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Christmas Haul

11 December 2015
Wrap: Debenhams  Ribbon: Paperchase Cards: Card Factory Star: Primark

Penguin: Tk Max Set of 3 decorations: Paper Chase Gingerbread: Hobby Craft Ribbon: Card Factory

I thought i would put together a little haul as i love some of the christmasy bits i have picked up recently. So firstly i picked up these cute penguin cards, anyone else got an obsession with penguins i love, love, love them and they were only £1! The wrapping paper i got for £4 for all of them, i had seen the white company have striped red and white foil paper with star ribbon and i loved it so i decided i would re create this myself, i bought the wrapping paper and then the pompom ribbon and its made me so excited to wrap my present. The big star in the top picture is a light and it looks amazing its perfect for christmas but its amazing for any other time of the year and it look so cute with all the christmas lights up at the moment. 
Every year i get a few new decorations to add to the collection and of course i had to add a penguin to the collection but the set of three decorations are also adorable i also got these in the sale for £4 which i think is a bargain!
Finally these two bows were 99p, i think these will look adorable at the top of a present, if you could tell i have got a bit of a obsession with wrap this year! 


9 December 2015

I recently got the chance to order some Polaroid prints from LaLa Lab, I've always been a huge fan of Polaroid prints and i have my own camera but mine are really small compared too these so i jumped at the chance to review these. 
For those of you that don't know, LaLa Lab are a online printing company that print the likes of photos, posters and canvas's. 
These prints cost 29p each which i think is pretty reasonable for this style of print, i have quite decided what I'm going to do with these prints yet but there so versatile, you could fill a whole wall with these or even just a section in a square shape. Personally my favourite thing about these is being able to add my own caption to the prints because i know if i wrote them id end up hating my handwriting so i love the idea of being able to do this and i love how high quality these prints are although i know one of my prints is quite dark, thats my fault i forgot to edit it before i submitted the order!

You can find LALALAB at:
Website: LALALAB
Twitter: LALALAB
App: lalalab_app

Just Cosmetics

1 December 2015

I recently got sent over these lovely products from the lovely people at Just Cosmetics. For those of you that don't know Just Cosmetics are a new brand but they aren't available in the Uk as far as i am aware but it is good to keep a eye for these when you are traveling in the EU as from doing my search they are avalible in a lot of places inside the EU.

Anyway i'll get on to reviewing the products i got sent, first i got sent a eye shadow in the silk and satin range, one thing i can definitely say about this product is that it is very highly pigmented which is amazing and it feel so soft on the lid i think this product is a really great product!
Next is the blush, i think this is my favourite product i recieved this is actually my go to blush now, its the perfect pink colour and looks very subtle but gorgeous on the skin, also i love the packaging for this products as it reminds me of mac packaging for some reason.
I also got sent two nail varnishes, now i must admit these two aren't my favourite colours as i do tend to stick to more nude colours on the nails but i gave them a go. Both the nail polishes are different types the yellow shade is a colourazzi type and the pink is a gelicious, i do prefer the pink one out of the two as it does give a overall better look as they do look very gel like!
Next is the intense finish lipstick, i found this lipstick very moistersing and creamy on the lips which is my favoruite type and the colour pay off is actually better than i expected its very pigmentated and leaves a overall lovely look!
Finally i received the mascara, this is the lengthening mascara, i found that this did make my lashes look longer not drastically but it did make them look a little longer which is good and overall looks great on your lashes.

You can find just cosmetics at the following:
Website: Just Cosmetics
Facebook: Just Cosmetics

Nars Cosmetics Review

18 November 2015

nars, nars cosmetics, nars sheer glow, mont blanc,

I recently picked up some new items from Nars, i'd been dying to pick these up for some time so i thought i would treat myself. Firstly i picked up the Nars Sheer Glow which i have literally wanted for about 2 years and i just never ever bought it i always sticked to drugstore foundation but i finally went for the plunge. I went and got matched in Harvey Nichols, i was going to order online from somewhere that had 10% off but i didn't know what shade i was i was deciding between two and it turns out i was one of them which was Mount Blanc. Ive only been using the foundation for a week but so far i am loving it at first i thought it was quite heavy which it still is i don't think it's too heavy but if you are looking for a weightless foundation then this isn't it. But yeah i am loving it so far!

I also picked up these two brushes by Nars, the first one is the Mie Kabuki Brush as its new I've been using it for a few different things to see which i prefer but its definitely the best for powders as I've been using my bronzer or blusher but i think I'm going to stick to using it for my blush.

Next i got the Ita Kabuki Brush, I've been using this for contouring as its perfect for creating a contoured look because of the shape of the brush its perfect to sculpt your face and contour your cheeks! 

What have you bought recently?

