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Sugarbaby- Body scrub & Hair Mask

28 September 2016
Sugarbaby- Body scrub & Hair Mask
sugar baby, Coco-Luxe- Cleansing Coconut Beauty Bar, Hair Affair- Hydrating Coconut Hair Treatment, Sugar Crush- Coconut & Raw Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub

sugar baby, Coco-Luxe- Cleansing Coconut Beauty Bar, Hair Affair- Hydrating Coconut Hair Treatment, Sugar Crush- Coconut & Raw Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub

sugar baby, Coco-Luxe- Cleansing Coconut Beauty Bar, Hair Affair- Hydrating Coconut Hair Treatment, Sugar Crush- Coconut & Raw Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub

sugar baby, Coco-Luxe- Cleansing Coconut Beauty Bar, Hair Affair- Hydrating Coconut Hair Treatment, Sugar Crush- Coconut & Raw Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub

First of all i must say how flipping cute is the packaging for this? Its so so so pretty! Sugar baby is a Australian brand made by two sisters  inspired by the seaside they sell a range of bath, body and tanning products. They are available now from Superdrug!

Sugar Crush- Coconut & Raw Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub
This is perfect for exfoliating, I used this before going on holiday to get rid of any dead skin meaning that my tan would last longer after holiday. The raw sugar in this is what exfoliates the skin, making your skin feel super soft especially as it is added with coconut oil. This product was a much sweeter smell, it was very strong in coconut but the sugar added a sweeter tone to the scrub.

Hair Affair- Hydrating Coconut Hair Treatment 
This was a god send to me while on holiday, being in the 30 degree sun really makes your hair feel dull and dry so I thought this would be the perfect thing to revitalise it and it sure did! This again was very strong in coconut scent but smelt amazing on the hair i could smell it for days! This treatment is to be left on the hair for five minutes after it has been washed then to be rinsed off and after doing this  my hair felt so soft and amazing I loved this! A great thing about this is that it will last for so long so your hair can keep on looking amazing!

Coco-Luxe- Cleansing Coconut Beauty Bar
Personally this was my favourite product of them all, I opened it and fell in love with the smell it was just amazing so fresh and such a holiday scent it put me in the perfect holiday mood especially as I was going away two days later! It is made from coconut oil and Coconut milk perfect for cleaning and healing! This also has Shea Butter and Aloe Vera making this perfect for anyone with dry or sensitive skin or eczema like me, I was so surprised at first that this would work well on my eczema but it really did!

You can find them at the following:
Website: Sugar Baby
Facebook: Sugar Baby
Instagram: Sugar Baby

Blossoming Gifts & Giveaway

24 September 2016
Blossoming gifts, cotton roses, flowers,

Blossoming gifts, cotton roses, flowers,

Blossoming gifts, cotton roses, flowers,

Blossoming gifts, cotton roses, flowers,

Blossoming gifts, cotton roses, flowers,

I was recently invited to work with Blossoming Gifts and i was asked to choose any flowers that I liked, I was so excited by this because they have a huge range of different gorgeous, luxurious flowers. 
It took me some time to pick which ones I would like because I literally fell in love with so many of them, but eventually I decided to pick the Cotton White Roses, these come with a box of chocolates and are priced at £31.99.

These roses came in a tall box all gift wrapped with green paper as you can see in the above pictures, they were perfectly packaged! I was so impressed as soon as I opened the box I could smell them and i wish you had smell vision right now because they smelt amazing and were so fresh considering they have been delivered! Straight away you could see how luxurious these flowers were, they are literally the best quality flowers I've ever seen even my mum agreed and she's bought a lot of flowers in her time. 
Finally these flowers last for so long its been a week and a half and there still alive and kicking, how impressive! Im definitely impressed by these and would definitely order from here in the future. 

Now Blossoming Gifts very kindly let me giveaway a bunch of flowers to one of you lucky people all you have to do is enter the giveaway below. 


  1. Make sure to get your parents permission to give out you're address if under 18 
  2. Unfortunately its only open to the UK and Northern Ireland 
  3. Good luck
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Mad Beauty Gifts Review!

