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Nars Cosmetics Review

18 November 2015

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I recently picked up some new items from Nars, i'd been dying to pick these up for some time so i thought i would treat myself. Firstly i picked up the Nars Sheer Glow which i have literally wanted for about 2 years and i just never ever bought it i always sticked to drugstore foundation but i finally went for the plunge. I went and got matched in Harvey Nichols, i was going to order online from somewhere that had 10% off but i didn't know what shade i was i was deciding between two and it turns out i was one of them which was Mount Blanc. Ive only been using the foundation for a week but so far i am loving it at first i thought it was quite heavy which it still is i don't think it's too heavy but if you are looking for a weightless foundation then this isn't it. But yeah i am loving it so far!

I also picked up these two brushes by Nars, the first one is the Mie Kabuki Brush as its new I've been using it for a few different things to see which i prefer but its definitely the best for powders as I've been using my bronzer or blusher but i think I'm going to stick to using it for my blush.

Next i got the Ita Kabuki Brush, I've been using this for contouring as its perfect for creating a contoured look because of the shape of the brush its perfect to sculpt your face and contour your cheeks! 

What have you bought recently?

2 comments on "Nars Cosmetics Review "
  1. Great post ! I really need to invest in some good make up brushes ! I have been buying mostly clothes and make up so far hehe ��
    I would love for you to check out my blog lovely !
    Saira X x

  2. I've wanted to try this Nars foundation for AGES - I think I might treat myself and see what the hype is all about! Those brushes look fab too!