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She inside haul

27 February 2014

All items: she inside

I was very atphensive when ordering from sheinside, I always seem to see bad review and people bad experiences. But I took the plunge and order anyway and I honestly don't know why there's so many bad complaints, I ordered and my order arrived within 10 days of being dispatched. 
Firstly I ordered this dress, I order a size small and I would say this is about a size 6/8 so about the right size and I love this dress it looks exactly the same as it did online. I love how this dress has long selves as I think this makes this dress look a lot nicer, this dress has a almost textured feel to it because of the pattern in this dress. 
Then we ordered these tops/ blouses in cream and black. These only come in one size and this would suit a range of sizes depending on whether you wanted a oversized or fitted look. This is very see brought so would look perfect with a little top underneath and even with shorts in the summer. Personally I like the black best because it suits a paler skin tone more than the cream.
Finally i got this necklace, I love this I think it would be perfect when wearing any plain outfits. 
Overall I would recommend she inside all I would say is don't expect the quality to be perfect you get what you pay for. 

Lip Care Collection

26 February 2014

This is my collection of lip balms, these are all my favorite ones.

Lush Santa Scrub- I purchased this at Christmas, I've always wanted to try one of the lip scrubs from lush but I didn't seem to like any of the other flavors. These scrubs are definitely worth a purchase, they really help to keep your lips feeling refreshed and unlike anything else I've tried really does scrub your lips.

Fruity Lip balm- this is passion fruit, I think I got this from Avon a while ago and I tend not to use this one anymore as I find I have more that keep my lips a lot softer, although this does smell lovely.

Body Shop- this lip balm is mango flavored, this is one of favorites and one I will be definitely re purchasing. It's one of the best smelling, it smells amazing! It also does leave your lips feeling very soft. 

Fereza- I bought this in the airport in Spain last year I love these they come in loads of different flavor and smells, the smells are amazing in these, they can be overpowering but this is my overall favorite smelling lip balm. 

Hot lips- I've had this one for a while and this is is strawberry flavored, this isn't a very strong scent but this can feel quite greasy on your lips sometimes because of it consistency.  

Vaseline- I don't think I need to say anything about this but this one is my favorite Vaseline there is.

Jelly Bean- this is the tangerine flavored, I know I've said this about them all but this really does smell amazing! It isn't very soft and doesn't really keep your lips soft but does smell amazing!

Balmi- this is definitely one of my favorite lips balms this is the strawberry flavored on and this is so so soft and I think is my overall favorite of them all as it leave your lips so soft!

I would recommend out of all of these balmi and the lush lip scrub or if your going away definitely keep a look out for the Fereza lip balm! 

February Favourites

22 February 2014
Nail varnish: Ciate
Red Heart: John Lewis 

This month, I have definitely been loving these two items! 
Firstly the nail varnish, this is called miss mistletoe this came in my Ciate advent calendar and is sequins in the pot. This is red and gold sequins that gives your nails a really cute look and is perfect for putting on one nail on each hand. Usually you have to apply a nail colour first then pour the sequins on the nail and add a top coat over the nail. 
Secondly is this heart, I love getting all different hearts for my doors and to hang around my room, they add colour to any room and make any room look really cute! As my room is cream and red I thought that this would look perfect. John lewis do a range of different hearts and this one is almost like lots of little bells attached to it. The only thing about this one in particular is that he colour can tend to come off quite easily. 

Canvas Review


Recently I was given the chance to get a personalized canvas made by the lovely canvasdesignuk, I chose this picture of my and sister when we were younger because it's one of my favorites and really remind me of the typical us when we were younger! 
Canvas DesignUK if a really lovely company and are very easy to work with, they do a range of different sizes of canvas which all vary in price but are all very reasonable, I will leave all the contact details below. I am very very happy with the canvas I have received I absolutely love it and it is of really high quality which is hard to find with some companies! The canvas also arrive very fast which I didn't expect! I would highly recommend using this company and I will definitely be purchasing more canvases.

Twitter- Canvasdesignuk
10% discount code- 93HEXWF35U

Favourite Necklaces

20 February 2014
Left: Unamed Shop
Right: Primark

These are my all time favorite two statement necklaces, the first one on the left is exactly the same as the Zara Necklace only i didn't pay the same i only paid £10 for this and its the exact same! I got this in a shop near me so I don't know if anyone will be able to get hold of it, but if you wanted I could pick one up for you and transfer payment via Paypal because i know how cheap this is compared to the Zara necklace. 

