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Favourite Things To Watch This Summer!

27 June 2017

I thought Id put together a little post of all of the things I am and am going to be watching this summer, considering Ive finished my 3rd year at uni and will be starting my masters degree in September Im looking forward to binge watching some tv shows and films this summer. My favourite thing to do is snuggle up and put my tv on. Panasonic making watching tv that much better with there  4K TV Panasonic they make you feel like your in a cinema but in your own home, the high definition is one that cant be beaten especially when watching films you feel like your right there in the middle of the action.

Top 3 favourite tv shows right now:

Love Island
Im hoocked, its the first year I've watched this show but i don't know why i didn't sooner I'm literally obsessed from spending my day checking is it nearly love island time to tagging my friends in endless love island memes i literally cant get enough.

How I Met Your Mother
I watched the whole show about a year and a half ago and i have found myself rematching the show, its just one of those easy programs to watch that you can guarantee will put you in such a good mood.

Pretty Little Liars
Ive been watching this for 3 years now and i cant quite believe on Wednesday it will have come to an end, i seriously think i might cry I've got so invested in this show, followed all the cast on snapchat, twitter, Instagram basically any form of social media they have and I'm genuinely gutted to see the end.

Top 3 favourite films right now: 

Im a sucker for anything that stars Zac Efron and I love any cheesy film like this so I knew I would love this and i definitely did, such an easy film to watch and enjoy.

This is such a classic for me, one of my all time favourites and I recently re watched this film and fell back in love with it all over again its such a great rom com but filled with drama too.

Toy Story
I recently watched the first Toy Story again and I can see me watching the second and third sometime this month, its such a classic film that you cant help but love.

If you want to check out the range of tv's Panasonic does then you can find them here.

House Of Watches: Sekonda

24 June 2017

 I was recently sent over this beautiful watch by the lovely people at House Of Watches; for anyone who doesn't know they are a online trader of a wide range of watches from high end luxury watches. I must say I love the layout of the website its just one of them you could sit and scroll for hours because its just so easy to navigate through.

The watch I received was the Sekonda Edition White Strap Watch, Sekonda is a brand that I love I think there watches are gorgeous and so reasonably priced. I love the white leather strap, which is so soft, the white strap is very versatile and so will go with most outfits. I also love the fact that the metal is rose gold because I mean what blogger doesn't love a bit of rose gold, I think it may be in our blood (hahaha). Priced at £29.99 I think this is a bargain and would make the perfect gift for any loved one, Id definitely be over the moon to receive this as a gift!

Also if you order from House Of Watches then you get free delivery and they offer a full refund if you are not happy with your item.

You can find House Of Watches here. 

Fathers Day Gift Guide with Snapfish!

8 June 2017

Snappish kindly asked me if id like to work with them on a fathers day post and of course I jumped at the chance, who doesn't love personalised gifts? For anyone who hasn't heard of Snapfish, where have you been living? They are online store that offer a number of services from simply printing out your photos to personalised gifts including: calendars, mugs, cushions, cups etc... the list is endless, so check them out if you haven't already or if you looking to spoil someone this fathers day. 

Firstly I chose this Table-Top Panel, these are something I hadn't ever seen before but I love the idea of them, they  are very versatile as come with a little peg to stand the panel up on in any position you would like. I think these are a great gift, they would look perfect in your home or at the office and for £9.99 can you really complain. 

This is my favourite of all the gifts, who doesn't love a personalised calendar? I know my dad will love this perked up on his desk so he can brag about 'his twins' and have photos to show them. The thing I loved most about when ordering this is the fact you can choose what month you want the calendar to start so you your not missing half of the year that has previously gone already you can start it at June 2017, this would come in handy when ordering presents in advance too! Also another thing I really liked about making this is that your able to customise so much of the calendar, each of the text elements on the page are able to be personalised to you making it that little bit more special. This is priced at £10.99.

