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Love Pop Cards Review/Giveaway

26 April 2014

Review                                                                        Giveaway
The lovely people at Love Pop Cards sent              So I have these two cards to giveaway, these
me three cards for reviewing cards and two            are both Happy Birthday Cards one birthday 
for a giveaway! I must say I'm very impressed        cake and one birthday and one present. 
with these cards. I think they look amazing, so        Conditions: Must be following on Bloglovin    
much better than a normal card, especially for        Must be following Love Pop Cards on twitter
special birthdays! I got the ship which is very          Must be over 16 to enter or have parents 
impressive and much bigger than any other of        permission.
 the cards so would definitely wow. I also got a       The giveaway will end on the date shown 
 birthday cake which I think are so cute and are      below. 
such a good alternative to the average card, the    Must be from Uk or Ireland 
front is quite plain but I don't think this matters        Good Luck
as I would leave this card open anyway. I also        Helena
 got another one that I didn't photograph as I'm           x
 keeping it a surprise for my sisters birthday. 
Love Pop Cards have a range if different cards
 from birthdays, to wedding , baby and thankyou
 cards for very affordable prices at around £4.
 I would recommend these to anyone as I think 
there so good and I will definitely be buying in 
the future and although there from America I 
received these in 5 days!! 

You can find Love Pop Cards on:
Twitter- LovePopCards

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2 comments on "Love Pop Cards Review/Giveaway"
  1. They look awesome! I'm making a monster pop up card for my sons monster birthday :D

  2. I love these cards and found them at old spitalfields market in London. They are well worth the money