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Born Pretty Store

29 April 2014

Born Pretty store is a new website that I have discovered they sell a lot of different things but I particularly love the jewellery section they sell lots of rings which are $1 or 60p! Yes 60p, how cheap is that?! My favourite ring is this anchor ring shown above I think this is so cute and is so similar to rings I've saw whilst shopping and is no where near 60p! 

They also have a number of different necklaces which range from £2-4 and are so cheap considering the price you would pay in retail stores! One of my favourite necklaces on the website is the flower necklace shown above I think this would look perfect for spring summer to dress up and outfit and look so cute!

This bracelet is gorgeous in my opinion and i think it looks so much more expensive than it is, I think this would be the perfect statement with a outfit especially any plain outfits.This was around £3 which I think is a complete bargain!

They also offer fee shipping to the UK, so I seriously suggest you check them out as I think it is well worth the price and they are such a good website. 

I also have a 10% off code that you can all use: HYYT10
You can find them on:
Twitter- bornprettystore
3 comments on "Born Pretty Store"
  1. I really want that daisy necklace! It's so cute

  2. Love the necklace!! Really pretty and free delivery is great. X