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Driving Lessons

18 July 2016

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Driving Lessons are something that i am always thinking about the day i turned 16 i promised myself that i would do my driving lessons but being the lazy person i am i had no job so i just couldn't fund this. As time went on this sadly became less of a priority for some reason, looking back this is so stupid i had so much free time to do them. Right now I'm currently still jobless as i am at university, still no excuse i know but I am living at home so this means that i actually have a lot of money spare from my student loan so I'm contemplating starting my driving lessons this September, actually scrap that i have to make a promise to myself that i will start my driving lessons or i never will.
For someone like me i literally wouldn't know were to start with driving lessons, it seems like a scary prospect, getting in a car with a stranger with all those buttons not having a clue were to start but i think thats just my negative and worry coming out. Although i wish i had done my driving lessons when i was 16, i am now nearly 20 and i still think its a great age to learn, i don't want to end up leaving it any longer as why not have the skill and independence to drive now?

In my opinion from friends and family that i have seen do and pass there driving lessons they have all had a great experience and loved the freedom it brings from being able to drive as it no longer means you are reliant on anyone else to be your personal transport so i honestly cant wait to start my driving lessons.

I have recently discovered a new site (book learn pass)  that makes the whole process a lot easier, it enables you to be able to book driving lessons in your local area, book intense driving courses, book your theory test, access tip. So its a great help for anyone thats starting there driving lessons or like me doesn't have a clue were to start!

You can find them at the following: Website
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  1. Good luck fir starting your lessons! I haven't passed yet and am also 19 but am so glad I've started them, it really takes the pressure off :)

    Cathy |