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Degusta Box

7 April 2016
Its Degusta Box time again!
This months box was the favourite box I've had in a long time. 

Brioche Pasquier £1.40
These are a new out, they contain creme patisserie, these come individually wrapped making them easy to take out with you for a snack during the day and for £1.40 you get 8 which is good value for 8. 

Weetabix On The Go £1.50
This is a breakfast drink, perfect for on the go. It works by combining all the energy and fibre that weetabix provides in this drink along with 20g extra protein. I received this in both strawberry and blackberry flavour, personally i think the strawberry is nicer but thats just my opinion,. 

Good Hemp Original Milk £1.49
This is a diary free alternative to milk, so is great for anyone who intolerant to diary especially as i always see people struggling to find a alternative that actually tastes like milk and i have to say this does a pretty good job.

Metcalfes Skinny Popcorn £1.50
I received this in flavour Cinema sweet, this is my favourite flavour of popcorn and it literally taste so so similar to cinema popcorn. Its great that it is so tasty because it has 67% less sugar than any other popcorn on the market. If you love sweet popcorn then you have to try this!

Kent's Kitchen Stuffing £1.85
This stuffing is perfect for roast dinners, personally i don't like stuffing so I'm giving this to my nan as she makes Sunday dinner for the whole family every single Sunday. This is also great because its made from all natural ingredients.  

Chewits 35p each
I love Chewits, for some reason they remind me of when i was little, they have been out for 50 years! The blackcurrant ones are my favourite they are so juicy and sweet i love love love them. 

Parle Biscuits 39&59p
This is another brand i hadn't heard of before getting this box and so far i have tried one of these packs of biscuits the hide and seek chocolate chips ones and they are lovely. Im interested to see what else this brand does as so far i like what i tried and i feel its a rea;;y reasonable price. 

Pipers Crisp £2.00
Im surprised i haven't tried these yet, because I'm a huge huge crisp fan i eat them every single day without fail which is bad i know but i love them. These crisp have won so many awards that I'm so excited to try them in the yummy cheddar and onion flavour. 

Lindt white chocolate bunny £2.50
This was my favourite thing in this months box, i love Lindt bunnies there so cute but i didn't even know they did it in white chocolate till i received this box and I'm huge huge white chocolate fan! This is the only chocolate bunny i got this year so ill cherish it haha!

Kallo Cakes £1.00 & £1.89
Kallo was a brand i had never heard of before i received this box, in the box there was multigrain cakes and rice cakes. The multi grain cakes are the perfect snack when your a bit peckish equally the rice cakes are too. The rice cakes have milk chocolate on the back of them making them that little bit sweeter but still are low calorie. 

Karyatis Crackers and dip £1.99
Karyatis is a brand looking to bring a touch of the Mediterranean to you. This product has a red pepper and tangy feta dip with rosemary crackers. This is perfect for a snack or even if you were putting together a Mediterranean inspired tea then this could be a little starter. 

If you would like to get your hands on a Degusta box you can get £6.00 off this box using the code: BLDEG15

You can find them at the following:

4 comments on "Degusta Box "
  1. they look so tasty! x

    jess x |

  2. I love Skinny popcorn, its so nice! I always have a pack when I'm at uni as a snack! Such a good variety of stuff I'd love this box xx

    Beth | Polishedcouture

    1. I love it too, i never thought about taking it to uni but it is a perfect snack!