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Review: Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector

17 April 2016

Clarins, lipperfector, lip balm, Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector, rosewood.

I thought i would review this Clarins instant light lip balm perfector as I have realised I'm always doing hauls but i never review any of the things i actually buy so that is something i wasn't to do more often. Anyway i received this as a gift from my sister from christmas having wanting it for quite some time it is available here for £18.50, mine is in shade Rosewood(eek best name ever, pll fan).

I think these are great for a everyday use as they are very sheen glossy colour rather than a stand out colour matte lip but this makes it really easy to apply and stays on your lips for a long time. The one thing i love about these is how soft and hydrated they leave your lips feeling. Another thing i love about this product is the packaging i just think it looks very sleek and you can tell that this more of luxury product well compared to a normal lip balm i would say its on the luxury side.

Overall i would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants the "your lips but better" type of look as this is perfect for of a day time.

2 comments on "Review: Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector"
  1. I seriously go through these SO fast haha. They're wonderful. xx

    1. There so nice aren't they i think ill have to try out some new shades!