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Hangerworld Review

19 April 2014
 I was very kindly sent a couple of products to review by Hanger World Ltd. Hangerworld offer a wide range of different hangers including: space saving hangers, childrens hangers, garment covers, home storage and accessories. 

(Left to Right) 

Black & White Polka Padded Hangers 
These come in packs of 1,5 and 10 and start at £4.50. These hangers are satin fabric and even have a little black bow on them! I think they are super cute I love them!  These are perfect for hanging dresses!

Wood Tie & Scarf Organiser 
 This can be used for ties or scarves so obviously I used this for my scarves. I think this is great because I can never find somewhere to store all my scarves! This has six hooks that are able to spin around allowing easy access. This is £5.65

Space Saving Vevlet Clothes Hanger
This is a black velvet hanger that is usually used for suits as you are able to put tie, pants and jacket on this hanger so is perfect for men or even womens suits. This is also space saving so is perfect for those who haven't got a lot of storage space. 

Solid Beechwood Clip Hanger
This is a simple hanger for skirts and trousers, this has adjustable clips making it perfect for anyone! This comes in packs of 1,10,20,30, 50 and 100 ranging from £2.95- £84.95.

Solid Beechwood Top Hanger
This hanger is a basic hanger to have but this has a non slip grip on it meaning this is good for that one item that will never stay on the hanger! These come in packs of 1, 10 or 20 and start from £2.50
2 comments on "Hangerworld Review"
  1. The first one is really cute and the scarf hanger look really practical. :)

  2. I need the tie and scarf organiser as mine are just shoved in a box at the mo! xxx