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Kiss Faux Mink Lashes Review

18 May 2017

kiss lashes mink lash couture

kiss lashes mink lash couture

I was recently sent over some lashes from KISS, I received two of their faux mink lashes out of there 6 from this range. Kiss also have a range of normal standard lashes which are slightly cheaper if this is of interest to you. I received 'Gala' and 'Little Black Dress'.

Overall I like these lashes because they are mink but is great because its not actual real mink which is always a bonus.  They have a weight less feel about them so they don't feel like there dragging your lashes down which again is great as it makes them feel comfortable, the lash band is also knot free making it super easy to apply! The lashes also come in a little plastic portable case to ensure you can keep them protected after use and it makes them perfect for traveling.

These ones in particular cost £7.99 and are available here from Superdrug, I think this is a pretty reasonable price for mink lashes especially as they can be reused up to 10 times making it less than a pound per use, bargain.

kiss lashes mink gala

The 'Gala' lashes are full on they have a lot of lashes on the band and are quite long so they create a dramatic look, I would say these are more for special occasions and definitely not for every day use but for a special occasion these will look fab!

kiss lashes mink little black dress

The 'Little Black Dress' lashes are little more sparse than the others but are very long with a lot of volume, these lashes are made to help create a smokey eye effect without having to actually use eyeshadow but gives a natural look.

Overall I would recommend these especially if you want mink lashes without real mink or you just don't want to pay the price of real mink lashes.  What products have you been loving recently?

Don't forget you can find these at Superdrug where they also have 3 for 2 on kiss lashes right now!

*This was sent as a pr sample but all opinions are my own

GULP- Give Up Loving Pop Campaign

12 May 2017
Gulp- Give Up Loving Pop Campaign
Image Source: GULP

Today I wanted to talk about a new campaign well new to me it originally started in 2015, Gulp standing for Give Up Loving Pop. This campaign was created by Food Active with aim to raise awareness of just how harmful sugary drinks can be and hopefully make people think twice about how many fizzy drinks they consume.

The facts
* Regular consumption of fizzy drinks is strongly associated with with being overweight, diabetes     and tooth decay.
*Sugary drinks are the biggest source of added sugar in young peoples diet
*If everything else in their diet is equal a person who has a can of coke a day adds an extra 14.5 pounds per year from calories alone.
* Each can of coke contains 9 cubes of sugar 
Personally I think them facts alone are enough to make you give up, Im not telling you to cut them out completely but to try and replace some sugary drinks with water is a great start or even diet or sugar free fizzy drinks is a compromise. Often these sugary drinks aren't fizzy so don't let that catch you out, sugar is hidden with it having over 50 different names. 

The GULP campaign is challenging you to completely give up sugary drinks, think you can do it? Sign up here.

Gulp- Give Up Loving Pop Campaign
Image Source: GULP

Im going to give this a go as its something I've wanted to do or a while and I will let you all know how I get on! Home2Office is also getting involved to see how click here.

For more info you can visit Gulp and see how you can get involved!

Would you consider giving up sugary drinks?

*This post was written in collaboration with Home2Office

Spring Haul!!

4 May 2017

I thought I would share the bits I picked up recently as I love reading haul posts and I have picked up quite a few new bits recently.

gingham top
Ali Express

riverisland embodied top

topshop top

topshop espadrilles

topshop shoe boots
 It was a student night in Liverpool so I picked up two new pairs of shoes from Topshop, I thought the espadrilles would be perfect for summer and I love the shoe boots to go with a pair of jeans to be a little more dressy. I also picked up the top from River Island as I have been loving embroidery recently so I thought i'd embrace the trend!

I also picked up this gingham top on Ali express for less than £10, I have been seeing so many companies sell this on for three times the price when in reality they are just ordering it from China and selling it on, its actually been annoying me a lot recently!

kate spade macbook case
Tk Max

How cute is this Kate Spade macbook case I managed to get in TK Max for only £15 from £70 how good of a bargain is this, I was so happy when I seen this because everyone always seems to get some amazing things from TK Max and I always seem to miss out!

dream sign
I seen this in Debenhams and had to get it straight away, it reminds me of the similar west elm one that lots of bloggers seemed to have and its safe to say that this has made a few appearances in my Instagram posts.

love life style book
Wh Smith
 This purchase was 100% inspired by bloggers, they always look so pretty in pictures to be fair though I was looking for books to put out on my little table so I thought why the hell not ay!

riverisland sunglasses
How nice are these? I spotted these and they straight away reminded me of the Dior ones I've been lusting after for about a year now so for £16 they had to be mine! Come on England give us some sun so I can wear them!!

white leather superga
 I have legit wanted these for like 2 years and my mum and dad very kindly bought me them and I'm so happy, on a mission to keep them pristine white!!!

zara suede jacket
 Ugh, now I'm in love with this purchase I seen this one week and couldn't stop thinking about, the next week it was mine. I just fell in love the pastel pink colour, Zara is killing it right now, as always.
l'oreal false lash mascara
 I seen this doing the rounds recently on social media with people going crazy for it so while it was on offer I thought id pick this up and give it a whirl!

boohoo chocker
As you can see I have purchased a fair few new things recently, have you bought anything new recently?

Helena x