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Essential Products When Living With Atopic Eczema

13 April 2021

 I have been living with eczema for as long as I can remember, even as a young child I always suffered from it. As a child, my eczema was a lot worse than it is now at 24 but that doesn't mean to say I haven't suffered from flare-ups over the years because I most definitely have, my most recent flare-up would probably be when I was around 21/22 at university, it flared like never before and I was back and forth at the doctors coming away with different creams to try every time. 

I have put together my essentials for living with eczema day to day when I am not having a flare-up as they usually require attention from a medical expert which I most definitely am not. 

Eczema Essentials 

Dermol Lotion

I have used Dermol since I could remember, I get this from my doctor which if you have eczema you should be able to request from your doctor too. Honestly this is a god send daily, I find a lot of lotions and moisterisers tend to make me itch even more and I end up itching all the moisteriser off... pointless, right?! But Dermol really hydrates my skin and soothes the itching which can be such a relief! 

Pixi Milky Lotion

I have been used this for the past 9 months for my face only as I used Dermol everywhere else, I tend to stay away from Dermol for my face as it is a slightly thicker consistency than your usual facial moisturiser and I don't want it to cause me to break out which unfortunately at the grand old age of 24 I still do. This Pixi Milky Lotion has been great for my face, I am nearly at the end of my first tube and I will definitely be repurchasing as it has managed to keep my face so hydrated! 

Mariio Anti- Blemish Cream*

What attracted me most about this Mariio Anti- Blemish Cream is the ability to protect against eczema and have anti-blemish qualities too as these are my two biggest skin concerns. I have been trying this out for a good few months now and I am most definitely impressed, I noticed that any breaks out looked a lot less inflamed, red and angry when using this moisturiser and it kept my dry skin at bay. 

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

I LOVE this Mario Badescu facial spray, I don't know about you but once I have been wearing my makeup for a few hours my face starts to feel dry, no matter what I use it's like my skin is asking to be rehydrated, this is were this facial spray comes in. This spritz makes your skin feel refreshed and hydrated without the need to reapply more moisturiser whilst out and about.


Simple Eye Cream

For me the place I suffer most with on my face has always been around my eyes and especially my eyelids, they become sore and I get a burning sensation. This Simple eye cream is the only thing that I have found to soothe my eyes everything else I have tried doesn't make any difference at all but this takes the burning sensation away straight away. P.S. this is supr afforable at less than £2!


Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Body Wash

Another product I love, I mean that is the whole point of this post. Anyway, Aveeno has a few different shower gels available, I have tried this Skin Relief body wash and the daily moisturising body wash and I found this to be the best out of the two. This leaves your skin feeling so moisturised which I find so hard to find in a body wash, previously I have used the Simple shower gel which is fine, it doesn't react to my skin but it also doesn't leave my skin feeling half as moisturising as the Aveeno Skin Relief.