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Packing For University: Essentials

28 July 2016
I thought I would put together a little essentials list of what to pack for university as I know this can be quite a daunting experience for most as its more then often the first time that anyone has moved out of the family home. 
So hopefully this little guide will help to ensure the you don't forget any of the essentials! 

Home and Kitchenware 

Source: The Treasure Hunt Uk 
Going from living at home its strange to actually need to buy home and kitchenware as your so used to it all being there for you already. But hay ho its time to be an adult. Most accommodation is shared so before you go to university its great if you can find your new flat mates so you can all decide on who's going to buy the appliances that everyone will need for example Kettle and Toaster.
Here are a few ideas of some of the things you will need yourself:

  *Mugs and glasses -get something distinguishable if you're like me and wouldn't them getting mixed up with others.
*Plates/Bowls-make sure you take a few different plates and bowls for different meals and for when some are waiting to be washed and your too lazy to clean them. Also don't forget you will need cutlery or you will be cooking finger food.
*Cute Decorations- such as photo frame, plants, prints, candles to make the place look and feel more homely.
*Pots/Pans- You will need at least one basic frying pan to cook all them fry ups to cure your freshers hangovers. Also don't forget oven trays, there's nothing worse than having nothing to cook for your food on.
*Bedding- bedding is important, especially for the cold winter nights. Get the thickest comfiest bedding and duvet you can find.

Toiletries/ Makeup
Source: Fustany

If your anything like me you will want to bring you're whole makeup collection with you but if you have a huge collection then you will have to be selective I mean do you really need like 5 of everything? Although bringing as much shampoo and conditioner that you can find from home will save you money in the long run.
Some essentials which you will NEED while at uni:

*Baby Wipes- These will become essential, they pretty much come in handy for just about everything.
*Antibacterial- Uni halls sometimes doesn't feel like the cleanest place in the world, so antibacterial will be a essential to make you feel a little bit better.
*Medication- Make sure you stock up on your medication I can guarantee you will end up with freshers flu and you'll be thankful for the first aid kit your parents probably kitted you out with.
*Makeup- Like I said earlier be selective and don't bring your whole collection as the chances are you haven't got a lot of room and it will make the whole process of getting ready for uni of a morning a lot easier.
*Spray- you will need room spray (that's what I'm calling it as I can't remember its proper name) as your kitchen is more than likely right next to your room and you don't want it smelling of food while your sleeping. 


This what most people probably see as the boring things but it is a essential part of university, although make sure you go your freshers fair as you always get a tone of free stationary there.
This is what you will need:
*USB- I know you will be told thousands of times and you will roll your eyes but you seriously have to backup your work to your usb its so important I didn't and lost so much work!!
*Highlighters- Having one of these comes in so handy to highlight deadlines, exams etc...
*Notebook- (obviously) You will need notebooks, note taking is so important you get much more information that isn't put on presentations that will really help in the future.
*Diary- You may think na ill be fine but having a diary helps to keep your self much more organised and doesn't leave you last minute writing assignments because you forgot they were due. 

Source: Xlusive Touch
You're probably feeling like you have all the clothes in world, like the picture above and your struggling what to pick but don't forget when you first go your only going for one term so the first term see the transition to spring and can see some wintery days towards December so pack wisely for the weather you would expect that term. 
Here are some ideas for the first semester:

*Shoes- Take a variety so your prepared, but I can tell you I lived in trainers the whole time at university after the first week the effort to look nice just goes out the window. 
*Hoodies- These will become your go-to whilst at uni to throw on for your 9am lectures and for the times were your halls aren't as warm as you wish they were.
*Umbrella- It will be essential for getting from from one lecture hall to the other you may think you don't need one if you live on campus but your campus is normally huge.

Source: Good To Know
Now I know you will probably go and do a food shop as soon as you drive at halls but if you have any favourite food you like and you're not sure that everyone sells then make sure you stock up especially if your going from the UK to Ireland or vice versa!

Packing can be a struggle, trying to fit all your belongings in carrier bags and what not. Why not order some packing boxes to make the process easier?
I have found some great ones at: Davpack

If you would like a 10% when ordering boxes, then add this discount code: STUDENT10 to the checkout.

Mandara Spa

24 July 2016
I was very kindly sent some products to try by Mandara Spa, this is a brand that I've heard of quite a lot but never ever tried so i was excited to get using these products. Ive been using these products for around 6 weeks so i could give a good review after trying them out. 
For those of you who haven't heard of Mandara Spa they supply luxurious products to hotels and spas, containing all natural products and are chemical free which i think is a bonus. 

mandala spa, bath oil, honey milk, shower cream, hand wash, hand lotion
Left to right:  miracle oil, honey bath, shower cream, hand wash and hand lotion

Honeymilk Dream Pampering Miracle Oil
This oil is to be used on your body when dry, i found it was quite refreshing to use after a shower to make your skin feel all silky and smooth, i have dry skin and i feel like this works so well to give some moister to my skin. This has quite a sweet scent, as you can smell the hint of almond This is a 50ml bottle that retails at £7.50, quite reasonable if you ask me. 

