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Degusta Box Time....

13 February 2016
So here is another Degusta Box, as you probably know by now i have been getting these every month and i have been loving them! So here goes..

Firstly in this months box i recived two packets of Hip Pops one in cheese and onion flavour and one in sweet chilli. These were by far my favourite product this month snacks like these are my favourite, these taste very light and very flavory. The sweet chilli were my favourite and actually think there nicer than snack a jacks. The one big bonus about these are that they contain 50% less fat than other potato crisp and you honestly would never be able to tell they are just as scrumptious. These are priced at £1.00 each.

Next is the Betavivo cereal, these are £1 each and come in little pouches perfect for traveling with or even taking to work with you. This cereal is proven to lower cloresterol and blood glucose so is very good for you and a perfect way to start the day and are in fact very tasty.

Next is the thing but healthy dried fruit, personally i don't like dried fruit but ill talk about this anyway. I received strawberry& banana and grapefruit& pineapple flavoured fruit. These are under 80 calories and are priced at £1.69 each.

Famous Baker, mango and pineapple bars is another item that i was sent. These are a very healthy snack, the bars are made from all natural ingredients and have no added sugar or anything like that! There £1.80 which i think is quite good for 4 bars and these are easy on the go snack that is very yummy.

The next two products i will include together as they make one meal, it is the Barilla pasta and Mediterranean Vegetables these are priced at £1.50 and £2.00. These would compliment each other perfectly and would be a easy meal to create, i haven't yet had this but i am excited to try it!

Koko dairy free milk is another product i received in the box, this is priced at £1.79. This is a great alternative to 'normal' cows milk. The thing i love about this milk is that it really doesn't taste much different to cow's milk, which is something you always find tends to happen when you take out the diary so i would definitely recommend this.

Crabbies light beer, this is meant to be adaptation to the original Crabbies beer but its meant to be lighter and last longer. This is priced at £1.49. I actually don't drink but my dad loves me getting these boxes as he always enjoys the beers and he really enjoyed this one.

Red Square Mini in Toffee flavour, like i said i don't drink my boyfriend had this one and he enjoyed although he said it was very sweet so if your not into sweet drinks then this won't be for you. This is priced at £1.99.

Treevitalise water is another product from the box, i received the original water and i tried it without reading about it at all and was surprised by the taste it in fact doesn't taste like normal water. It isn't diluted or mixed so it is all natural. This is quite expensive for a small water at £2.79 but i suppose thats what the price is for it being all natural.

Next is the Compete Energy these are priced at £1.99 these are chocolate bites that are infused with caffeine to give you a boost so this would be perfect for anyone going the gym for a boost before working out they also state that they are good to take 5 minutes before studying.

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