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Lip Care Collection

26 February 2014

This is my collection of lip balms, these are all my favorite ones.

Lush Santa Scrub- I purchased this at Christmas, I've always wanted to try one of the lip scrubs from lush but I didn't seem to like any of the other flavors. These scrubs are definitely worth a purchase, they really help to keep your lips feeling refreshed and unlike anything else I've tried really does scrub your lips.

Fruity Lip balm- this is passion fruit, I think I got this from Avon a while ago and I tend not to use this one anymore as I find I have more that keep my lips a lot softer, although this does smell lovely.

Body Shop- this lip balm is mango flavored, this is one of favorites and one I will be definitely re purchasing. It's one of the best smelling, it smells amazing! It also does leave your lips feeling very soft. 

Fereza- I bought this in the airport in Spain last year I love these they come in loads of different flavor and smells, the smells are amazing in these, they can be overpowering but this is my overall favorite smelling lip balm. 

Hot lips- I've had this one for a while and this is is strawberry flavored, this isn't a very strong scent but this can feel quite greasy on your lips sometimes because of it consistency.  

Vaseline- I don't think I need to say anything about this but this one is my favorite Vaseline there is.

Jelly Bean- this is the tangerine flavored, I know I've said this about them all but this really does smell amazing! It isn't very soft and doesn't really keep your lips soft but does smell amazing!

Balmi- this is definitely one of my favorite lips balms this is the strawberry flavored on and this is so so soft and I think is my overall favorite of them all as it leave your lips so soft!

I would recommend out of all of these balmi and the lush lip scrub or if your going away definitely keep a look out for the Fereza lip balm! 

6 comments on "Lip Care Collection"
  1. Love this review, i use most of the time vaseline!

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. You can never have enough lip balms! :) The body shop ones are favourites of mine :)

  3. This Santa lip scrub is AWESOME. I love the taste.

    Love Zoe x
    Face Value Beauty Blog

  4. Great collection. I love the body shop lip butters. I've got a mango one at the moment too.
    Lovely blog
    Jacquelyn xx

  5. I love this! I think lip care is so so important! I really love the lush santa's lip scrub xx

  6. I love the Santa lip scrub. I bought the popcorn one first, but I find it a bit salty. The bubblegum one is my absolute favourite though :) xx