Honeymilk Dream Pampering Honey Bath
This again has the same sweet int as the oil, but this product is meant for the bath. Once i added this to my bath it added a lovely smell and lots of bubbles, you could also feel this product in the bath as it did feel quite oily but once you get out the bath this oil makes your skin feel so smooth and soft. This cost £12 for 500ml, i think this is a bargain as it would last for quite some time. 

Honeymilk Dream Shower Cream
Again this has the same sent as all the products do contain the same scent. This is great for when your in the shower as it leaves your skin so moisturised and smelling gorgeous This is a 200ml bottle that is priced at £6.50.

 Honey Milk Hand Wash & Hand Lotion 
I love these, the packaging of these makes them look luxourious sitting on the side of the sink compared to the ordinary soap you get. The hand wash is what you would expect it lathers up to wash your hands whereas the hand lotion moisturises your hands afterwards which is great. These are both 250ml's each and are both priced at £7.50

Body Butter Ylang Lang & Coconut, Body Butter Lime & Coconut

The last two products are the body butters, i recieved these in both the Ylang Lang & Coconut scent and the Lime & Coconut, these both have the same consistency they just have a different scent. The lime one is my favourite as this scent is much nicer in my opinion as the Ylang Lang scent is a lot stronger and i tend to not want something that strong on my skin. These are of a thick consistency, that are very moisturising because of their thickness which is great for anyone with dry skin.
These are priced at £6 for 200ml which i think is about standard so its quite reasonable. 

Yushio Rice Snacks

20 July 2016
RICE, rice snacks, yushio, soy&balsamic vinegar, lightly salted,RICE, rice snacks, yushio, soy&balsamic vinegar, lightly salted,

 I was sent over a big box of Yushoi  Snapea Rice snacks to review in numerous flavours including Soy &Balsamic Vinegar, Sweet Chilli & Lemon, Lightly Salted and Smoked Salt & Szechaun Pepper. These are available in a big bag 105g to share priced at £1.99  and in multipacks just like crisp, making them super easy to take with you as a snack and have a maximum of 96 calories per pack. These are free from nuts and dairy making them great for everyone.

The first thing you notice about these snacks is the colour, they are literally bright green and yes I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo. They are made from rice and green pea, hence the green colour. All of the flavours have a very light feeling to them

Soy & Balsamic Vinegar- this is effectively salt and vinegar to me i always think salt and vinegar is a tangy flavour, and these taste exactly like you would expect.

Sweet Chilli & Lemon- These are the most flavoursome of all of these as there flavour is the strongest, there is a instant zap of tangy and zest with this flavour and its almost like a sweet flavour and the little bit of chilli adds a kick to the flavour making it more fiery.

 Lightly Salted- the lightly salted flavour taste lightly flavoured with salt so aren't too over powering they just have there natural taste with hint of salt.

Smoked Salt & Szechaun Pepper- in this flavour the pepper is very prominent as you would expect this gives the flavour to this snack but it also has a barbecue flavour to it.

These are available from: Tesco, Morrisons, Amazon, Co-op, Ocado, Selfridges and Whole Foods.

Driving Lessons

18 July 2016

driving, car, driving lessons
Source: Google

Driving Lessons are something that i am always thinking about the day i turned 16 i promised myself that i would do my driving lessons but being the lazy person i am i had no job so i just couldn't fund this. As time went on this sadly became less of a priority for some reason, looking back this is so stupid i had so much free time to do them. Right now I'm currently still jobless as i am at university, still no excuse i know but I am living at home so this means that i actually have a lot of money spare from my student loan so I'm contemplating starting my driving lessons this September, actually scrap that i have to make a promise to myself that i will start my driving lessons or i never will.
For someone like me i literally wouldn't know were to start with driving lessons, it seems like a scary prospect, getting in a car with a stranger with all those buttons not having a clue were to start but i think thats just my negative and worry coming out. Although i wish i had done my driving lessons when i was 16, i am now nearly 20 and i still think its a great age to learn, i don't want to end up leaving it any longer as why not have the skill and independence to drive now?

In my opinion from friends and family that i have seen do and pass there driving lessons they have all had a great experience and loved the freedom it brings from being able to drive as it no longer means you are reliant on anyone else to be your personal transport so i honestly cant wait to start my driving lessons.

I have recently discovered a new site (book learn pass)  that makes the whole process a lot easier, it enables you to be able to book driving lessons in your local area, book intense driving courses, book your theory test, access tip. So its a great help for anyone thats starting there driving lessons or like me doesn't have a clue were to start!

