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Canvas Review

22 February 2014

Recently I was given the chance to get a personalized canvas made by the lovely canvasdesignuk, I chose this picture of my and sister when we were younger because it's one of my favorites and really remind me of the typical us when we were younger! 
Canvas DesignUK if a really lovely company and are very easy to work with, they do a range of different sizes of canvas which all vary in price but are all very reasonable, I will leave all the contact details below. I am very very happy with the canvas I have received I absolutely love it and it is of really high quality which is hard to find with some companies! The canvas also arrive very fast which I didn't expect! I would highly recommend using this company and I will definitely be purchasing more canvases.

Twitter- Canvasdesignuk
10% discount code- 93HEXWF35U
4 comments on "Canvas Review"
  1. Awh this is really cute, and thanks for following my blog!

    By the way do you have any questions that you'd like to ask me because I am doing a Q&A post on my blog this week and need some questions to answer?!
    If you do then tweet them to me! My twitter username is @FashionofCraft

    Mollie xo

  2. I really like having canvases in my bedroom, they are a lot easier to maintain than photos (in my opinion). I love the ideas of having a personal canvas, I will have to check this company out x