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Lypsyl Lipbalm

3 October 2015

Since I've been little lip balms have always been that one thing that i seem to buy thousands of but always can never find, they some how always seem to grow legs and run away!
So when i was given the opportunity to review these three lip balms i obviously took the opportunity. 

I have used lypsyl before, mainly the mint flavour one but this time i was sent the cherry, mint and strawberry flavour. These lip balms claim to provide daily moisturising care and protect for your lips which i definitely must say it does especially moisturise your lips one thing i think we do neglect is our lips but i think these are very good and they contain vitamin E and Aloe Vera which is definitely a bonus. 

Also the cherry and strawberry flavour also are tinted not hugely but they do add a nice pop of colour to your lips so they come in handy for those days when you don't want to wear a lipstick or are just popping to the shops. They also smell amazing, the cherry is my favourite but thats just my preference. 

You can find Lypsl at the following: Lypsl 

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