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UltraSun Suntan Lotion Review!

28 August 2018
So i was recently sent over some suntan lotion to try before my holiday, if you didnt know because i  havent blogged in like forever last month I went away to Spain so i tested out all these products while i was.

Ultrasun are brand that has been going for around 20 years providing lotion for those with sensitive skin. For someone who suffers with eczema and super sensitive skin this was music to my ears as i find suntan lotion alway reacts to my skin. 

Ultrasun Family SPF 30

So i picked the family size high protection 30 spy suntan lotion, i used this on holiday for everywhere but my face and i really enjoyed using it. I didnt really burn and if i did that was my fault not the suntan lotion. I cant fault this product, if you didnt know i have eczema so often react to suntan lotion and it can also make my skin feel quite itchy and i was very very happy that this one worked a dream! 

Ultrasun Anti- Age SPF 30
This was actually the product i was excited to see most as i was in desperate need to get a suntan lotion that was specifically just for more face as a lot of them seem to clog up my pores and i end up with spots on holiday which is definitely not what i want! I used this everyday whilst i was on holiday and its definitely going to be my go to! I didn't burn, it didn't react with my extremely sensitive skin and most of all it did not break me out in spots so i have nothing but good things to say about this product! 

Ultrasun Anti- Age Tinted SPF 50

I mainly wanted this product for in the U.K. because i think a lot of people will admit they shy away from using protection when in the uk and often think oh its not that sunny but the sun can still be doing damage to your skin even if its not a scorcher of a day.  So I've been wearing this in the summer days rather than using foundation, this just feels as though your wearing moisturiser and doesn't feel heavy on your skin at all. Again this didnt react with my skin luckily and didnt break me out so i would highly recommend this to any sensitive skin or not!

Ultrasun Face Overnight Recovery Mask

I used this on holiday each day after being in the sun all day. Whilst i was on holiday i did get a bit of sun burn around my eyes and on a general basis the sun does dry out my skin, upon applying this felt like it instantly cooled my skin down almost like after sun. This also left my skin really hydrated i didn't even feel the need for moisturiser which is new for me!
I would highly recommend this to anyone who is going away and suffers from dry skin or even just irritated skin after being in the sun.

You can check out the full range here. 

3 comments on "UltraSun Suntan Lotion Review! "
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