20 September 2016
mad beauty, hand sanitiser, 50's, notebook

Mad Beauty are a beauty expert company selling a wide range of gifts and personal items, not the usual makeup products. Fun, novelty items. Not gonna lie I love these products now but 16 year old me would have been obsessed with this website I definitely do think that lots of the products make great gifts so take a look if you need to pick up some gifts. 

mad beauty, hand sanitiser, 50's, notebook

mad beauty, hand sanitiser, 50's, notebook

One of the products I received was Kellogg's Vintage Milk Carton Notebook Set, these are meant to be inspired by the 50's. This product as you can see is three notebooks inside a milk carton, how cute? The notebooks themselves are only small but all lined so will come in handy but personally I just love the look of this how cute would it look on a book shelf? And again this would make the perfect gift, priced at £9.99 for the set its not bad in my opinion.

The next thing i received was the Fruit Hand Sanitiser, I personally love hand sanitiser these are great for throwing in your bag for when your out and about and i have to say this the cutest looking hand sanitiser I've ever seen, these are also scented so the one i received is a strawberry scent that smells lovely and isn't too overpowering. These are also available in watermelon and pineapple fragrance. They are priced at £2.99 which I for one think is very affordable.

You can find Mad Beauty here:
Website- Mad Beauty
Facebook- Mad Beauty
Twitter- Mad Beauty

Degusta Box August 2016

Here is this months Degusta box as always I feature the Degusta food subscription box every month, so here is Augusts box.

Tabasco Sauce £1.99- This is a sweet and sticky BBQ sauce perfect for marinating chicken, especially ribs but is also good to use just as a sauce. It has a very rich flavour that is very strong and smoky but if your a BBQ fan you will love this. This is available at both Tesco and Asda.

Clipper Tea £1.59
This is a green tea that gives off a very light and subtle taste compared to a lot of green teas or so I'm told as if you've read my blog for a while you will know I don't drink any hot drinks at all!

Aromatic Thai Noodles £2.49/Moroccan Couscous Nutripot £2.49
How handy are these little pots, perfect for work or college or just generally on the go. What is great about these posts is that they provide 50% of your daily vitamins which is impressive for a pot this size.

Dorset Cereals Bircher Muesli £3.49
Using tired fruit and its to create a creamy muesli this doesn't disappoint, it is one of my favourite muesli I have ever tried. I love little touches like this free spoon with the box it makes the experience with the brand that little bit better.

Get More Multivitamins £1.45
These are a range of multivitamin drinks in different flavours providing natural flavours with no added sugar. I received the lemon & lime flavour which was very light and refreshing.

Oloves £1.00
Personally I don't like olives but how much is this little packaging, again perfect for on the go. These are seasoned with chilli and oregano and are low in calories.

Mahou Cinco Estrellas £1.20
Estrella is a premium larger from Madrid, if you ever go on holiday in Spain which i recently have you will notice its is their choice of beer. It is a lovely tasting beer, with a mild taste to it.

Geetas Curry Paste £1.00

Willy Chase Fit Corn £2.19 
Willy Chase popcorn comes in a variety of flavours, i recived the goats cheese red onion & time flavour. I love popcorn and I loved this popcorn, it tastes very strong in onion flavour but I really enjoyed them.

Rakusen's Snackers £1.29/ £1.49
If you know me then you will know I'm a big snacker an I knew these would be something that I would love, they come in a gluten free pack which is amazing for those who are intolerant to gluten. I added a little butter to these and they were the perfect snack.

Timeless Truth- Face Masks

15 September 2016

timeless truth, face mask, rejuvenation mask, hydra intense bio cellulose eye mask,

Timeless Truth are online company selling face masks, they literally have such a wide range of them for all different skin types and to help a range of skin problems out there. I accidentally asked for the wrong one being stupid as i am but i tried it out anyway because it sounded equally amazing my sister however did receive the one i wanted which was the Charcoal mask and loved it, she will have a review up on here blog here. 

The mask I reviewed is the TT Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask which aims to minimise lines and ageing using hyaluronic acid. If your worried about the acid I can assure you its fine, I have very sensitive skin and have eczema and this is fine for me. You are told to leave this on the skin for around 15-20 minutes which i did and straight away I could tell the difference it left my skin feeling all soft and literally looked so clear and glowing. No face mask has ever left my skin feeling as good as these I am genuinely so impressed by them. 

I was also sent the Hydra Intense Bio Cellulose Eye Mask, these are meant to reduce the dryness around the eyes and also puffiness whilst generally hydrating the eyes. These felt amazing on my eyes, I felt as though they not only brightened but all made the area under my eyes feel a lot smoother and softer!

You can find all the products here:
Website- Timless Truth
Facebook- Timeless Truth
Twitter- Timeless Truth