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Timeless Truth- Face Masks

15 September 2016

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Timeless Truth are online company selling face masks, they literally have such a wide range of them for all different skin types and to help a range of skin problems out there. I accidentally asked for the wrong one being stupid as i am but i tried it out anyway because it sounded equally amazing my sister however did receive the one i wanted which was the Charcoal mask and loved it, she will have a review up on here blog here. 

The mask I reviewed is the TT Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask which aims to minimise lines and ageing using hyaluronic acid. If your worried about the acid I can assure you its fine, I have very sensitive skin and have eczema and this is fine for me. You are told to leave this on the skin for around 15-20 minutes which i did and straight away I could tell the difference it left my skin feeling all soft and literally looked so clear and glowing. No face mask has ever left my skin feeling as good as these I am genuinely so impressed by them. 

I was also sent the Hydra Intense Bio Cellulose Eye Mask, these are meant to reduce the dryness around the eyes and also puffiness whilst generally hydrating the eyes. These felt amazing on my eyes, I felt as though they not only brightened but all made the area under my eyes feel a lot smoother and softer!

You can find all the products here:
Website- Timless Truth
Facebook- Timeless Truth
Twitter- Timeless Truth

12 comments on "Timeless Truth- Face Masks "
  1. Your photos are really stylish for this post, well done! I really love eye masks, I had a collagen set applied as part of a spa package once and they felt lovely! Sounds like these products are really impressive, I must check out this brand!

    Abbey ✨

  2. Interesting that you loved these so much, I always think that a lot of facemasks are a bit of a fad, but I'm going to add these to my list of ones to try!!

    Emma xxxx

  3. I'm always on the look out for a face mask that actually makes a difference so will have to try these! Love your photography, so simple yet stylish
    Laura x

  4. These sound amazing! I'll have to check them out :)
    sammy xx

  5. I loved how you edited your photos in this post! I will definitely look into these. They sound great!


  6. Ahhh face masks! I've always wanted to use them, but never got round to doing. Great post lovely X

  7. Oooooh that eye mask especially looks brilliant! At 9 months pregnant I'm going to need all the rejuvenation under my eyes as possible.. lovely blog, glad I've stumbled upon it here!

    Kirsty |

  8. I've only ever used a face mask once before. Can you believe it?!

    Your post has made me think that maybe I should try them out more and these could be the ones that are suitable for my sensitive skin :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Natasha x

  9. I love a good face mask - must add this to the list to try!

    Amber - xx

  10. I bloomin love a good 'oul facemask. I actually never heard of this brand before but you've definitely made me want to try them. My skin is breaking out so badly recently I definitely need to treat it. Also love the sound of the under eye patches too! x

    Jordan || Darling Jordan

  11. Always looking for more face masks to try out, definitely trying these ! Love, Larice