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Favourite Necklaces

20 February 2014
Left: Unamed Shop
Right: Primark

These are my all time favorite two statement necklaces, the first one on the left is exactly the same as the Zara Necklace only i didn't pay the same i only paid £10 for this and its the exact same! I got this in a shop near me so I don't know if anyone will be able to get hold of it, but if you wanted I could pick one up for you and transfer payment via Paypal because i know how cheap this is compared to the Zara necklace. 

The second necklace was £4 from Primark last summer! I love this necklace as this can make any outfit look smarter and more dressy.I also love this because usually with Primark everyone has it but this only seemed to be in shops for a week so I very rarely see anyone wearing this which is a  bonus.I wear these necklaces a lot and tend to wear these with plain t-shirts to make them stand out. 
Let me know if you would like me to get a necklaces for you and let me know what your favorite necklaces are!

9 comments on "Favourite Necklaces"
  1. I don't wear necklaces that much, but I love the more colourful beaded necklaces (I just love colours too much). I really should start wearing them actually!
    Thank you very much for following my blog! I followed back on GFC :)
    I hope you're having a wonderful week!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  2. I am rubbish at accessorises, I always wear the same items but these are gorgeous.


  3. I love statement necklaces :)
    I bought exactly the same Zara one from eBay and it was so much cheaper!
    Just search statement necklace and hundreds come up - some as little as £3!
    They're from China so take a few weeks to come but they're exactly the same as in the shops.
    The Primark one is so pretty too :)
    Mia | pretty eclectic

  4. I absolutely love primark for statement necklaces. The one you have here is gorgeous.

  5. Th right one is absolutely stunning :)

  6. They are both soo pretty Helena! Fab finds :)

    Catherine xx

  7. Love this primark necklace, I love wearing them over plain t-shirts too. Also love how you set up your blog photos :)


  8. Wow, these are amazing! :) xx

  9. The Primark necklace is gorgeous! I always forget how pretty their jewellery can be. Think I need to pop in to see what they have right now.