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1 April 2016
This month is national noodle month, I didn't even know this existed till this year and when given the opportunity to work with Naked Noodle for national noodle month i jumped at the chance as i am a huge huge noodle fan! 

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Naked Noodle challenged me to turn these snack pots into a meal, so i took on the challenge. 

I recieved a package of three snack pots; Chinese Chow Mein, Cantonese Hoisin Duck and Singapore curry there are 5 other flavours available including: Thai Sweet Chilli,, Malaysian Laksa, Thai Tom Yum, Vietnamese Beef Pho and  Japanese Teriyaki. 

For the challenge i used the Hoisin Duck flavour noodles, these were very rich in flavour and the hoisin sauce is very prominent in these noodles as it is very strong. For my challenge i added some actual duck to my noodles and i also added some chills to add a stronger and a bit spicier flavour to them and it did turn what could of been a little snack perfect for on the go and for lunches in to a substantial meal and I would definitely recommend these to anyone

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