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Cheerz Personalised Prints

3 March 2016

I was lucky enough to have the chance to get some prints from Cheerz, for those of you who don't know Cheerz is a online photo printing service who offer a range of different products including: Posters, albums, magnets, boxes and prints.

I chose to get the the box and photo strips. There is a range of different boxes you can get which includes the big fat box and the cheerz box. I chose the cheerz box which consists of 50 to 200 Polaroid photos in a keepsake box making these the perfect gift. One thing i love about these is the way you can personalise them by adding a caption to the picture. 

The photo strips are my favourite thing, you get 5 strips containing 4 photos on each strip and it comes in a  adorable little envelope. I love these as they remind me of a photo booth i just think there a perfect gift or even for yourself and a keepsake or for memories. 

The quality of these prints is something that I love, i often find it hard to find photos of a good quality when printing in a different style such as Polaroid but the quality is definitely not compromised. You can download Cheerz as a app too which makes the whole process of ordering photos so convenient and such a easy process to do. 

If youd like to find Cheerz you can do so at the following:
Website- Cheerz
Twitter- Cheerz
Facebook- Cheerz

1 comment on "Cheerz Personalised Prints "
  1. I did scrapbook last year as a present for my boyfriend but sadly the photos were not great quality. This year I was thinking of trying Cheerz as I've heard so many good things about their prints!

    Beth ~ MissCosmeticBlogger