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Degusta Box- February

24 March 2016

 Its Degusta Box time again, if your a regular reader you will probably know by now that every month i receive a Degusta box. Degusta Box are a online food subscription service, every month you receive a box full of goodies, so I'm going to share what i received this month. I have a code so you can get your hands on one for £6 so keep reading to get the code!

All this months food!

J20 Spritz and Vit Hit apple and elderflower juice

Mr.Kipling Cakes and Beloved Bars

Nutribix Cereal 

Ritz Crisp &Thin and The London Crisp Company sweet chilli crisp.

James White Carrot Juice and Sarsons Malt Vinegar

Divine Chocolate bars 

Hartleys Jelly

Like i said i will share what i got in this months box so here goes:

J20 Spritz in Pear& Raspberry 
Having had a lot of J20 as a child, i excited to try these as id never heard of there spritz collection before, i preferred the pear and raspberry to the apple and watermelon as that one is quite overwhelming with watermelon.

Hartleys Cranberry &raspberry Jelly & Hartleys fruit in jelly 
These are 50p each for the normal jelly and 70p each for the fruit jelly, these little pots are perfect for on the go and for a snack. Who doesn't like a bit of jelly, it always reminds me of being little! 

Divine Caramel chocolate 
Divine chocolate is one of my favourite chocolates, i love the fact that they are all fairtrade and i love caramel and these are so yummy! 

James White carrot juice 
Im not going to lie, i cant say I've ever tried carrot juice and i don't know if i ever will I really don't like the concept of it but anyway this is a perfect way to have one of your five a day and is priced at £2.69. 

Sarsons White Vinegar
Personally this is my favourite vinegar and with a price of £1.70 you cant complain, this bottle features a limited edition bottle with the fish and chips logo on it! 

Ritz Crisp& thin 
Ive bought these quite a lot recently, they are so tasty and quite literally as they say they are so thin and crunchy. These are priced at £2.19 each. 

The London Crisp Company Sweet Chilli Crisp
I love sweet chilli crisp so i was excited to try these, they were quite tasty and they had quite a strong flavour to them and i would definitely buy them again although they are priced at £2.29. 

Nutribix Coconut& Honey Cereal 
These are priced at £3.79 and use honey and coconut to create a crunchy and wholegrain cereal, a perfect breakfast to give you a good start to the day. 

Mr.Kippling Cranberry orange and oat slices 
These slices are a new edition to the Mr.Kippling collection, these are a golden oaty cake with dark chocolate and coconut. These are priced at £1.49 per pack.

Beloved Bars 
These beloved bars are something ill admit i wouldnt usually go for, I'm not a very healthy eater and i should try to be more but these bars are 100% natural making them really good for you and they are surprisingly very tasty and perfect for on the go. 

Vit Hit Apple& Elderflower juice 
This drink really is a healthy drink, with 8 different vitamins included no added sugar or additives it makes a great edition to your day!

If you would like to get your hands on a Degusta box you can get £6.00 off this box using the code: BLDEG15

You can find them at the following:
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