facebook- Thetuckshops

Hangerworld Review

19 April 2014
 I was very kindly sent a couple of products to review by Hanger World Ltd. Hangerworld offer a wide range of different hangers including: space saving hangers, childrens hangers, garment covers, home storage and accessories. 

(Left to Right) 

Black & White Polka Padded Hangers 
These come in packs of 1,5 and 10 and start at £4.50. These hangers are satin fabric and even have a little black bow on them! I think they are super cute I love them!  These are perfect for hanging dresses!

Wood Tie & Scarf Organiser 
 This can be used for ties or scarves so obviously I used this for my scarves. I think this is great because I can never find somewhere to store all my scarves! This has six hooks that are able to spin around allowing easy access. This is £5.65

Space Saving Vevlet Clothes Hanger
This is a black velvet hanger that is usually used for suits as you are able to put tie, pants and jacket on this hanger so is perfect for men or even womens suits. This is also space saving so is perfect for those who haven't got a lot of storage space. 

Solid Beechwood Clip Hanger
This is a simple hanger for skirts and trousers, this has adjustable clips making it perfect for anyone! This comes in packs of 1,10,20,30, 50 and 100 ranging from £2.95- £84.95.

Solid Beechwood Top Hanger
This hanger is a basic hanger to have but this has a non slip grip on it meaning this is good for that one item that will never stay on the hanger! These come in packs of 1, 10 or 20 and start from £2.50


13 April 2014

I was sent this tanning foam by the lovely Mono Skincare! 
I was sent this in Fair to Medium which is the perfect colour that looks very natural and doesn't look orange at all! I applied this with a tanning mit which helps to keep this even and the brown foam makes this very easy to apply as it's very easy to see where the tan is being applied, so one of the best things about this tan is it's easy application. 
This tan is also very long lasting and dosent rub off at all, so this is perfect for those who don't want to keep re-applying the tan. Also this dries very quickly so is good for those who are very impatient like me! 
Overall I think this tan is so good! I would recommend this to anyone. This is avaliable in two colours fair to medium and dark to very dark. Tanworx also have a number of other tanning products avaliable. 
This is avlaiable to buy from Monu Skincare :
twitter- monushop

* I was sent this for reviewing purposes 

Veronica's Snack

11 April 2014

Veronica Snacks is a company based in Ireland. They aim to provide healthy snacks that are still super tasty! These are now avaloable in a number of Tesco stores, so you should be able to pick them up. 

They have a number of different flavour avaliable including: sour cream & herb onion, Barbecue, Tomato & Spanish Paprika, Roat Garlic and Mixed Herb these are all organic and gluten free.
I got the Roast Tomato& Spanish Paprika and the Sour Cream & Herb Onion I personally prefer the Sour Cream Herb & Onion as these are a light flavour where as the others are a spicier flavour and tomato definitely stands out. Both of these are lovely flavours and i would recommend these for a light tasty snack. 

You can find Veronica's Snack:
Twitter- veronicassnacks 

* I was sent this to review 

Ted Baker Nails

5 April 2014

I was sent these lovely nail varnishes, so I thought Id review them as I think they are amazing. 
This duo called Ted's Sweet Shoppe has one sparkly polish called Champagne Sundays and one bright pinky colour called Sweet On You. Personally I love these polishes and think they are perfect for spring/ summer. 
Although I used two coats on this application, these are fine with just one coat. These also last a while and aren't easily chipped. 
Personally I like these used together as they make the perfect, cute combo.These are retailed at around £8.50 which I think is reasonable for two polishes. 

Let me know what you think and what your favorite spring/ summer polishes are.