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New In: 3INA Makeup Review

30 August 2017
I was recently sent over some products from 3INA Makeup, a brand I quite literally had never heard of before. After some research I discovered they have been on the beauty scene for over a year They sent me over some of there best selling products so I'm going to tell you all what I think of them!

The Highlighter 201 

This highlighter has been sold out for months so I feel ver lucky to have on I'm my possession, firstly this comes in a square black packaging which is plain, simple but works well, the shade itself is almost a rose gold shade. Once swatched I immediately thought that this looked so pretty but upon applying i realised that i have to apply quite a bit of the highlighter for it to become noticeable as you will see from my swatch below it comes up quite pale on my skin. Overall though this is a gorgeous shade a more subtle one but still gorgeous, this comes with the added bonus of it being cruelty free. This is available here for £10.95

The Cream Eyeshadow 312

How gorgeous is this eye shadow, again a cruelty free product. This is a gorgeous pinky, purpley colour and I just cant get enough of it! The packaging again features the black simple look but comes in a little glass pot which again I really like. The formula is so creamy and feels so luxurious, once you've blended and left to set it doesn't budge all day so is great if you want a long lasting make up look. This is available for £8.95, amazing price right?!? you can find it here.

Longwear Lipstick 503

I was so excited when I seen this product as its literally one of my favourite shades, I loved how this product felt on the lips it was super soft and silky and dried pretty fast which I loved. The colour payoff is really good and it is very long wearing, something we all look for in a lipstick. This is available here for £7.95.

Overall Im very impressed with all the products I have tried and I would definitely recommend these products to anyone as they all come in a range of shades to suit everyone.

Narciso Rodriguez Perfume featuring Perfume Click

16 August 2017
Recently the lovely people from Perfume Click contacted me and asked if I would love to review their service so of course I said yes. 
Perfume Click is a leading online retailer stocking a number of leading perfume brands, which are obviously 100% genuine,  what us great is all items are at a discount price. 

perfume, narcissi rodriguez

narcissi rodriguez, perfume, perfume click

I chose Narciso Rodriguez perfume as it's one of my favourites, for anyone who hasn't tried this perfume before it describes itself as 

"Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfum is seductive fragrance for women, which contains sensual musk, orange, amber, osmanthus, vanilla, vetiver and amber. "

What I love about this perfume, is its very soft and not overpowering but at the same time it lasts all day making it perfect for day to day wear. I love the plain, simple packaging of this product, I'm loving pink at the moment!

The service
Overall I am very pleased with my experience from Perfume Click, their customer service is great, they are available to email or phone five days a week. The delivery was pretty fast which is always great, the item came well packaged to ensure the item wasn't damaged 

You can find Perfume Click here. 

Storage Solutions... Sorted!

14 August 2017

Todays post is going to cover storage solutions as now a days businesses are finding it harder to find cheap storage facilities and this is becoming a bigger issue for these owners, if storage isn't properly taken care of it can come at a huge cost whereas good storage will benefit your business and encourage growth.

All business have some storage needs that have to be taken care of whether your a online business and need inventory and paper work or your a physical business and require products being stored. Need to get the most out of your space? Well I am going to talk you through some warehouse storage solutions that can be provided by Warehouse Storage Solutions Limited in Wakefield. They offer a number of storage solutions including Pallet Racking, Partitioning, Repairs etc...

Well I am going to talk you through some business storage solutions that can be provided by professional companies based on your custom needs. 

De-cluttering the inventory and organising it
A lot of the time a inventory can get busy very quickly and before you know it, its all cluttered by de cluttering you can ensure that this will never happen and that you are not wasting room in your inventory for unwanted items. Also keeping your inventory organised ensures that your maximising the space available to you.

Using Shelves
Using shelves helps to ensure that all of your products in your inventory can be organised efficiently, everything is easy to find a system can be put into place. Again this will ensure that you are maximising the space that is available to you.

