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13 April 2014

I was sent this tanning foam by the lovely Mono Skincare! 
I was sent this in Fair to Medium which is the perfect colour that looks very natural and doesn't look orange at all! I applied this with a tanning mit which helps to keep this even and the brown foam makes this very easy to apply as it's very easy to see where the tan is being applied, so one of the best things about this tan is it's easy application. 
This tan is also very long lasting and dosent rub off at all, so this is perfect for those who don't want to keep re-applying the tan. Also this dries very quickly so is good for those who are very impatient like me! 
Overall I think this tan is so good! I would recommend this to anyone. This is avaliable in two colours fair to medium and dark to very dark. Tanworx also have a number of other tanning products avaliable. 
This is avlaiable to buy from Monu Skincare :
twitter- monushop

* I was sent this for reviewing purposes 
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  1. I will look into this range, I love hearing about new tanning products x

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  3. Loove the blog!! Keep up the good work!! xo kelly

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