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Mandara Spa

24 July 2016
I was very kindly sent some products to try by Mandara Spa, this is a brand that I've heard of quite a lot but never ever tried so i was excited to get using these products. Ive been using these products for around 6 weeks so i could give a good review after trying them out. 
For those of you who haven't heard of Mandara Spa they supply luxurious products to hotels and spas, containing all natural products and are chemical free which i think is a bonus. 

mandala spa, bath oil, honey milk, shower cream, hand wash, hand lotion
Left to right:  miracle oil, honey bath, shower cream, hand wash and hand lotion

Honeymilk Dream Pampering Miracle Oil
This oil is to be used on your body when dry, i found it was quite refreshing to use after a shower to make your skin feel all silky and smooth, i have dry skin and i feel like this works so well to give some moister to my skin. This has quite a sweet scent, as you can smell the hint of almond This is a 50ml bottle that retails at £7.50, quite reasonable if you ask me. 

Honeymilk Dream Pampering Honey Bath
This again has the same sweet int as the oil, but this product is meant for the bath. Once i added this to my bath it added a lovely smell and lots of bubbles, you could also feel this product in the bath as it did feel quite oily but once you get out the bath this oil makes your skin feel so smooth and soft. This cost £12 for 500ml, i think this is a bargain as it would last for quite some time. 

Honeymilk Dream Shower Cream
Again this has the same sent as all the products do contain the same scent. This is great for when your in the shower as it leaves your skin so moisturised and smelling gorgeous This is a 200ml bottle that is priced at £6.50.

 Honey Milk Hand Wash & Hand Lotion 
I love these, the packaging of these makes them look luxourious sitting on the side of the sink compared to the ordinary soap you get. The hand wash is what you would expect it lathers up to wash your hands whereas the hand lotion moisturises your hands afterwards which is great. These are both 250ml's each and are both priced at £7.50

Body Butter Ylang Lang & Coconut, Body Butter Lime & Coconut

The last two products are the body butters, i recieved these in both the Ylang Lang & Coconut scent and the Lime & Coconut, these both have the same consistency they just have a different scent. The lime one is my favourite as this scent is much nicer in my opinion as the Ylang Lang scent is a lot stronger and i tend to not want something that strong on my skin. These are of a thick consistency, that are very moisturising because of their thickness which is great for anyone with dry skin.
These are priced at £6 for 200ml which i think is about standard so its quite reasonable. 
11 comments on "Mandara Spa"
  1. Ahh the name Honeymilk Dream sounds amazing!!

    The look of the oil looks like something I would be interested in trying!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!
    Francesca xx💜

    1. My fav has definitely been the bath oil so far!

  2. The products look so gorgeous! and loving honey and the smell so much! I feel like maybe trying those! Great post! xx

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The packaging of these products is amazing. They are so gorgeous, great post x
    Lauren |

  5. These look very luxurious and the price is great!

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