Again who doesn't love a personalised card, so simple but it just looks like you've put in that little bit more effort. Snapfish offer a wide range of designs to get you started and to have a play round with so even if your not the most creative person you will find it pretty simple to come up with a design your sure to love, these start at £1.99.

If you fancy getting yourself some personalised fathers day gifts you can shop here: Snapfish.

Hope you enjoyed!

Kiss Faux Mink Lashes Review

18 May 2017

kiss lashes mink lash couture

kiss lashes mink lash couture

I was recently sent over some lashes from KISS, I received two of their faux mink lashes out of there 6 from this range. Kiss also have a range of normal standard lashes which are slightly cheaper if this is of interest to you. I received 'Gala' and 'Little Black Dress'.

Overall I like these lashes because they are mink but is great because its not actual real mink which is always a bonus.  They have a weight less feel about them so they don't feel like there dragging your lashes down which again is great as it makes them feel comfortable, the lash band is also knot free making it super easy to apply! The lashes also come in a little plastic portable case to ensure you can keep them protected after use and it makes them perfect for traveling.

These ones in particular cost £7.99 and are available here from Superdrug, I think this is a pretty reasonable price for mink lashes especially as they can be reused up to 10 times making it less than a pound per use, bargain.

kiss lashes mink gala

The 'Gala' lashes are full on they have a lot of lashes on the band and are quite long so they create a dramatic look, I would say these are more for special occasions and definitely not for every day use but for a special occasion these will look fab!

kiss lashes mink little black dress

The 'Little Black Dress' lashes are little more sparse than the others but are very long with a lot of volume, these lashes are made to help create a smokey eye effect without having to actually use eyeshadow but gives a natural look.

Overall I would recommend these especially if you want mink lashes without real mink or you just don't want to pay the price of real mink lashes.  What products have you been loving recently?

Don't forget you can find these at Superdrug where they also have 3 for 2 on kiss lashes right now!

*This was sent as a pr sample but all opinions are my own

GULP- Give Up Loving Pop Campaign

12 May 2017
Gulp- Give Up Loving Pop Campaign
Image Source: GULP

Today I wanted to talk about a new campaign well new to me it originally started in 2015, Gulp standing for Give Up Loving Pop. This campaign was created by Food Active with aim to raise awareness of just how harmful sugary drinks can be and hopefully make people think twice about how many fizzy drinks they consume.

The facts
* Regular consumption of fizzy drinks is strongly associated with with being overweight, diabetes     and tooth decay.
*Sugary drinks are the biggest source of added sugar in young peoples diet
*If everything else in their diet is equal a person who has a can of coke a day adds an extra 14.5 pounds per year from calories alone.
* Each can of coke contains 9 cubes of sugar 
Personally I think them facts alone are enough to make you give up, Im not telling you to cut them out completely but to try and replace some sugary drinks with water is a great start or even diet or sugar free fizzy drinks is a compromise. Often these sugary drinks aren't fizzy so don't let that catch you out, sugar is hidden with it having over 50 different names. 

The GULP campaign is challenging you to completely give up sugary drinks, think you can do it? Sign up here.

Gulp- Give Up Loving Pop Campaign
Image Source: GULP

Im going to give this a go as its something I've wanted to do or a while and I will let you all know how I get on! Home2Office is also getting involved to see how click here.

For more info you can visit Gulp and see how you can get involved!

Would you consider giving up sugary drinks?

*This post was written in collaboration with Home2Office

Spring Haul!!

4 May 2017

I thought I would share the bits I picked up recently as I love reading haul posts and I have picked up quite a few new bits recently.

gingham top
Ali Express

riverisland embodied top

topshop top

topshop espadrilles

topshop shoe boots
 It was a student night in Liverpool so I picked up two new pairs of shoes from Topshop, I thought the espadrilles would be perfect for summer and I love the shoe boots to go with a pair of jeans to be a little more dressy. I also picked up the top from River Island as I have been loving embroidery recently so I thought i'd embrace the trend!