Blan X Teeth Whitening Giveaway

11 November 2015

I was very kindly sent two sets of BlanX teeth whitening products, one for me to try and one to giveaway so keep your eyes out there will be a giveaway at the end of this for you all.

For those of you who don't know BlanX is a natural teeth whitener that uses two things: lichen extract and fluoride salts which is made to fight bacteria and enhance brightness. 

Before i get the giveaway i thought id talk about my experience of using BlanX toothpaste, I first used the advanced whitening tooth paste which you can tell makes your teeth whiter not a whole lot whiter but for a general toothpaste i think it works really well and gets rid of any yellow stains you may have. But if you do have a lot of stains there is a separate toothpaste for that to get rid of these stains. Also i have used the two week intensive treatment, this treatment is simply using this toothpaste twice a day for two weeks with the aim to give you whiter teeth which is certainly does do i mean i don't notice the difference each day but from when i started using it i certainly notice a overall whiter look which i am happy with.

Now time for the giveaway, this is a Uk and Ireland only. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Eye-fi Mobi Wifi Card

8 November 2015

I was sent this eye-fi mobi wifi card to try out last month and after giving it a good try for the past month i thought id write a review of what i thought about this card.
Overall i really do like this memory card and it comes in so so handy for blogging and helps saves a lot of time, before i go into detail i should tell you what the eye-fi memory card is.
Basically you put the memory card into your camera like you would any other memory card and then you download the app that is available in conjunction with this memory card. This card has built in wifi so for example once you've taken your photo and its stored on your camera you are able to transfer these to your mobile devices using wifi and they simply transfer to the app on your mobile where you can chose which photographs you would like to save.
This is priced at £34.99 per year but you can get the first 3 months free, this is for the 8GB card and then the price for the 16 GB card us £49.99 and 32GB for £65.99

But overall id definitely give this a try it comes in so handy for blogging!

Degusta Box- September

31 October 2015

This is Septembers Degusta box sorry its so late had a loss in the family so i have been very behind with my posts but i hopefully will be back to normal now. 
If anyone doesn't know, Degusta box is a subscription service that send a box with 9-14 products on a monthly basis for a fraction of the price they should be. Each month the products you receive are completely random and you know nothing till it arrives at your door, i find this very exciting!!
This month i got a range of products including the Portlebay popcorn in flavours Sweet&Salty and Cappuccino, Miracle Noodles, TG Green Tea, Mallow& Marsh raspberry flavour marshmallows, Reese peanut butter cups,  more drinks, Maynard's Wine Gums, Bassetts Jelly Babies, Sweet Sally Spiced Tea, Up& Go Breakfast Drink, Compete Energy Drinks, The Good Cider in pear and apple.

My favourite things this month was the sweet and salty popcorn, i personally love sweet and salty popcorn and this one is lovely too and quite a big bag which i definitely won't complain about. I don't drink so i gave the cider to my dad and he loved it he thought it was very fruity and full of flavour, so if your into your flavoured cider i would recommend this. 
Sweets are of my favourite things I eat way too much so the wine gums and jelly babies just added to my weekly intake of sweets. I still am yet to try the green tea because i generally have never tried green tea before and I'm not one for trying new things but i defiantly will, but how cute is the packaging of it?

I will have Octobers Degusta box up very soon so keep a look out!

You can find Degusta at the following: 
Website- Degusta Box
Twitter- Degusta box

Also there is a £6.00 off code for anyone wanting to purchase a box: BLDEG15

Collective Haul!

21 October 2015
Notepads: Homesense £2.49-5.00
Sticky Notes: TK Max £1.49

Candles: Heart&Home £1.99 e

Candle holders: Heart&Home £0.75 each.

Candle: Primark £2

Pom Pom: Primark £2

Ted Baker Bag

Sticky Notes: Pimark £1.50

Boots: Newlook £27.99

Lush: The Magic Christmas £5.95

I thought i would do a little haul for you all with the little bits and bombs I've picked up recently!
I've been obsessed with notepads and stationary recently and i love my little buys i picked up from homesense such a reasonable price too especially as you can't get stationary like that anywhere else!

Also my boots are my new favourites, always buy a new pair each year and these seem super comfy. 

Have you bought anything recently?

Busy B

14 October 2015

I have recently been keeping a eye out for stationary and notepads for university, for my first year i had A4 notepads and as i had to do a fair bit of walking to get to university i decided i want some smaller ones so my bag wasn't quite as heavy. So when i got the opportunity to review this notebook from Busy B i was very happy because this was exactly what i had been looking for. 
This is a A6 notebook which is perfect for your handbag because it is so small and the pattern on this notebook is so cute and so are the colours, this pink floral notebook is available on there website for £4.99 which is very reasonable price.

