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Giveaway: Chocolate!!

24 May 2016
Giveaway, competition

I recently received this chocolate as a thank you for working Degusta Box, which i was surprised at and i thought it was so cute and kind of them to put this in this months box.

Anyway on to the actual chocolate, this chocolate is made by a company called Morse Toad, if you haven't heard of them before they are a online site were you are able to personalise chocolate and there are also a range of ready made designs if you like them too! The thing i love about this is the attention to detail, even down to a little card insert where you are able to add your own image and add a personalised message to the card which i think is adorable!! You are able to create a design with up to 4 rows of chocolate inside which is 44 characters, so you can fit something quite lengthy in there!!
One last thing i love about this is that you can get it sent right to your recipients door without any hassle at all!

If you'd like to visit Morse Toad you can find them here. 


Unfortunately this is a UK giveaway only, as they only ship to the Uk.
The winer will be emailed a £15 gift voucher for the site
Make sure you have parents permission under 18.
Will check that you have followed my bloglovin.

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