Putting an automated stock check system 
This ensure that you are able to check what stock you have efficiently without the need to get confused and have to search your inventory to see if you have a particular item. This allows for smooth running of your business and hopefully will be a lot more efficient.

Using proper business storage solution where everything is organised in custom pallets
Pallet racking is an example of this, it is used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities and many companies, for example: Warehouse Storage Solutions offer pallet racking in Wakefield with range of different types such as push back pallet racking, external pallet racking and narrow aisle packing. 

What I got for my 21st Birthday!

8 August 2017
So last week it was my 21st birthday, I looked forward to it for so long. Unfortunatly my mum was in hospital all week so what we had planned a spa day and overnight stay in a luxury suite had to be cancelled and last minute plans without mum were arranged. Of course it wasn't the same but we made the most of a bad situation. My mum was able to come out of hospital for a few hours a couple of days later so our party went ahead at the weekend. Luckily mum is doing ok, she's still in hospital but doing ok and were hoping she will be out of hospital this week and our spa break can be rearranged.

Anyways I thought I would show you what I got. All my family gave me money including my parents who generously put a large amount of money into a premium bond so I don't spend it and it can be used to buy my first car. So here are the gifts i received to go with my money.

 My boyfriend very kindly bought me these lovely gifts, including my favourite sweets which id already eaten when these photos were taken. He bought me these pjs bottoms after knowing id searched everywhere for them!
Beauty and the beast pjs 

H Samuel Ring  
Woodwick Candle
M&S Socks
Yankee Candle Diffuser 

These gifts were bought by my parents, after not asking for anything and knowing i was receiving money for a car I was very surprised to see these amazing gifts as i was expecting nothing. As you can imagine the White Company gifts were the most amazing of all as I've wanted them socks for ages and the pjs are unbelievably soft!
Victoria Secret Makeup Bag
Calvin Klein Pumps

Huda Beauty: Trend Setter 
Pineapple Cup

Jouer Rose Gold Quartz Highlighter

White Company Pjs 
White Company Socks
Next are the present my twin, who's also a blogger and some of you may know got me, you can find her here. She picked me up some amazing things including the Rayban sunglasses I had wanted for so long!

Ray bans
Jewellery stand 

Newlook ear cuff

H&m Candle

Urban Outfitters photo clips
Forever 21 socks
Long post I know but I thought I would share a few photos of the decorations we had for our birthday party as some of them are really cute and it would be a shame not to show you!

If you made it to the end of this post, I hope you enjoyed it!

The Watch Shop: Jewellery Edit

7 August 2017
I was recently sent some jewellery by (who knew they sold jewellery too), I was very lucky to be able to pick two items from the website which I would like and I am very grateful to for sending these pieces over. I managed to get these in time for my graduation too so they were perfect to wear for this special occasion and I plan on wearing them again for my 21st birthday next week!

Michael Kors Bangle

Michael Kors Bangle

Michael Kors Bangle

The first item that I picked was this Micheal Kors bangle, I love silver jewellery as I think it suits me more than any other colour so when I seen this it instantly stood out at me I love the buckle detail as I thought it was a bit different to anything I've seen before. When it came to choosing a bangle I had so much choice on because they stock so many different amazing brands so it was a very difficult choice but I'm very pleased with this bangle. The packaging this came in was also gorgeous I love the little suede bag with the silver detail.

Ted Baker Necklace

The next item I chose was this Ted Baker necklace, Ted Baker has forever been one of my favourite brands I think its like luxury for less. In particular I've always loved their jewellery and this necklace stood out to me, there is something so pretty about this, I've been styling it a lot with plain white v neck tops and it just add a extra touch of class to the outfit. For £39 I think this is a great price and would make the perfect gift for anyone. 

Overall Im very pleased with my experience on  the delivery was very quick which is always a bonus and their customer service is great. They have a wide range of jewellery and watches for him or her so if you're ever looking for a gift then I would highly recommend that you take a look at