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Giveaway: Chocolate!!

24 May 2016
Giveaway, competition

I recently received this chocolate as a thank you for working Degusta Box, which i was surprised at and i thought it was so cute and kind of them to put this in this months box.

Anyway on to the actual chocolate, this chocolate is made by a company called Morse Toad, if you haven't heard of them before they are a online site were you are able to personalise chocolate and there are also a range of ready made designs if you like them too! The thing i love about this is the attention to detail, even down to a little card insert where you are able to add your own image and add a personalised message to the card which i think is adorable!! You are able to create a design with up to 4 rows of chocolate inside which is 44 characters, so you can fit something quite lengthy in there!!
One last thing i love about this is that you can get it sent right to your recipients door without any hassle at all!

If you'd like to visit Morse Toad you can find them here. 


Unfortunately this is a UK giveaway only, as they only ship to the Uk.
The winer will be emailed a £15 gift voucher for the site
Make sure you have parents permission under 18.
Will check that you have followed my bloglovin.

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Farfetch Wishlist

22 May 2016

I have put together a wishlist from FarFetch based on the idea of a Paris holiday. 

For anyone that doesn't know Farfetch is a fashion boutique that has over 400 fashion boutiques. The boutique features designer and highly fashionable clothing, shoes, accessories and makeup/skincare. 
There website is amazing i literally fell in love with so many things but i have put together this Wishlist like mentioned earlier based on the idea of traveling to Paris. 
As i see Paris as a very fashionable yet classy city i picked some very classy dresses that i would love to wear of a night with a red shoe and lip to match. Also to add to the look i would pair a classy Chloe bag. 
For the day time look i would keep it cool and simple but yet still classy with the gorgeous light blue shorts paired with a white top and some sandals. 

If youd like to visit FarFetch then you can find them at the following:
Website- FarFetch
What to pack feature-FarFetch

Top 4 Lipsticks..

17 May 2016

I thought id put together my top 4 lipsticks, these are the lipsticks i wear the most and always look for in my collection. As I'm writing this post I've taken the first picture and forgot to do swatches by the time your reading this you will see if i was lazy and didn't include them or i actually went and took them.
The first lipstick from this picture is the Ciate lipstick from there limited edition collection with Olivia Palmero in shade Praline. First of all isn't the packaging really cute? I love little details like the bow on the lipstick and there is also one on the top of the lid. This lipstick is a satin finish lipstick, its so sooo soft and creamy and has such a good colour pay off. I love the colour of this, i tend not to wear this on a everyday basis but on more of a special occasion. You can still get these here from Feel Unique.

The next lipstick is by Mac, my favourite brand for not everything but definitely for lipsticks. This shade is Whirl, i received this as a christmas present having wanting it for some time and i love it, its one of those lipsticks that suits my skin tone which i find hard with darker lipsticks as I'm very pale. There isn't much else i can say about these really as i have no negatives about mac lispticks, i love the matt range and i think its actually the only range i own as matte as you can probably tell is by far my favourite type of lipstick. 

Another mac lipstick that is my favourite is Honeylove, i think this is the perfect everyday shade it is so wearable on a day to day basis for work, college, uni, drinks etc.. It does look quite orange toned on this picture although i would say it has got a slight orange ting to it i would still class it as one of my nudes. 
Lastly is this Nyx lipstick, this lipstick was the first lipstick that i had got from Nyx haven seen this was a dupe for a mac lipstick i wanted but i cant think for the life of me what one it was. This is from Nyx Matte lipstick range in shade whipped caviar MLS15, I'm not going to lie I'm not fussed on the packaging it feel kind of cheap and plastic but for the price who can complain, not me! These are quite soft and the colour pay off is really good the only negative thing about these is that they don't last long at all, i find it needs reapplying quite frequently.If you want to get your hands on one of these i bought mine from boots for £6.50 ill leave the link here

New In: Ted Baker Sunglasses

5 May 2016
ted baker, ted baker sunglasses, sunglasses

ted baker, ted baker sunglasses, sunglasses

I thought i would share with you my new purchase, I have always loved Ted Baker even when i was younger my mum always used to buy it so i suppose its something I've inherited.  
Tortoise shell is my favourite print on sunglasses, its always the colour I go for and it was no different with this pair, i spotted these straight away and they had to be mine.
I was lucky enough to find these at the bargain price of £24.99 from Tk Max which is such a good price considering they are £150 on the Ted Baker website. We just need the sunny weather to reach the UK so i can make use of these haha!

