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24 February 2016
I very kindly received a Degusta Box again woo! So as usual I will talk about the products I got in this months box.

Firstly I received Finn Crisp Original, these are £1.20 and i love these! I think there such a lightweight versatile snack as you can have so many different things with them. Also these are really low in fat and contain lots of fibre and vitamins!

Next is the Coldpress apple juice £1.40, this is cold pressed which gives this a much fresher and fruity taste! It is very sweet but i love anything sweet and is also very tasty!

Conscious chocolate is another thing that was it in the box, this is a raw and vegan chocolate. They come in three flavours: plain, intense and chilli. I received the intense bar in my box,  this is perfect for any dark chocolate lovers!

The next thing i received in my box is the Jordans Country Crisp Fruit and Nut. These taste exactly how you think they would, they are little cluster with crunchy nuts and fruit in them. This makes for a nice healthy start to the day!

Amoy, Thia green curry and Malaysian laksa, these cooking sauces make it so easy to create Asian dishes from at home, i haven't actually tried these yet as these are a bit adventurous for me but i am actually excited to try them.

Next is Tsingtao, this is a brand id never heard of but in fact is China's best selling beer! Supposedly this drink is more drinkable as it mellows the bitterness normally found in beer. This is priced at £2.00 a bottle.

Next are the Yushoi rice sticks, i received the lightly salted flavour, these are made using green peas and the actual product when you bite into them is green which i found mad but they are very tasty. These are priced at £2.00 per pack.

Next is Clarks fruit syrup, this can be used to sweeten and give flavour to drinks or in baking so is quite versatile, I'm yet to try this product but i think i may use this in baking!

Next is the slim noodles, i made a meal using these last week and if I'm being honest i found them so strange. Flavour wise i really liked them but i really hated the texture of them its so hard to describe but they had almost a boney texture to them.

Lastly is the Crobar, this is a energy bar, this is £2.25 for one bar which i have to say i find quite expensive for that little bar, i received the peanut crunch flavour which is tasty but like i said quite expensive for such a small bar.

If you would like to get your hands on a Degusta box you can get £6.00 off this box using the code: BLDEG15

You can find them at the following:
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