I also picked up this gingham top on Ali express for less than £10, I have been seeing so many companies sell this on for three times the price when in reality they are just ordering it from China and selling it on, its actually been annoying me a lot recently!

kate spade macbook case
Tk Max

How cute is this Kate Spade macbook case I managed to get in TK Max for only £15 from £70 how good of a bargain is this, I was so happy when I seen this because everyone always seems to get some amazing things from TK Max and I always seem to miss out!

dream sign
I seen this in Debenhams and had to get it straight away, it reminds me of the similar west elm one that lots of bloggers seemed to have and its safe to say that this has made a few appearances in my Instagram posts.

love life style book
Wh Smith
 This purchase was 100% inspired by bloggers, they always look so pretty in pictures to be fair though I was looking for books to put out on my little table so I thought why the hell not ay!

riverisland sunglasses
How nice are these? I spotted these and they straight away reminded me of the Dior ones I've been lusting after for about a year now so for £16 they had to be mine! Come on England give us some sun so I can wear them!!

white leather superga
 I have legit wanted these for like 2 years and my mum and dad very kindly bought me them and I'm so happy, on a mission to keep them pristine white!!!

zara suede jacket
 Ugh, now I'm in love with this purchase I seen this one week and couldn't stop thinking about, the next week it was mine. I just fell in love the pastel pink colour, Zara is killing it right now, as always.
l'oreal false lash mascara
 I seen this doing the rounds recently on social media with people going crazy for it so while it was on offer I thought id pick this up and give it a whirl!

boohoo chocker
As you can see I have purchased a fair few new things recently, have you bought anything new recently?

Helena x

How to style a trench coat!

27 April 2017

A trench coat is a staple in every wardrobe but ever wonder how you should style it? Im going to talk you through the different ways to style a trench coat.

Surprisingly you can style a beige trench coat goes with just about everything, its no longer just a waterproof jacket it can be a versatile, sophisticated jacket for any occasion! You can wear them with the likes of jeans and tops, dresses, skirts anything and it will make your outfit look pulled together. These are perfect for work too as there bound to spruce up any boring work outfits you may have, black pants and crisp white shirt would look perfect!

Source: Jack Wills

What I also love is these two trench coats you can see below, both the pastel blue and pastel pink colours are so cute and make a difference from the ordinary trench coat. Not only are these super cute colours but they would be perfect for spring, this short style light weight jacket is waterproof, essential for living in the uk and again perfect for spring. These teamed with block colours such as white will look fab and make a statement with any outfit!

Source: Jack Wills

Source: Jack Wills

The great thing about trench coats is there timeless, so they are worth a good investment and personally Jack wills are one of my favourites when it comes to trench coats, they also have a section on how to style a trench coat and some gorgeous ones you can look at and I'm sure fall in love with! 

I hope you got some inspiration and enjoyed the post!

Mac Lipstick Collection: The Nudes

20 April 2017

I love Mac, If you follow me on Instagram you will definitely already know this because I'm forever posting  photos of my products, so I thought it was only right that I shared my Mac lipstick collection.

Velvet Teddy 
This is one of Mac's most popular shades made famous by Kylie Jenner, I love this shade but it seems to come up darker on me than most other people, this must be because of my skin tone but as you can see this looks like a dark nude shade. I love Mac's matte formula, so much so Mac matte lipsticks are actually my all time favourite and its actually rare now that I reach for anything else, they are so creamy and pigmented and last all day, apart from when you eat I do sometimes have to re apply but I don't mind that.

This is one I love but don't reach for as often, I use this along side my whirl lip liner to create the perfect look, this is quite a dark almost dark red colour so I think its perfect for winter and don't reach for it that much during the summer months.

Honey love
Now I could literally go on forever and ever about this lipstick, this is my all time favourite lipstick, its the perfect everyday nude and I literally wear it on a daily basis, I always have it in my bag. This would suit just about anyone, I also wear the strip down lip liner with this and its the perfect match its the combo I just cant live without! I had to rebuy this last month too which shows you how much I love this haha!