If you are looking for some cute notebooks and planner definitely check Busy B's out, i will leave the link below. You definitely won't be disappointed by there cute range.

They currently have the offer to spend £25 and get £5 off with code: AUTMN5

You can find them here: Busy B

Lypsyl Lipbalm

3 October 2015

Since I've been little lip balms have always been that one thing that i seem to buy thousands of but always can never find, they some how always seem to grow legs and run away!
So when i was given the opportunity to review these three lip balms i obviously took the opportunity. 

I have used lypsyl before, mainly the mint flavour one but this time i was sent the cherry, mint and strawberry flavour. These lip balms claim to provide daily moisturising care and protect for your lips which i definitely must say it does especially moisturise your lips one thing i think we do neglect is our lips but i think these are very good and they contain vitamin E and Aloe Vera which is definitely a bonus. 

Also the cherry and strawberry flavour also are tinted not hugely but they do add a nice pop of colour to your lips so they come in handy for those days when you don't want to wear a lipstick or are just popping to the shops. They also smell amazing, the cherry is my favourite but thats just my preference. 

You can find Lypsl at the following: Lypsl 

Sili Sunglasses

27 September 2015

These are one of my favourite things ive ever received to review, these sunglasses are by Sili Sunglasses for those of you who don't know Sili Sunglasses are a online retailer that allows you to create your own sunglasses which i will explain the process of in more depth further on but also has ready made sunglasses for you to purchase. One huge bonus about these is that they are made to withstand the harshest conditions which is great for people like me who always brake there sunglasses. 

I got the opportunity to build my own pair of sunglasses, i did this buy visiting there website and clicking the builder option and then it allows you to choose the lens, frame and arm colour. There is a range of different colours from pink, orange, blue and black but as you can see i chose the tortoise shell for both my frame and my arms as this has always been my favourite style of sunglasses. I then picked  brown lens i was debating between black and brown but i think the brown fits perfectly with this style. All in all i think the experience of building your own custom sunglasses is really fun and i am very happy with my sunglasses!

These are now £55 and you can get 15% off by signing up to there newsletter! 

You can find them here: Sili Sunglasses

Stationary Haul

22 September 2015
Home and Bargain: 79p & 39p

Sainsburys: £3.99

Pencils: Tesco £2 Pens: Sainsburys: £3

Floral Notepad: Tesco, £4 Happy Jackson: Asos £5

Everyone loves a good stationary haul so I thought i'd share my buys with guys! 
Most of these will come in handy for university and some with blogging too but some i clearly picked up because they were too cute to leave behind! 

Where is your favourite place to get stationary?

Cherry Diva

15 September 2015

Today I'm going to be reviewing this lovely piece by Cherry Diva, for anyone who hasn't heard of Cherry Diva before it is a online jewellery store and if you love statement necklaces like me your bound to have something you love, because i have fallen in love with so many things. As well as necklace they sell other jewellery items as well as accessories ranging from bags to hats, scarves and gloves. 

This necklace is named the Miley Sparkle Statement Necklace firstly lets talk about the packaging, I'm a sucker for good packaging like i know lots of you are too and this is definitely impressive i love the envelope sad i know but i love all the little details like that really make a difference and flowered pattered packaging is equally as nice!
Anyway, i personally love this necklace so much, i think silver is the perfect colour as it quite literally goes with everything and this necklace looks beautiful on, I've been wearing it a lot with my white shirts and it looks gorgeous and adds a touch of sparkle to any outfit. This necklace is priced at £10 which in my opinion is very reasonable as on the high street something similar would be a lot more expensive also i don't think you would find anything like this on the hughstreet and i would say the same about most of the necklaces on Cherry Diva they are all very unique and different. 

You can find Cherry Diva at the following:
Website: Cherry Diva
Twitter: Cherry Diva
Facebook: Cherry Diva 

How I Clean My Make Up Brushes

9 September 2015

Today i thought id share a post about how i clean my makeup brushes as its something that i know a lot of people always say they should do more often, me included.
The process i use is very simple and actually very quick to do, i simply lay out all my brushes so i don't get confused which ones have been cleaned and which haven't. Then using my Sephora Daily Make Up Brush Cleaner i spray the brushes one by one, on the bottle of this cleaner it directs you to spray around 3 to 4 times on each of the brushes but some that are smaller and don't get used as much simply don't need that much but its pretty easy to see how much they needed after experimenting. Once i have sprayed the brush i then use a muslim cloth to throughly clean and wipe the brush until all of the makeup comes of, for my collection of brushes this only took 10 minutes as its so quick and simple to do.
After using the sephora make up brush cleaner a few times i would 100% recommend this to anyone i couldn't be happier with this product it take any makeup of your brushes with such ease and leaves nothing behind and is definitely the best remover i have tried.
Whats your favourite make up brush remover?