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What I Got For My Birthday

30 September 2018

So it was my 22nd birthday on the 2nd August so i thought id show you guys what i got as i know loads of people love this kinda post. 
Also i haven't blogged in the longest time as I've been finishing my master degree but its done so I'm back here for long haul!

P.S. you might think theres a home theme to my presents, i don't need anything at all so my parents always get me home bits for when i move out and i store them away! 

Hope you enjoy. 

How gorgeous is this gin glass!

How cute is this vase!

I had wanted a Tiffany necklace for the longest time so my boyfriend very kindly got me a blue box with a necklace of course!

I had also wanted to try this for so long it literally changed the colour of your drink and makes it sparkly! 

These are cute little accessories for around your glass!

 I love Burt Bee's so little set was perfect! 

My sister always gets me a pair of socks for birthdays and christmas and im obsessed with unicorns so she did good!

How cute is this necklace my sisters boyfriend picked out for me!


These are more little house bits my mum and dad, well my mum picked up for me! 

Another thing I'm obsessed with is glasses and i have a collection of gold glasses going on so this was another welcomed addition to the family! 

My boyfriends parents picked this out for me as id been saying i wanted a hoodie for the new autumn season!

How cute are these gym leggings, my mum got these as i said I'm going to start at the gym this month!

 This was a present from my sister, the photo does it no justice but  i was in a rush so excuse the photography of this post but i love Calvin Klein so i cant wait to wear this from the upcoming season!

These were one of my favourite presents i love Kate Spade so i was over the moon to get these glasses. 

I love Huda Beauty so i couldn't wait to use this and i can confirm its amazing! 

Again another glass to add to my collection!

I thought this was a very thoughtful present from my boyfriend and i cant wait to find it a place to go up!

Lastly was this purse from my sister, i have a big ted baker purse but id been wanting a smaller one for days when I'm not taking a huge bag out!