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9 December 2015

I recently got the chance to order some Polaroid prints from LaLa Lab, I've always been a huge fan of Polaroid prints and i have my own camera but mine are really small compared too these so i jumped at the chance to review these. 
For those of you that don't know, LaLa Lab are a online printing company that print the likes of photos, posters and canvas's. 
These prints cost 29p each which i think is pretty reasonable for this style of print, i have quite decided what I'm going to do with these prints yet but there so versatile, you could fill a whole wall with these or even just a section in a square shape. Personally my favourite thing about these is being able to add my own caption to the prints because i know if i wrote them id end up hating my handwriting so i love the idea of being able to do this and i love how high quality these prints are although i know one of my prints is quite dark, thats my fault i forgot to edit it before i submitted the order!

You can find LALALAB at:
Website: LALALAB
Twitter: LALALAB
App: lalalab_app

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