You can find them at the following: Website

Mother Pucker Review

11 July 2016

Soap and glory, mother pucker, cinnamon beige, super nude, matte,

After hearing many things about these lipsticks i decided to go and pick two up, as usual i picked up the dark, brown toned pink colours because these are 100% my favourite shade of lipsticks. These are from the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Nudes Collection Lipstick, the two shades in matte picked up were super nude and cinnamon beige. 
I love the packaging of these lipsticks, the rose gold packaging makes these stand out and as a blogger yes very stereotypical but i love anything rose gold. I also love the 's&g' imprint on the lipstick its self all the little touches help to create a overall great impression before even trying the product. In the range there are 3 matte lip colours and 5 satin colours all in a nice shade as these are from the Nude collection. 

Soap and glory, mother pucker, cinnamon beige, super nude, matte,
Left: Super Nude. Right: Cinnamon Beige
Here you can see the two shades, they are very similar although Cinnamon Beige is a slightly more darker shade, they are both very pretty! The formula is very moisturising and creamy on the lips which is something that i always look for in a lipstick especially matte as they cant often be quite drying on the lips. These lipsticks are also very long wearing, even more than other lipsticks such as Mac and the colour payoff is so good, they are so pigmented!

You can find them from boots here. 

Degusta Box- June

5 July 2016
Food time!!
It Degusta Box time again, for those of you who don't know i do one of these every month. Degusta Box are a food subscription box that features a range of different products every single month, delivered straight to your door. 

amoy, belgian butters, butterkist, cranston, degusta box, haywards, mea, miracle noodle, scale, schwartz, smooze, subscription box, wychwood

amoy, belgian butters, butterkist, cranston, degusta box, haywards, mea, miracle noodle, scale, schwartz, smooze, subscription box, wychwood

amoy, belgian butters, butterkist, cranston, degusta box, haywards, mea, miracle noodle, scale, schwartz, smooze, subscription box, wychwood

Haywards Pickled Onions £1.89
These are the medium to tangy pickled onions and i love them, pickled onions are something that reminds me of my childhood for some reason and these ones were lovely nice and tangy just how i like them.

Branson Relish £1.65
This is a concept that i really like i love Branstons products so much (their beans are the best) and this is a great products for wraps, burritos even sandwiches for a great taste of spicy tomato.

Heinz Amoy coconut milk £1.99
Ive heard rave reviews about coconut milk, this coconut milk is made from fresh coconuts in Thailand and can be used to make numerous dishes.

Schwartz American Burger Sauce £1.49
You can see buy the packet that this isn't a huge size but it actually does up to 6 burgers from this little packet so i think this is great for when your making burgers for the whole family.

Zero Cloudy Lemonade £2.75
This is made from 98% spring water,  with natural lemon oils making this very low in calories and sugar. This was lovely but it is quite bitter although its still really nice.

Scala Pesto Pots £2.79
These little pots are so handy, each pots are for a single serving perfect for adding to dishes. I am yet to eat these but I'm sure they will come in very handy.

Butterkist Yogurt Popcorn £1.49
This is a new flavoured popcorn from Butterkist, the popcorn is literally coated in yogurt. You can buy these in share bag and multipacks.

Bakedin Mug Brownie £1.50
This was the most exciting thing in the box for me and yet I'm still to try it, it was sat there for days waiting for photos to be taken and then i went away so wasn't able to but i cant wait i love the idea of these and there idea for taking away with you.

Marstons Larger £1.70
This claims to be a big and bold larger that has been handcrafted. Although i haven't tried this yet because i don't really drink I'm sure my dad will love this.

Smooze Mango & Coconut Ice Pops £2.50
What is great about his is the fact it contains 40% coconut milk and 50% fresh juice, also this is 100% vegan free. These are perfect for the summer season (if we ever get some sun).

Destroyer-Olivier Belgian Butters £1.10
This was hands down my favourite product this month, i was so intrigued by these and they are so good they are butter biscuits that look like waffles and they taste so sweet and so buttery and omg so nice.

Im hoping to do more recipes in the next following months using the items in the Degusta Box and i definitely will be featuring this months brownie on my instagram!

If you would like to get your hands on a Degusta box you can get £6.00 off this box using the code: BLDEG15

You can find them at the following:

Dolcis Shoes

2 July 2016

dolcis, summer, loafers, sandals, lace up,

The team at Dolcis very kindly sent me two pairs of shoes and I'm so grateful because they are amazing and will see me right through the whole of summer. For anyone that didn't know Dolics is a online shoe retailer, stocking a wide range of styled shoes.

The first pair of shoes i was sent was the Shelia Faux Leather Loafer in pink, what i love about these is the cleated sole because to me that just makes a shoe way comfier than it ordinarily would be. The pink colour is perfect for spring and summer to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe even teamed with a top and jeans these loafers will look amazing. They are priced at £30.

The other pair of shoes that have been sent is the Vera Gladiator flat sandal in gold these are £28, i own to other pairs of sandals that are laced up and i think I'm slightly obsessed with them and these to me looked a bit different because you don't often see them in a gold colour. These are super comfy because there not completely flat to the floor it has quite a wedge up from the floor and these are going to be perfect for my holiday, and you will definitely see them on a outfit post.

You will definitely see these in upcoming outfit posts this summer!

You can visit Dolcis here.