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Island Of Paradise Fake Tan Review

5 February 2019

Self Tanning Water
Ive tried this tan a couple of times so i give a full review, i must say i was sceptical its it being water and not knowing what this would be like to apply and i must say it was a bit of trial and experiment to begin with. Overall i do love the colour this gives I'm really pale and this isn't too orange it gives a perfect glowy, bronzed look. I applied this with a tanning mit, you just have to be extra careful to make sure to get all areas as you this has no colour and ensure its blended well, it does take some time getting used to but once you have you'll love it!

Self Tanning Drops 
Ok so you could say that I'm slightly obsessed with this product now I've been using it for two months now so i have give it a good go before writing this review. Firstly i apply this by putting one or two drops in my moisturiser before bed, be careful these can leave a fake tan stain on your hands so I've been applying using gloves to avoid this and it works a treat. Then you just apply this like normal moisturiser and its that simple, i don't use this every night i tend to do every other night and alternate between one or two drops depending on how dark i want it. I love the colour this gives off, its not a orangey tone is more of a glowy look which honestly now i cant live without! 
Highly recommend to anyone! 

You can find them here: Isle Of Paradise 

6 comments on "Island Of Paradise Fake Tan Review "
  1. I have heard so many good things about this brand! The colour sounds so good, love that it doesn't look orange xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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