Whats the best bargain you have ever found in Tk Max?

Degusta Box- April

29 April 2016
Its Degusta Box time again as some of you may know i get these every month from the lovely people at Degusta Box. So without further or do here is what is in the box...

smarties, milky bar,

pimms, green lady,

parle, rusk

popchips, limited edition


bebeto, fruit strip,

veetee, rice, wholegrain

The first thing i got in this months box Canderel sugar, personally i think this is amazing sugar without calories and you wouldn't even notice the difference! Although this is £3 so is more expensive than other brands but its worth it.

Next is Pimms with a hint of strawberries and cucumber, i gave this to my mum and dad as i try not to drink alcohol. They thought this would be so lovely in summer as it was very fruity and refreshing. 

Next is the Levi Roots coat 'n' cook sauce, this is one of the only things from the box that i haven't tried yet but i can imagine that this would be gorgeous over ribs.

Popchips!! I love pop chips i always have the barbecue flavour but i hadn't tried these again, these are limited edition sea salt and garlic crisp weren't as flavory as the others i have tried but they were still lovely they always seem like such light snack. These are priced at £1.99.

Rejuvenation water is another item from this month ox, this is priced at £1.99 this is full of amino acids to fuel the immune system so its water thats even better for you than normal water.

Vestee microwavable rice is my favourite rice so i was so happy to see that these were in this months box they literally are the fluffiest rice that you will find. This priced at £1.29.

This is my favourite things from this months box; Smarties sharing block and Milkybar milk & crunchy. I am a big big smarties fan and despite this i had never tried the sharing block, the smarties in the chocolate are like a little hidden surprise. The milky bars are new, again I've always been a milky bar fan but these are nicer than i thought its literally like biscuit and white chocolate mixed. 

Next is Bebeto fruit strings, i was so so intrigued by these as they were a concept id never seen before. There are 7 individual packets of different fruit flavour strings i haven't tried these but they look so interesting and smell amazing and make the perfect snack on the go. 

Next is the Parle biscuits, Parle Rusk is amazing its like french toast and is gorgeous with butter I've nearly ate the whole pack whoops... These are such good value for money too as there under £1!!

Lastly is Green Lady this is a sparkling tea, something i have never ever heard of but this uses all natural ingredients and is a healthy drink. This is something personally i don't think id like as i don't even like normal tea but it is a very interesting concept. 

If you would like to get your hands on a Degusta box you can get £6.00 off this box using the code: BLDEG15

You can find them at the following:

Review: Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector

17 April 2016

Clarins, lipperfector, lip balm, Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector, rosewood.

I thought i would review this Clarins instant light lip balm perfector as I have realised I'm always doing hauls but i never review any of the things i actually buy so that is something i wasn't to do more often. Anyway i received this as a gift from my sister from christmas having wanting it for quite some time it is available here for £18.50, mine is in shade Rosewood(eek best name ever, pll fan).

I think these are great for a everyday use as they are very sheen glossy colour rather than a stand out colour matte lip but this makes it really easy to apply and stays on your lips for a long time. The one thing i love about these is how soft and hydrated they leave your lips feeling. Another thing i love about this product is the packaging i just think it looks very sleek and you can tell that this more of luxury product well compared to a normal lip balm i would say its on the luxury side.

Overall i would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants the "your lips but better" type of look as this is perfect for of a day time.

Degusta Box

7 April 2016
Its Degusta Box time again!
This months box was the favourite box I've had in a long time. 

Brioche Pasquier £1.40
These are a new out, they contain creme patisserie, these come individually wrapped making them easy to take out with you for a snack during the day and for £1.40 you get 8 which is good value for 8. 