Midi Mauve
This is a browny nude that again I love, this is the lustre finish which I have to admit isn't my favourite finish as I love a matte finish, so this shade looks glossier on the lips than any of the other shades. The one thing I love about this formula is the finish, they are really moistening and don't make your lips feel dry what so ever.

I bought this because id seen it on so many people and loved although I do feel like it is quite similar to whirl but a bit brighter rather than darker like whirl. Again this one i tend to go for more during the autumn seasons with it being darker but its a staple in my collection that I definitely will rebuy!

This is the more pink lipstick of them all, I have super pale skin and this really suits my skin tone and makes the perfect shade for summer. This is a satin finish, they have the same lasting power as the matte finish and if not a big longer which is great!

What is your favourite Mac lipstick?

Working With Brands: My Experience

9 April 2017

I have never done any sort of advice posts or general chit chat about blogging before but I have been blogging for three and a half years now so I thought I might share a little insight into my experience of working with brands, from how to work with brands and what its really like from my perspective.

When Should I Start Working With Brands?
You might of not long started your blog or you may have been blogging for a while, regardless your wondering how to you get to work with brands for your blog. First of all, it doesn't happen overnight! You cant start a blog and expect to be working with brands the next day, you need to put time and hard work into your blog. Get people reading it, share it on social media, make it look professional otherwise brands won't get any benefit in working with you.

How Do I Work With Brands?
There is a few ways of doing this, firstly there are simple searches you can do 'bloggers wanted', 'bloggers required' on twitter which brands use daily as and outreach when looking for bloggers, they always instruct you to either email or tweet them back.

Outreach Programs- these are great, they basically are a platform where you create a account and numerous brands post when they are looking for bloggers for certain campaigns. My two favourites are The Blogger Program and Bloggers Required you should take a look at them if you don't already use them.

Approaching brands yourself, this is sometimes a controversial topic some agree with it some don't, but I don't see the harm. If you've established yourself quite well on your blog and social media then there is no harm in emailing a brand if your think its suitable to your blog. Make sure your professional and friendly and try to find the correct email for example if a brand has a pr or press email then use this.

My Experience
I have used all of the above methods to contact brands and all have worked for me and I have managed to work with some great brands in the past. Personally the outreach programs are my favourite as you don't have to email first and feel that feeling 'should I email', 'am I good enough?' but then I have worked with some of the best brands from me putting myself out there and emailing them. Once you start working with brands, more brands with contact you and honestly that is a great feeling. Also don't forget we all get knocked back from time to time so if you get knocked back by a brand don't take it too personally you may just not be suitable for them or meet the requirements to be able to work with them, don't forget they must get a lot of emails.

I hope these few tips help you!

Sticker Shop: Personalised Stickers Review

5 April 2017

Sticker Shop: Personalised Stickers Review, personalised stickers, sticker shop uk,

Sticker Shop: Personalised Stickers Review, personalised stickers, sticker shop uk,

Sticker Shop: Personalised Stickers Review, personalised stickers, sticker shop uk,

The lovely guys over at Sticker Shop Uk sent me over some personalised stickers, very kind of them right? For those of you who haven't heard of this brand before, they are a team dedicated to printing stickers and labels for your every need.

The process of creating your sticker or label is very simple, you can choose from a number of shapes, materials, adhesive, type and the finish giving you a array of options to create your desired look. I picked the logo I use on my Facebook page because its my name and blog name so they will come in handy for any blog related projects. I also think it would be a nice idea to seal cards with these stickers too! You are also able to view a PDF of what the finished look will physically look like to ensure they meet your needs perfectly or if you would prefer there is also a option of ordering a free sample pack.

Overall I'm really impressed with these stickers, the quality is great and better than I expected, they offer great customer service and they also a bonus they offer free delivery to anywhere in the Uk and their delivery is super quick which is always a plus in my book for little impatient me over here. So I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

You can find Sticker Shop here and on Facebook here.