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Armani Beauty Liverpool!

3 November 2017
Todays post is about all things Armani Beauty, specifically Amani at Liverpool! Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive all these goodies from Armani, and when I say lucky I mean extremely lucky I mean who do I think I am with a Armani haul? (hahaha)

Ecstacy Shine Lip Cream

Firstly I must say I am obsessed with the packaging of these how gorgeous and sleek if the the shiny red design, I straight away thought about how I could put these put on display in my room! Also the packaging is magnetic so the lid is magnetic and I cant stop playing with it! I received two colours first is the brilliant red colour in 401 Hot which on first look does bright red but is almost a dark pink colour, I also received another colour 101 Smile which is a gorgeous nude colour. Overall I love the texture of these lipsticks they feel so moisturising and creamy on the lips. The finish of these lipsticks are also gorgeous, they make your lips look so healthy with there shiny fun lipsticks.

Luminous Silk Foundation

I had literally wanted to try this foundation out for so so long, don't know about you but doesn't almost every youtube rave about it? Firstly Ill start off by saying I don't think the shade is 100% right for me it seems to be slightly too orange so I'm going to get some lightening drops but for now I've been mixing it with a lighter foundation. But I must say I love how this foundation looks, it gives a nice glowy look to my skin which I struggle with because I have extremely dry skin but it manages to not cling to any of the dry patches and not look cakey. Overall I'm loving using this foundation!

Eccentrio Mascara 

So far my favourite product of them all, this mascara is amazing! It aims to provide a long wearing, volumizing mascara and boy it does just that, I am honestly in love with the mascara its not clumpy what so ever and it makes my eyelashes look so so long and have so much volume. Also this is very easy to build up so if your want a bold look then you definitely can do that with this mascara, highly highly recommend!!!

Eye Tint

This is a product I had never heard of before I received this package, I received shade 8 Flannel. I love the idea of this product, this eyeshadow comes on a dofer applicator which is so different to normal eye shadow. This formula is a lot creamier than normal eye shadow so perfect for anyone with dry skin and aims to provide you with 16 hours of lasting power.

Eye and Brow Maestro

This product again is one I had never heard of but one I love the concept of as it can be used as 3 different products, one for your eyebrows, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Personally I think that this will work best for eyebrows rather than eyeshadow, this is really easy to apply as it glides on very easily and stays in place all day.

Armani Liverpool
If any of you guys live in the Liverpool area like I do then you might be interested in the fact that Debenhams have recently launched their Armani counter in store and it looks amazing so please do go take a look!

*Collaboration with Armani
8 comments on "Armani Beauty Liverpool! "
  1. Wow you’re so lucky, what amazing bits! I’ve always wanted to try that foundation, it sounds amazing. X


  2. Gosh the packaging of everything is so beautiful!

  3. Oh my! I’ve heard so many good things about Armani products, especially the foundation. I really love the look of the lipsticks

    Tasha x

  4. The brand looks so sleek and sophisticated. I too suffer with dry skin so might have to give that foundation a go myself x

  5. Omg such a lovely haul, I love high end products the packaging is always so pretty!

  6. The packaging for these products is absolutely stunning! They all sound so good too.

  7. I've wanted to try their foundation for so long but I'm scared to order it in case I get the wrong shade :( but everything sounds great and the packaging is stunning!