Weetabix On The Go £1.50
This is a breakfast drink, perfect for on the go. It works by combining all the energy and fibre that weetabix provides in this drink along with 20g extra protein. I received this in both strawberry and blackberry flavour, personally i think the strawberry is nicer but thats just my opinion,. 

Good Hemp Original Milk £1.49
This is a diary free alternative to milk, so is great for anyone who intolerant to diary especially as i always see people struggling to find a alternative that actually tastes like milk and i have to say this does a pretty good job.

Metcalfes Skinny Popcorn £1.50
I received this in flavour Cinema sweet, this is my favourite flavour of popcorn and it literally taste so so similar to cinema popcorn. Its great that it is so tasty because it has 67% less sugar than any other popcorn on the market. If you love sweet popcorn then you have to try this!

Kent's Kitchen Stuffing £1.85
This stuffing is perfect for roast dinners, personally i don't like stuffing so I'm giving this to my nan as she makes Sunday dinner for the whole family every single Sunday. This is also great because its made from all natural ingredients.  

Chewits 35p each
I love Chewits, for some reason they remind me of when i was little, they have been out for 50 years! The blackcurrant ones are my favourite they are so juicy and sweet i love love love them. 

Parle Biscuits 39&59p
This is another brand i hadn't heard of before getting this box and so far i have tried one of these packs of biscuits the hide and seek chocolate chips ones and they are lovely. Im interested to see what else this brand does as so far i like what i tried and i feel its a rea;;y reasonable price. 

Pipers Crisp £2.00
Im surprised i haven't tried these yet, because I'm a huge huge crisp fan i eat them every single day without fail which is bad i know but i love them. These crisp have won so many awards that I'm so excited to try them in the yummy cheddar and onion flavour. 

Lindt white chocolate bunny £2.50
This was my favourite thing in this months box, i love Lindt bunnies there so cute but i didn't even know they did it in white chocolate till i received this box and I'm huge huge white chocolate fan! This is the only chocolate bunny i got this year so ill cherish it haha!

Kallo Cakes £1.00 & £1.89
Kallo was a brand i had never heard of before i received this box, in the box there was multigrain cakes and rice cakes. The multi grain cakes are the perfect snack when your a bit peckish equally the rice cakes are too. The rice cakes have milk chocolate on the back of them making them that little bit sweeter but still are low calorie. 

Karyatis Crackers and dip £1.99
Karyatis is a brand looking to bring a touch of the Mediterranean to you. This product has a red pepper and tangy feta dip with rosemary crackers. This is perfect for a snack or even if you were putting together a Mediterranean inspired tea then this could be a little starter. 

If you would like to get your hands on a Degusta box you can get £6.00 off this box using the code: BLDEG15

You can find them at the following:


3 April 2016

asos, asos shoes, glamourous shoes
Shoes: Asos
yankee, yankee candle, fuji beach
Candle: Yankee Candle
Shoes: Asos
ralph lauren, jumper, womens, fashion
Jumper: Ralph Lauren 
calvin klein, socks, calvin klein socks
Socks: TK Max
nine west, bag, nine west bag
Bag: Nine West/Debenhams 

bodyshop, body shop, aloe
Skincare: Body Shop
Fiorelli, bag, snake skin
Bag: Fiorelli

Ive been buying a lot recently so i thought id put together a little haul. I bought two new pairs of shoes from asos when they had there 20% discount on, id been wanting the black pair for so so long and they were out of stock for ages but i managed to get them when they had the 20% off woo! I also went to cheshire oaks designer outlet and managed to pick up this yankee candle for £5 what a bargain . I also picked up this Ralph Lauren jumper which was a bit pricey, but you gotta treat yourself. I did pick up a few other clothing bits from Jack Wills but i find clothes to hard to photograph :( 

I have to talk about these Calvin Klein socks, i got them in Tk Max for £6 on sale. These are the literally the BEST socks i have ever ever purchased they are literally the softest things in the world i need more of them!! 

Naked Noodles...