The second necklace was £4 from Primark last summer! I love this necklace as this can make any outfit look smarter and more dressy.I also love this because usually with Primark everyone has it but this only seemed to be in shops for a week so I very rarely see anyone wearing this which is a  bonus.I wear these necklaces a lot and tend to wear these with plain t-shirts to make them stand out. 
Let me know if you would like me to get a necklaces for you and let me know what your favorite necklaces are!

Bargain Boots

18 February 2014
Boots: Newlook

I've been wanting a new pair of boots for a while now and I was in the new look on Sunday and spotted these, I loved  these straight away and they soon where mine!
 These boots were £27.99 and they had a special offer with £10 off making them £17.99 and with my student discount I got these for £16, which I think is a bargain!
I think these boots come up quite big as i had to get a smaller size. The leather on these boots is very soft and they seem to be very comfortable and are definitely great value for money.
11 February 2014

Personalised Canvas Giveaway 

Canvasdesignuk and I are holding a joint giveaway where you can win a canvas of your choice, this is just an example of a canvas that has been made for  a customer. You can choice any size from 6x6 to 40x40 inches, and you are able to choose any image you would like on your canvas by simply following the steps below.
The Giveaway with end on 18th February 

The winner will be contacted via email and will have two days to claim the prize before another winner will be selected.
You must be from the uk to enter
Good luck! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
10 February 2014

Nail Varnish Storage

Storage: Ikea

I recently purchased these from Ikea, i saw these and thought they would be perfect for my room, these come in black and white and they also come in two different lengths, this is the smallest length as the longer one is a lot bigger.  I simply have two rows of nail varnish lined up. I put all my nicest and most worn at the front so i don't have to root at the back, this is the only thing i would say about these is you have two rows its hard to see the ones at the back. I  have put this above my dressing table and I plan on getting another one of these and putting it above this one as i still have some nail varnishes left and I think it would look better with more than one of these.
Let me know if you would like the name of any of the nail varnishes...

8 February 2014

Models Own

I think like every other blogger i took advantage of the half price sale at Models Own, I bought six new Nail Varnish's. Firstly i purchased a navy blue called In The Navy as i have been after one for a while and there harder to find than you think, this is the only one i have tried out so far and it a lovely colour and lasts for a while but I would use a top coat. The next one is RedRedWine this is a dark burgundy colour so perfect for winter, the next one is called PurpleGrey and this is one of my favorites this is a gorgeous colour perfect for winter and autumn. Next is one of the new HyperGel colours this is called Naked Glow this one reminds me of my lychee gel from BarryM which i used so much throughout last spring so i thought id try this out they are very similar in colour but this one seems to be a thicker consistency. The next is called Strawberry Tart this is from the scented range and it seems lovely, cant wait to try this one out. Finally is Apple Pie, this one is also from the scented range and ive wanted to try this after seeing so many bloggers and yotubers raving about this last year so i definitely cant wait to use this one.
Let me know if you have took advantage of there sale.

4 February 2014

Swatch Watch

Watch: Swatch

I bought this watch two years ago from the swatch shop, for around £30.

These come in a number of different colours, such as: Red, White, Turquoise and Mint you then also buy different watch straps which you are able to switch with your strap, ive tried to swap over my straps and this was difficult but you can take it into one of their stores and they are happy to switch it over for you.
Personally i think this watch because this is my favorite colour and i like the way the numbers stand out and is easy to see the number whereas this can be difficult on some watches.

I would definitely recommend this watches after having this for two years it is still in perfect condition with barley any scratches

1 February 2014
My Two January Favourites 

Necklace: Topshop
Camera: Cannon Ixus

These have definitely been my two favourites of this month, this camera is very popular with youtubers as alot use this as this as there "Vloging" camera. Personally I use this for taking photos, I feel like this camera gives a very clear and crisp still image. This has a 12x zoom which i would say is also another great feature about this camera,  This camera is also very compact, it's very small and isnt very heavy so is perfect for taking out and about! I would recommend this camera to anyone whether it be for youtube or for still images. 

After wanting this necklace for a while i spotted this in the Topshop sale for half price for just £8 from £16 just before Christmas and ive been wearing it non stop since. Its perfect with any outfit.

Let me know your January favourites! x