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Femme Luxe: Spring Pieces!

25 April 2019
I have a bit of different post today as i have styled some pieces from Femme Luxe to take you right through Spring!!

The first piece is this pink jumper, now this colour is perfect to liven up you're wardrobe especially if you're anything like me and mainly stick to monotones! Ive been looking wearing this its so comfy,  styled this with leather leggings and my black Alexandra McQueens to dress this up you could even just add a pair of heels and add more glam makeup and you would be good to go!!

P.S. This Jumper is also on sale right now so go and grab a bargain.

Now i have been living in this, cant you just tell from the picture that its just so so comfy! It has a simple belt in the middle which i like so it shows your figure more although i would consider adding my own belt to dress this up a bit for a more glamorous look but for daytime this belt is perfect. Again this jumpsuit is super comfy and the sleeveless style is perfect for spring!

This is also half price right now, so you can shop this now here!

You can check out all the other things they have here!

5 comments on "Femme Luxe: Spring Pieces!"
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  2. Femme Luxe is on hiatus, but I’m still doing my best to create more of my Spring Collection of Femme Luxe products. You can get management assignment help and know about more tricks for your study task easily. Thanks to the wonderful folks of the forum, I received lots of requests for Spring pieces of clothing, so I felt it was important to get more of them out.

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  5. "Femme Luxe: Spring Pieces!" offers a fresh perspective on seasonal fashion, much like custom leather jackets that add a personalized touch to one's style. The blog highlights spring's vibrant trends and provides valuable insights into curating a chic wardrobe. It's a great source of inspiration for fashion-conscious readers!