1 April 2016
This month is national noodle month, I didn't even know this existed till this year and when given the opportunity to work with Naked Noodle for national noodle month i jumped at the chance as i am a huge huge noodle fan! 

nakednoodle, noodle, chow mein,

Naked Noodle challenged me to turn these snack pots into a meal, so i took on the challenge. 

I recieved a package of three snack pots; Chinese Chow Mein, Cantonese Hoisin Duck and Singapore curry there are 5 other flavours available including: Thai Sweet Chilli,, Malaysian Laksa, Thai Tom Yum, Vietnamese Beef Pho and  Japanese Teriyaki. 

For the challenge i used the Hoisin Duck flavour noodles, these were very rich in flavour and the hoisin sauce is very prominent in these noodles as it is very strong. For my challenge i added some actual duck to my noodles and i also added some chills to add a stronger and a bit spicier flavour to them and it did turn what could of been a little snack perfect for on the go and for lunches in to a substantial meal and I would definitely recommend these to anyone

You can find naked noodles at:
Website- Naked Noodles 
Facebook- Naked Noodles
Twitter- Naked Noodles

Degusta Box- February

24 March 2016

 Its Degusta Box time again, if your a regular reader you will probably know by now that every month i receive a Degusta box. Degusta Box are a online food subscription service, every month you receive a box full of goodies, so I'm going to share what i received this month. I have a code so you can get your hands on one for £6 so keep reading to get the code!

All this months food!

J20 Spritz and Vit Hit apple and elderflower juice

Mr.Kipling Cakes and Beloved Bars

Nutribix Cereal 

Ritz Crisp &Thin and The London Crisp Company sweet chilli crisp.

James White Carrot Juice and Sarsons Malt Vinegar

Divine Chocolate bars 

Hartleys Jelly

Like i said i will share what i got in this months box so here goes:

J20 Spritz in Pear& Raspberry 
Having had a lot of J20 as a child, i excited to try these as id never heard of there spritz collection before, i preferred the pear and raspberry to the apple and watermelon as that one is quite overwhelming with watermelon.

Hartleys Cranberry &raspberry Jelly & Hartleys fruit in jelly 
These are 50p each for the normal jelly and 70p each for the fruit jelly, these little pots are perfect for on the go and for a snack. Who doesn't like a bit of jelly, it always reminds me of being little! 

Divine Caramel chocolate 
Divine chocolate is one of my favourite chocolates, i love the fact that they are all fairtrade and i love caramel and these are so yummy! 

James White carrot juice 
Im not going to lie, i cant say I've ever tried carrot juice and i don't know if i ever will I really don't like the concept of it but anyway this is a perfect way to have one of your five a day and is priced at £2.69. 

Sarsons White Vinegar
Personally this is my favourite vinegar and with a price of £1.70 you cant complain, this bottle features a limited edition bottle with the fish and chips logo on it! 

Ritz Crisp& thin 
Ive bought these quite a lot recently, they are so tasty and quite literally as they say they are so thin and crunchy. These are priced at £2.19 each. 

The London Crisp Company Sweet Chilli Crisp
I love sweet chilli crisp so i was excited to try these, they were quite tasty and they had quite a strong flavour to them and i would definitely buy them again although they are priced at £2.29. 

Nutribix Coconut& Honey Cereal 
These are priced at £3.79 and use honey and coconut to create a crunchy and wholegrain cereal, a perfect breakfast to give you a good start to the day. 

Mr.Kippling Cranberry orange and oat slices 
These slices are a new edition to the Mr.Kippling collection, these are a golden oaty cake with dark chocolate and coconut. These are priced at £1.49 per pack.

Beloved Bars 
These beloved bars are something ill admit i wouldnt usually go for, I'm not a very healthy eater and i should try to be more but these bars are 100% natural making them really good for you and they are surprisingly very tasty and perfect for on the go. 

Vit Hit Apple& Elderflower juice 
This drink really is a healthy drink, with 8 different vitamins included no added sugar or additives it makes a great edition to your day!

If you would like to get your hands on a Degusta box you can get £6.00 off this box using the code: BLDEG15

You can find them at the following: