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Spring Haul!!

4 May 2017

I thought I would share the bits I picked up recently as I love reading haul posts and I have picked up quite a few new bits recently.

gingham top
Ali Express

riverisland embodied top

topshop top

topshop espadrilles

topshop shoe boots
 It was a student night in Liverpool so I picked up two new pairs of shoes from Topshop, I thought the espadrilles would be perfect for summer and I love the shoe boots to go with a pair of jeans to be a little more dressy. I also picked up the top from River Island as I have been loving embroidery recently so I thought i'd embrace the trend!

I also picked up this gingham top on Ali express for less than £10, I have been seeing so many companies sell this on for three times the price when in reality they are just ordering it from China and selling it on, its actually been annoying me a lot recently!

kate spade macbook case
Tk Max

How cute is this Kate Spade macbook case I managed to get in TK Max for only £15 from £70 how good of a bargain is this, I was so happy when I seen this because everyone always seems to get some amazing things from TK Max and I always seem to miss out!

dream sign
I seen this in Debenhams and had to get it straight away, it reminds me of the similar west elm one that lots of bloggers seemed to have and its safe to say that this has made a few appearances in my Instagram posts.

love life style book
Wh Smith
 This purchase was 100% inspired by bloggers, they always look so pretty in pictures to be fair though I was looking for books to put out on my little table so I thought why the hell not ay!

riverisland sunglasses
How nice are these? I spotted these and they straight away reminded me of the Dior ones I've been lusting after for about a year now so for £16 they had to be mine! Come on England give us some sun so I can wear them!!

white leather superga
 I have legit wanted these for like 2 years and my mum and dad very kindly bought me them and I'm so happy, on a mission to keep them pristine white!!!

zara suede jacket
 Ugh, now I'm in love with this purchase I seen this one week and couldn't stop thinking about, the next week it was mine. I just fell in love the pastel pink colour, Zara is killing it right now, as always.
l'oreal false lash mascara
 I seen this doing the rounds recently on social media with people going crazy for it so while it was on offer I thought id pick this up and give it a whirl!

boohoo chocker
As you can see I have purchased a fair few new things recently, have you bought anything new recently?

Helena x

Christmas Sale Haul 2017

21 January 2017

Slippers: Boots £5

Ted Baker Candle: Boots £6

Starbucks Set: Boots £8

Shoes: Mango £12.99

Mango Card Holder: £1.99

Emma Hardie Gift Set: M&S £29.50

Bag: Ted Baker £59

Golden Wonder Gift Set: Lush £4.15

Bath Bombs: Lush

Starbucks Mug: Boots £4

Jack Wills Bottle: Boots £4 

Zoella Pencils and Sticky Note Set: Boots £2.50 £5

Scarf: Zara £10

Starbucks set: Boots £5
These now I got in the boots 70% off sale, I'm going to leave the price with them because you will be shocked at how cheap they all were!














So its another quick post because theres not really much to say, I just thought I would share some of the bits I managed to pick up in the Christmas sales, I always buy quite a few things in the Christmas sales and this year was no different. 
I also picked up a new tv but completely forgot to photograph it whoops!

Did you manage to get anything in the sales?


What I Got For Christmas 2016

3 January 2017

Pjs: Boux Avenue 

Makeup: Nars Laguna Bronzer, Mac Lipstick Taupe Beauty Blender, Makeup bag: Miss Selfridge 

Box: Primark

Gift box: Aveno also a sneaky £30 from my aunty

Heart: Next

Polaroid holders: Urban Outfitters

Scarf: Newlook

Sign: Primark

Candle: Bayliss and Harding & Root Legacy

Mug: Sass and Belle 

Hat: Primark

Netbooks: Zoella Lifestyle and Home& Bargain 

Necklace: Next

Micellar water: Tesco

Mirror: Miss Selfridge 

Candle: Primark Jar: Tiger

Pjs: Calvin Klein 
Top: Miss Guided

Calendar: LFC

All: H&M

Photo Frame: The Book Club 

Hey, everyone I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! I thought Id put together a little haul of what I got for Christmas, I didn't really ask for anything at all to be honest I just asked for money but my mum/dad and my sister sure did get me some amazing presents.

Also we go away as a family every year to somewhere called Ribby Hall, for those who don't know its holiday village so has restaurants, bars, swimming pool, spa etc.. This year my mum booked me a massage for new years day and it was incredible such an amazing experience and now I want everything Elemis! 

I hope you enjoy!!